Dear Archangel Raphael…

I have been a Reiki Master for ten years this coming October.  In all that time, I have met other Reiki Practitioners, Rising Star Healing Practitioners, and other Energy Healing Practitioners, and I have yet to meet one that does not have a connection to Archangel Raphael, the Divine Healer of the Archangels.

Archangel Raphael’s Name is Hebrew and means “Healer of God,” or “Doctor of God.”  He Is the Archangel to come to for any kind of Healing: physical, emotional, sexual, Spiritual, financial, etc.  He Is Astrologically linked to the Planet Mercury, which rules Gemini and Virgo.

As a result, since January, 2004, I have told my clients that are Sun-Sign Gemini or Virgo that their Astrological Archangel Is Raphael.

In Magickal Traditions, Wednesday is the Day of Mercury, and is an excellent time to work with Archangel Raphael.  Of course, one need not wait until a Wednesday to call upon the Divine Healer of the Archangels.  I simply find it more Magickally potent to call upon Archangel Raphael on a Wednesday, especially during the day (as in the daylight hours).

In the Sacred Tarot, Archangel Raphael Is traditionally depicted on Trump VI, The Lovers Card (which is Astrologically linked to the Sun-Sign Gemini).  I find this beyond appropriate, because so many people have so many issues regarding romantic relationships.  And, after my Divinely Orchestrated stroke, although I no longer have issues regarding romance or sex, I have had a few challenges in those areas.

Now, a very valued client and friend, one that I hold in high esteem, has advised me to refrain from writing any thing of a personal nature on my blog.  It may give some people “proof” that their dark, baneful, malicious magic is working.  Fucking please!

I have long ago accepted that my life is not my own.  That I have a responsibility to the clients, students and friends that I serve, and if there is something that I share that can bring Healing to another, then I must do so.

I truly believe in the concept of Heaven on Earth.  Now, ladies and gentlemen, girls and boys, there are people who are simply not nice.  They shall, either sooner or later, show their true colors; steal from you, deceive you, dishonor you, speak to you as if you are a meaningless submissive, etc.

Does that mean that everyone is cruel, unkind, dishonest, dishonoring?  To paraphrase a Tyler Perry character, “Hell, muthah-fuckin’ no!”

What it does mean is that we must keep our Heart open, no matter what, and no matter who.

And with that, here is my letter to Archangel Raphael:


Dear Archangel Raphael:

Thank You for Loving me.  Thank You for Healing my complete Being; my Body, my Mind, my Soul, my Heart (both physically, emotionally and Spiritually), my Sexuality.  Thank You for Healing my relationships; with myself, with my clients, my students, my friends and with the men with whom I wish to connect romantically and sexually, and who wish to connect romantically and sexually with me.

Thank You for helping me keep my Heart open, when it scares and angers me to do so.  Thank You for helping me surrender and release all my attachments to past hurts and wounds, and for bringing me beautiful men to honor and adore me.

Thank You for giving me Re-Minders of Your Divine Love Healing Energies, and thank You for helping me be open and receptive to them.  Thank You for helping me move forward, no matter who is or is not in my life.

Thank You for helping me surrender and release anger, resentment, bitterness and unforgiveness, toward myself and others.  Thank You for helping me be empowered and free, and thank You for helping me recognize true Happiness.

I ask that You continue to Heal me in all areas of my life, and in all my relationships.  Help me continue to Heal from all the people who hurt, betrayed, deceived and stole from me.

Please continue to help me Heal my relationships with Money and Prosperity, with Goddesses and Gods, with women and men, with children and animals, and with any thing and any one that is a part of my world, and that wishes to become a part of my world.  And please continue to Re-Mind me that there are so many wonderful people already in my life now, and that number shall continue to increase.

I love You, and I AM so happy (and relieved) that You always Re-Mind me that I have a Soul drenched with Love.  I often forget, and yet, You tirelessly Re-Mind me.

Thank You for that, and thank You, as always, for Healing me, Loving me, Prospering me, helping me be me.

As always, with complete and utter Love and Light, Robert Alvarez.


I invite all of you to write your own “Divine Love Letter” to Archangel Raphael.  Pour your complete Being to this most beautiful and beloved Divine Healer.

Thank you, one and all, for honoring who I AM and what I do.  I wish all of you a Divinely Love-drenched, Divinely Light-filled, Divinely Prospering and Divinely Peaceful day.

And may we always be Divinely Protected from all those who harm us and ours.angelRaphael2


4 comments on “Dear Archangel Raphael…

    • You are welcome, BeeLady.

      Up until recently, I would religiously post a “Divine Love Letter” to Archangel Raphael on my Facebook page, but I eventually realized that if I wrote it as a blog post, I would reach more.

      And, not surprisingly, I usually refer to Archangel Raphael as “My Beautiful and Beloved Archangel Raphael.” And He Is that and so much more.

      And I have come to realize I need to share more of myself. That way, the Bliss cannot help but increase and be maintained.

    • Thank you for a lovely comment and compliment.

      Indeed, it was a Divinely Orchestrated stroke. All the issues I had about romance and sex were banished back to the nothingness from whence they came.

      And I have so much Love for Archangel Raphael. I work with Him most often, so it was especially easy for me to pour my Soul out to Him.

      I have only met one person with rheumatoid arthritis. She was not open and receptive to Healing at all. My Sense is that you are.

      May the Divine Great Mystery continue to to Bless you with Love and Light and Peaceful Lessons regarding your living with ra.

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