Oshun, Part II

Truly, I should have known that there would be a Part II about Oshun.

Oshun Is also known as Ochun, especially in the religion commonly known as Santeria, which means “Way of the Saints.”

In Nigeria, this Spiritual Path is known as Lukumi and has different translations, but my personal favorite is “Friendship.”  As in, having a friendship with the Goddesses and Gods of Lukumi (collectively known as the Orishas).

I often describe Oshun as the Yoruban (as in, “pertaining to Yoruba,” in Western Nigeria)/Nigerian/Afro-Caribbean Goddess of Love (specifically, Romantic and Erotic Love), Beauty, Sensual Pleasures, Music, Dance, Money, Rivers and Waterfalls.  If you want to make Oshun happy, give Her roses, especially orange, yellow or crimson in color; lacy fans; anything made of or with Copper or Gold; any jewelry set with either or both Citrine Quartz, Peridot, Yellow Diamonds; anything five in number; anything gold and black (or yellow and black).

Her Sacred Day of the Week is Friday (Day of Venus) and She Is especially fond of Peacock Feathers, Honey, Pumpkin, perfumes and anything of luxury.

I had a client who had an Altar for Oshun on a counter top that separated the kitchen from her bedroom area (she lived in a studio apartment) and I recall that her Altar for Oshun had Chanel No. 5 (of course!), Elizabeth Arden’s Red Door, Elizabeth Taylor’s White Diamonds, Giorgio Beverly Hills, and one more that I do not recall, offhand.  This client always had money, and gave me Love Offerings (my preferred term for tips) that were almost equal to my Reading fees.

When it comes to Money and Prosperity, if you want Oshun to give you a lot, give Her a lot.  All too often, I have seen people in group Rituals be stingy with their offerings to Deities.  If you have a laundry list of desires, but only want to give a Goddess or a God one or two things, you have no right to be upset when said Goddess or God gives you one or two things.

Also, Oshun Is one of those Goddesses that has no tolerance for that “I-shall-worship-You-once-a-week” nonsense.  Or, as I would say, “BOO-SHEET!”

Oshun loves being adored.  All.  The.  Time.  Remember, when She Is not dancing, nor Blessings others with Her Goddess-Graced Gifts, or having hot, wet and tasty sex with Shango, or giving Readings with the Cowrie Shells (known as Diloggun), She Is looking at Herself in Her Mirror.

Now, if you want Her to stop looking at Herself in Her Mirror and give you some attention, you better make it good.

And I have found that the more gifts I give Oshun, especially the ones She wants, the more She gives me.  To the point I lose count of all She gives me.

So, give to Oshun, give to Her greatly.  Give to all the Goddesses and Gods that Are Sacred to You greatly, and They shall be more than happy to give greatly to you.

Before I close, let me acknowledge those people who neither follow nor read my blog, but inform me, via cell phone, social media apps, Facebook, Email, etc., that they read my blog posts and lists.

And now, to acknowledge my newest blog followers.  They are: “jujufilms” and “flaviomoy,” who is yet another sexy man who displays brain and brawn.  Oh, my!  All the fine men want to follow my blog!  Ha, Ha!!

May both of you receive Divine Love, Divine Light, Divine Prosperity and Divine Peace from following “This Is Who I AM.”

And for those of you who are already following and reading my blog, may you continue to receive Divine Radiance, Divine Prosperity and Divine Peace from doing so.

And may we all continue to be protected from devils we know and devils we don’t.oshunselenafenech


8 comments on “Oshun, Part II

    • Thank you, BeeLady. My pleasure. I do not recall the exact name of the post, but I wrote a post on Spiritual Cleansing Baths. When you read the one to be done on a Friday, you shall see how appropriate it is to use to ask for Oshun’s Blessings.

      But do the Tuesday bath before hand. The one that asks the Blessings of Babalu-Aye (Whom many refer to as Saint Lazarus).

      • Thank you for the suggestions. My spiritual teacher two decades ago taught me many different baths- but it’s always good to listen to what comes your way, & Lazaro/Babalu-Aye or even Obtala would also be good right now. It is a pleasure to have new spiritual friend. “Friendship” the way of the Saints. 🙂

        • Thank you, BeeLady.

          For the record, I AM not a Santero. There are various requirements to becoming initiated in Santeria (and in this part of the world, it would be Santeria, not Lukumi) that do not serve me, or with which I feel comfortable.

          However, I AM what is called an “aleyo,” a devotee of the Orishas. I have been told for years that in Santeria/Lukumi, my Mother Is Oshun and my Father Is Shango. And, although I AM an aleyo, I already feel as though They Are my Parents in Lukumi.

          Offhand, I do not know of any Spiritual Baths to invoke Obatala, but I have no doubt there are plenty of resources available to you where you learn about a bath invoking Obatala.

          You honor me greatly, and I AM most thankful.

        • Excellent! I AM glad.

          And, once again, you honor me greatly.

          I launched my WordPress blog on Tuesday, March 20, 2012 and have been enjoying it ever since.

          Stay tuned! More to come!!

  1. I absolutely LOVE this blog post on Ochun. It fills me with so much happiness to be reminded of all these things and to feel like Im living it too. I adore you Robert for these wonderful posts that remind me how special we all really are and how blessed we all truly are and Finally what a magnificent Goddess Oshun is. I had a dear friend who used to ask me to bring 5 capuccinos from a cuban bakery for her oshun altar – they are the most delicious desserts you’ll ever taste, they instantly put you in a fabulous mood. We will have to get some soon. Showers of Blessings to you always. Cant wait to spend time with you! PS love the Pic!

    • Thank you, Lillian. I must admit, I felt as though I connected with Oshun on a deeper level because of it. And to think Her Sacred Day of the Week is manana!

      There is a Cuban bakery (well, several actually) in my area and the capuccinos usually go very fast. And–surprise, surprise–the Bakery has an icon of La Virgen de la Caridad del Cobre, Who Is Syncretized with Oshun.

      Yes, I, too, love this image of Oshun. Selena Fenech has contributed Illumined Images to various Oracle Card Decks published by Blue Angel Gallery. Specifically, she illustrated the brand new “Oracle of Mermaids,” by Lucy Cavendish (and yes, it IS on my “MUST buy” list), and also contributed artwork to Ms. Cavendish’s “Oracle of the DragonFae,” which is now in a revised edition, and that one is also on my “MUST buy” list.

      May Oshun’s Opulence continue to Bless you and yours with all great things that flow.

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