Today is Day 10 of National Poetry Writing Month (or, NaPoWriMo, for short).  In continuing to work with Nancy Blair’s Goddesses for Every Season (Copyright 1995, Element Books, Rockport, Massachusetts), today’s Poem is an Ode to the Goddess of the Fourth Week of Spring, the Nagini.

The Nagini Is a Hindu Serpent Goddess.  From the waist up, She has the body of a woman, but from the waist down, She has the body of a serpent.

This morning, I kept hearing the words, “Sacred Snake, Sacred Snake.”  I knew that She was to be honored today.

In various cultures, traditions and symbologies, the Snake represents Transformation, Transmutation, Healing and Wisdom.  Although I know little about the Nagini, my Sense is that She represents all this, and more.



Sacred Snake, Sacred Snake

All my enemies are Yours to take.

Sacred Snake, Sacred Snake,

Your Shakti Is as powerful as a Fire Drake.

Sacred Snake, Sacred Snake,

To You, this vow I right now make.

Sacred Snake, Sacred Snake,

My enemies are Yours to eat and bake.


To all of you who follow and read my blog, thank you for honoring who I AM and what I do.  May the Nagini protect you from all of your enemies, both seen and unseen, known and unknown.

And may all the other Goddesses of Spring Divinely Guide you to New Beginnings (SEE my other posts, “Red Tara,” “Pele,” and “Nile River Goddess.”)

Hail the Power of the Nagini!
Hail the Power of the Nagini!

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