A Big SG Thank You…

I AM immensely thankful.  I AM honored that Trinity Rose, the Tender of the “Secret Garden Psychic Faires” is such a pleasure with whom to work.

I AM most thankful that her table fee spoils me for other table fees at other Psychic Faires and public venues.  I AM most thankful that she is open and receptive to using Metaphysical Methods and Sacred Tools to manifest Divine Prosperity that work VERY WELL!

I AM most thankful that so many people forwarded the broadcast Emails, passed out flyers, posted flyers in their respective establishments and called people to tell them about the “Secret Garden Psychic Faire.”

Both Trinity and I were very happy with the number of Readings we each conducted at the “Secret Garden Psychic Faire” yesterday, Sunday, June 2, 2013, 1-7PM.

She was so happy that she has decided to continue the Faires (yes, there was a possibility that she was not, and there was also a possibility [especially after giving no Readings in May] that I was going to part company with the “Secret Garden Psychic Faire”) that yesterday would have been the final Faire.

Nonetheless, although there is a possibility of a Faire later this month, the “Secret Garden Psychic Faire” is officially on a Holy Hiatus, returning in either December, 2013 or January, 2014.

For those of you who have been spreading the word, thank you, again, and please visit http://www.facebook.com/secretgardenfaire to receive “SG” updates.

Of course, I AM also most especially thankful to all the Goddesses, Gods, Angels, Fairies, Ascended Master and Saints that especially helped Trinity and me, both yesterday and since we each began our respective Earthly Sojourns.

Before I close, I wish to acknowledge my newest blog follower: “aprobertsstories.”  May you receive Divine Joy, Divine Riches and Divine Success from following “This Is Who I AM.”

And may all of you who already follow and read my blog, may you receive a Divine Abundance of Mountains of Money, Pedestals of Prosperity and Ravines overflowing with Riches.

And may Kali, Durga, Shango, Ogun, Ochossi, Sekhmet, and all other Warrior Goddesses and Gods Divinely Protect us all from all false people, all false conditions and all falsehoods of all kinds.

And yes, I AM most thankful for the “Secret Garden Psychic Faires,” too.


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