A Wonderful Weekend

This past weekend, I was scheduled to attend four special events.  However, because of several reasons (none bad, just annoying) I was only able to attend three of them.

The first one was a Wiccan Ordination to see two women become Priestesses as well as Reverends.  This was this past Saturday, March 23, 2013.  It was a beautiful ceremony, and I was surprised at how much Power and Energy was raised.  And I was happy to have made a gift for one of the Priestesses, the one who invited me.

The other event on Saturday night was attending the Birthday party of The Amazing Nicole Tomassini.  You would have thought it was my Birthday.  I ate like a King!  Now, I rarely drink alcohol or eat meat within two days before either conducting Readings or leading a Metaphysical Class or Ritual, but there was so much crappy stress in my life last week, that I promptly told Nicole, “I will be drinking alcohol tonight.”  And I did.

In previous posts, I have written about Nicole’s wonderful Metaphysical Classes.  I had the honor and pleasure to participate in her very first Palmistry Course, Rune Course and Clairvoyance Course and all of them helped me enormously, and continue to do so.

A great non-Metaphysical Class that Nicole can teach is how to be a free Spirit, because at one point, I fell asleep in a living room with Nicole and three other guests, and I was OK with it.  Normally, I would be berating myself for being so rude, especially at a Birthday party, but I felt so relaxed and it was great to spend so much time with Nicole.  I felt as though none of the stress had happened last week (it had, but I was successfully able to begin surrendering and releasing the gunk).

Then on Sunday, March 24, 2013, Grove Argentum, a Manhattan-based Chapter of both the Druid Clan of Dana and the International Fellowship of Isis celebrated the Vernal Equinox (what some Witches call Ostara) but we did so in a low-key way.  Instead of a full Ritual, we simply engaged in great conversations and great feasting.  The Arch-Druid (but she has Re-Minded me to refer to her as the High Priestess, and she is, but you know how technical Capricorns are, especially this one, but she is both, Arch-Druid and High Priestess of Grove Argentum).

Although it was not an all-out Ritual, it was a Ritual Feast Divinely Abundant with many Blessings for all who were there.

At one point, it seemed as though only Latinos/Latinas were going to be in attendance.  Carole is half-Cuban, one other attendeed is Puerto Rican, Panamian and something else that I do not recall, another attendee (and a close friend) is half-Colombian and half-Puerto Rican and I AM Afro-Cuban.  Then another Initiated Companion showed up and then the Latino/Latina mix had some Welsh Energy added to it.

I was going to make a goofball comment, but I have been Re-Minded of the importance of being politically correct (and yes, my Mind lapsed; as many of you know, I refrain from discussing anything or writing anything connected to politics).

It was lovely and once again, I ate like a King!

And now, Goddesses and Gods of Money and Prosperity, thank You so much for the food; I enjoyed every bite.  However, if You could be so kind to increase the amount of money in my wallet so that I can travel back and forth and have money for my bills and expenses, that would be most appreciated.  Thank You.

May all of you who look upon this Cosmic Cash be Divinely Prospered greatly right now. Ojala!
May all of you who look upon this Cosmic Cash be Divinely Prospered greatly right now. Ojala!
From www.sendapagana.com.. No, this was not Grove Argentum's Vernal Equinox Altar, but it is a lovely one, yes/
From http://www.sendapagana.com.. No, this was not Grove Argentum’s Vernal Equinox Altar, but it is a lovely one, yes?

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