Remembering an Insight…

Earlier this week, I said good-bye (or, as my personal Psychic Advisor, Roger Pratt, would say, deleted) another man.

There is a man who I had met via a social networking Web site called Badoo.  He made it very clear that he loves Cuban men and that he would enjoy a sexual relationship with me.

Now, I must confess that, ever since I reconnected with my Afro-Cuban heritage, I have been disinclined to either have sex or become romantically involved with Caucasian men.  I have nothing against them, nothing at all.  There are some delicious-looking Caucasian men with whom I would enjoy lounging in a bed, a hammock, a sofa for a few hours.

They include, but are certainly not limited to: Hugh Jackman, Jared Padalecki, Daniel Radcliffe, Kevin McKidd, (I think you get the idea).  Anyway, we had scheduled two sex dates, that needed to be postponed and rescheduled because of his schedule.  The last hurrah was this past Tuesday, February 26, 2013.  His close friend’s father died.

Now, when I wrote him an Email, I informed him that as this is the third time we were going to get together and those plans fell through, I AM crystal clear that he and I are not meant to meet.  And I wished him well.

I also informed him that, I knew, instinctively that whatever the reason was going to be, my decision was going to be the same.  Indeed, he could have said that his apartment needed to be fumigated, that he was adopting a cat, anything else, but my response was going to be, “OK, my dear, I think this is done.”

What I realized last night and this morning is that I feel guilty about this.  The last few days, I have had flu-like symptoms for the first time in five years.  Indeed, after having received an incredibly powerful Rising Star Healing Treatment and Reiki Treatment in the same week sometime in early to mid 2009, I had not become ill since.  At least, until this past week.

My fever broke sometime early this morning, and I took a sea salt bath with a combination of Azure Green’s “Healing” and “Prosperity” baths (it is a Friday, Day of Venus, after all).  I visualized all the gunk dissolving so that I can be completely healed and completely Prosperous.

I know I have no reason to feel guilty.  This situation was not working, and I found it frustrating and I loved myself enough to end it (although, it really had not truly begun, but I digress).

So, I AM being Re-Minded the utmost importance of Loving myself completely, and using every Metaphysical Method and Sacred Tool I can think of to love myself, non-stop!  Furthermore, I AM being Re-Minded of the important things to do when Mercury is Retrograding: REst, RElax, RE-evaluate, REnew, not to mention REiki, etc.  I have no doubt that Reiki is the reason why my fever broke this morning.

And I clearly need to do all those things A LOT!

Before I close, ladies and gentlemen, I wish to thank you for honoring who I AM and what I do.  Also, I have certainly enjoyed seeing between thirty to fifty views virtually every day.

However, I need to go back to my original schedule: I publish a new post on Mondays and on Fridays.  There are certain things I need to work on, such as a client’s Astrological Report, and that needs to take precedence.  Also, there are a few other pages I wish to add.  It shall either be “BOOKS II” or “BOOKS III.”  Depending on how many “BOOKS” pages I already have on my blog.

Also, I think I AM getting tired of writing about my romantic/sexual life.  So, I shall take a LONG break from that.

I wish all of you a lovely, Loving, Healing and Prosperous weekend.

Granted, it is a company's logo, but it fits.
Granted, it is a company’s logo, but it fits.

6 comments on “Remembering an Insight…

  1. There must be something in the air, I got sick on Wednesday and Thursday, so did my mom. Strange that you were too.

    I like your list of men, you have to add the equally hot Jensen Ackles along with his supernatural “brother” Jared Padalicki.

    I am glad you cancelled your sex date. You so deserve the whole package- roses, champagne, earthing shaking aura clearing sex and poetry. Only the best for you, my friend.

    • Yes, Jensen Ackles is also quite studly, but I had seen him before when he was on “Smallville,” so I knew how sexy he was already.

      However, when I saw Jared Padalecki for the first time I thought, “Hmmm, OK.” But the first time I saw him shirtless: WOW! I think a drop of drool escaped from my mouth and I stopped breathing for a moment.

      Also, you may be correct that there is something in the air. However, now more than ever I have come to know in my Soul that all that manifests in the Body begins first in the Mind (which is why I always carry Louise L. Hay’s “Heal Your Body” in my bag).

      Personally, I feel that my becoming physically ill had less to do with that is in the air, and more to do with what is on and in my Mind. Which is why I feel so much better today and yesterday I felt MUCH better than Thursday.

      And yes, I have no regrets about canceling my sex date, although it was actually the other guy who canceled it. I simply chose to decline pursuing a sexual relationship with him ,and I AM now OK with that.

  2. My Hubby is a reiki master. I love the tingly feeling I get when he works on me. he doesn’t do it often, since we are so close already, and it takes soem effort to get int he right frame of mind and grounded and all, but I do love it.

    • Although there are other wonderful Energy Healing Modalities, Reiki remains my favorite. I have been a Reiki Master now for either nine or ten years as of this October, 2013.

      Actually, if the Intention is set, then everything else should follow naturally.

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