The Great and Glorious Isis, The Awesome Auset, “Queen of Healers,” “Lady of Words of Power,” “Mistress of Magick,” “Queen of Heaven.”

Or, as Rowan Galahadria would say, my “Soul’s Creatrix.”  I refer to Her as Auset, as She instructed me several years ago, but She Is known to many as Isis.

As per Nancy Blair’s Goddesses for Every Season, (Copyright 1995, Element Books, Inc., Rockport, Massachusetts), the Goddess for the First Week of Summer Is Isis.  And given that the Summer Solstice is today, we are in the first week of Summer.

As I begin to write this post, I AM Re-Minded of the words of (the late and great) Ellen Cannon Reed, Cosmic Creatrix of The Witches Tarot, illustrated by (the current and great) Martin Cannon (Copyright 1996, Llewellyn Worldwide, Woodbury, Minnesota), from her book Circle of Isis: Ancient Egyptian Magic for Modern Witches, (Copyright 2002, Career Press, Inc., /New Page Books, Pompton Plains, New Jersey).

When she wrote the chapter on Isis, her Soul’s Creatrix, she felt a bit daunted.  Indeed, I echo her words; how can I write about my Celestial Mother, the Goddess Who gave Birth to my Soul?  In other words, how can what I write about Her truly do Her justice.

Those of you who know me quite well, know that I AM ever-so-rarely humble.  And yet, I cannot help but feel humbled by Auset, my Soul’s Creatrix.

Nonetheless, let me see what I can write about Her that shall.

First, one could easily (and successfully) argue that Isis Is the Queen of the Gods of the Kimetic, or Ancient Egyptian Pantheon.  She Is Sacred and Supreme, Powerful and Peaceful; She brooks no argument, Her Word Is Law.

She Is the Cosmic Creatrix, She Is the Penultimate Goddess for so many.

And, although, there are many who have other Celestial Mothers; and I met nine of them when I led my very first Goddess Course, “Goddess-Graced Guidance.”  Of the nine remaining participants, none had Isis as their Celestial Mother.

One particular participant came close, but she found to have a stronger affinity with Kuan Yin (Who, according to Goddesses for Every Season, Is that Goddess of the Second Week of Autumn.  Stay tuned, folks!).

Is it appropriate to work with Isis?

Well, that depends: Are you a Witch (or do you prefer the term Pagan or Wiccan?)?  Are you a Psychic?  Are you an Energy Healing Practitioner?  Do you want to become any of those?  Of course, one does not become a Witch, one is born a Witch, but I digress.

Do you also wish to reconnect with your Soul Collective?  Isis can help you with that, too.

Yesterday, I had a great chat, via a social media app about the phrase “Soul Mates.”  I could probably write a whole post about it, but for now, let me simply state that Soul Mates are not always lovers.  My late maternal grandmother, Regina Alvarez, was one of my Soul Mates, and I AM crystal clear, and it is her Cuban/Spanish/African Witch’s blood that runs through my veins.

Isis has many similarities to Yemaya, the Afro-Caribbean Goddess of the Ocean Waters, as well as the Defender and Protectress of women and their children (human or animal).  And She Is the Goddess of the Second Week of Summer, so stay tuned about Her!

Also, if you look at the similarities in the Sacred Symbology of Mary, the Blessed Mother, you shall see pieces of Isis in Her, too.

Another one of Isis’ Title is “Isis Myrionymos.”  The Lady of Ten Thousand Names.  A few years ago, I thought of how many Goddesses I could think of that had at least two things in common with Isis; I stopped at ten.  Because given how much I know about Goddesses, I could have easily gone to fifty or more, but I digress.

Isis Is a Full-Moon Goddess, which is why I often say that Her Sacred Day of the Week is Monday, Day of the Moon.

Also, she has specific connections to virtually every Sign of the Zodiac, but I especially associate Her with: Taurus, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Capricorn and Aquarius.  Interestingly enough, one of Her Festival Dates is January 8, which is my Birthday.  I do not mind telling you I was quite shocked, but pleased, too.

As part of my post, I wish to share with you a Prayer to Isis that came to me many years ago.  Those of you who have availed yourselves of private Readings with me, you may recall the lines.  This is the Prayer that I say, before conducting my first Reading of the day (or night).

May Holy Mother Isis Lovingly and Lavishly protect and prosper you.  And may She show you who the true false prophets are:

Mother Auset, Mother Auset, Mother Auset.

Thank You for everything You give me, and for everything I have received.

I thank You for Your Grace and Your Glory, Your Beauty and Your Blessings, Your Love and Your Power, Your Courage and Your Strength, Your Knowledge and Your Wisdom.

On this day, I ask that You fill me with Your Radiance and Your Brilliance.  Guide, counsel and heal me, as I guide counsel and heal all those who shall come to me today, tonight, tomorrow and always.

I AM Your Tool, I AM Your Vessel.  I AM Your Faithful Servant and I AM Your Most Sacred Instrument.  Use me as You See fit, for You Are As Above, So Below; As Within, So Without. 

You Are the Queen of the Mysteries, and You Are She That Shall Not Be Denied.

Thank You, and thank You, and thank You, for being my Celestial Mother, as I AM Your Celestial Son.

As the Wind Blows, the Message is clear;

The Goddess Is awakened, I listen and I hear.

Upon this Time, my Magick flows higher;

On the Earth, through the Water, in the Air and to the Fire.

By the Maiden, the Mother and the Crone,

Knowledge and Power are mine to own.

By the Moon and the Stars, by the Land and the Sea,

As I say, so mote it be.

If you have ever been to the Sackler Wing of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in Manhattan, NYC, this Image of Isis should look quite familiar to you.
How could I not include this Venerated Vision of the Great and Glorious Auset, from THE Hrana Janto? The Card in “The Goddess Oracle,” which she illustrated and was created by Amy Sophia Marashinsky is subtitled “Mothering.” Holy Mother Isis Re-Minds you to Mother yourselves and nurture your Inner Well.

Thank you, one and all, for honoring who I AM and what I do.


2 comments on “Isis

  1. Wow–while reading my cat jumped, so I asked Isis to connect me to my soul collective, and my browser scrolled straight to your bio as a slightly creepy fireworks punctuated the air outside. Very interesting….

    • Well, if I was conducting a Reading for you, I would give you a slight smirk and say, “This is what is called a Sign!” Ha, Ha!!

      Seriously, you may be interested to know that of my three cats, the Alpha Female is named Isis (and make no mistake, that cat approved that name; as soon as I said it, she meowed).

      She is a black cat with a little patch of white on the front of her neck and what one of my clients calls “white panties.”

      As for fireworks, I moved into my current apartment on September 30, 2005. That same night, I conducted two private Readings, one after the other. As I was completing the first Reading, I heard a banging noise outside, and I thought, “You know, can’t people keep it down once in a while?!”

      It was fireworks! I had no idea why, but one of my clients said that sometimes people hire fireworks for special occasions. Well, there you go.

      And remember: I AM a professional Psychic and a Witch; weird is simply not a word I use that often.

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