Exceeded 7,000 views!!!

Recently, I exceeded 7,000 views, but at the time that it was about to happen, I was becoming busier with various professional and personal endeavors.

Nonetheless, I wish to thank all of you that subscribe and follow and read my blog, via other resources.  And I hope that all of you who read my blog using Google Reader know that it is being dissolved.

I also wish to acknowledge my newest blog follower, “scottcountryman705.”  Thank you for honoring who I AM and what I do, and may the Divine Great Mystery Bless you with Divine Healing, Divine Inspiration and Divine Prosperity.

And for those of you already following and reading my blog, may the Divine Great Mystery continue to Divinely Protect all of you from ALL falsehoods of ALL kinds.

This album (as well as this Living Goddess of Song), was the Divine Inspiration for my blog name. And, of course, the Living Goddess of Divine Creativity, Divine Healing, Divine Prosperity, Ms. Holly Troy (http://holly-troy.com) was the Divine Inspiration for the Subtitle of my blog.

4 comments on “Exceeded 7,000 views!!!

    • Thank you, Holly.

      No, I AM not dissolving my blog. However, I recall receiving an Email (and WordPress also published a post) that Google Reader is being phased out or discontinued (sorry, I do not recall the correct term).

      I think it would be a cardinal sin and too much of a tease if I were to close down “This Is Who I AM.”

      I shall happily continue to create this blog.

        • Holly, my apologies for the miscommunication.

          No, I AM not shutting down “This Is Who I AM,” especially since I have a new blog follower, who I shall be acknowledging in my next post, which is forthcoming within the next few hours.

          Also, there is a series that I began during the last week of the Sun’s Transit in Pisces not too long ago, entitled “Zodiakos.” There are ten more Signs to go, and shutting down now would be inconsiderate, to say the least.

          You honor me greatly, and I AM most thankful.

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