Just Take the Money?

As I love saying, writing, posting, I have awesome clients!

Recently, one of them who has been using my Psychic Services since September, 2001, gave me a lovely Holiday gift of an advertisement for two months in a local Metaphysical magazine.

Well, someone who saw this advertisement contacted me and she offered me $40 to tune in and answer a few questions.  Now, I normally refrain from doing this, but I was Divinely Guided and I felt it would be OK.  I informed her I no longer accept personal checks (and have not for a few years now) and after the “tuning in” period ended, I gave her my home address and all the other details.

She and I spoke on Monday, February 25, and I received the money order on Tuesday, March 5, 2013.  Well, when I received the money order, it was for $20, not $40.  Now, as much as I could have said, “just take the money,” I felt that would have been a reflection of poverty consciousness.

So, I wrote her a professional letter and informed her why I could not accept the money order.  Also, in my letter I stated that since she had not discussed this change with me I felt that it would have been unprofessional for me to do so.

Now, for the record, this individual called me about half-an-hour ago, and she explained the reasons.  Which powerfully and clearly Re-Minded me why I truly cannot afford in any way, shape or form to give discounts to clients for Readings.  As for the reason, frankly, I felt it was a bullshit reason, and I have noticed over the years than when someone begins giving me a bullshit reason, I begin tuning out the individual giving me the bullshit.

And given that I have no attention span issues, that is a big deal!

So, I took a tip from a well-known member of the American Tarot Association and told this individual that my fees are now higher than what they actually are.  That way, she shall  not contact me anymore (unless she decides she is truly serious about having a Reading with me; no I do not see that happening, but stranger things have happened, especially in my life).

Recently, I have been confronting issues of feeling taking advantage of in the past, and I have become quite aware that when I feel that another is taking advantage of me, I begin to express a hard edge in my communications and I AM less Loving and caring of others.  And, needless to say, that is NOT a good thing.

So, I AM doing a better job of protecting myself from the negativity of others and focusing on increasing my Energies.

Before I close, I wish to acknowledge my newest blog follower, “Trainer Trish.”  May you and yours receive a Divine Abundance of Divine Joy, Divine Riches and Divine Success from following my blog.

And for those of you who already follow and read my blog, may you and yours continue to receive Divine Inspiration, Divine Healing and Divine Prosperity from doing so.

You can watch the video by visiting www.snibbe.com.
You can watch the video by visiting http://www.snibbe.com.

2 comments on “Just Take the Money?

  1. Wow Robert! What does she think you live on – Rainbows and Sunshine? I had that same thing happen last year with a Health Club in Tucson where I was teaching yoga. Your “client” pulled a totally BOGUS move (one, quite frankly, I would be AFRAID to pull).

    Lots of love!!! xoxoxo

    • Holly, thank you for this comment. It made me laugh and smile and brightened and lightened my Energy.

      I have always taken people at their word. And truly, if she had discussed it with me BEFORE she mailed the money order, I think I would have been OK with it. I can understand and appreciate that there are times when people have financial challenges.

      But when she began talking a mile a minute and wanted to ask me to tune in again, I was like, “Oh, no! This bitch (yes, I mean me) was not born yesterday!”

      However, if I do hear from her in the future, I shall do what I do with others: “This is what my fees are for Readings…”

      You made my day, you honor me greatly, and I AM most thankful.

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