Zodiakos: Leo

On Monday, July 22, 2013, 11:56AM, EDT, the Sun entered Leo, a Sign that I often refer to (in honor of Sekhmet, the Egyptian Lioness-Headed Goddess of Magick, Prophecy, Carnal Lust, Healing and the Scorching Heat of the Sun), as the Sign of the Supreme Lioness.

However, according to Raven Kaldera’s MythAstrology (Copyright 2004, Llewellyn Worldwide, Woodbury, Minnesota), the Deity that claimed the Sun-in-Leo Astrological Placement Is Cybele (pronounced KIH-beh-leh, but I have also seen it pronounced sa-BELL).  More about Her in a moment.

I must say, I began writing this post yesterday, Monday, August 5, 20123  I have been so involved in various professional and personal projects and endeavors that I had simply forgotten to write it before the Sun entered Leo.  But what surprised me even more–and I cannot help but be surprised about this– was that no one took the time to bring this to my attention.

Yes, I AM aware this is my blog, but roughly half of my blog followers and readers are people with an awareness of Metaphysical Studies, including Western Astrology.  Also, I think it is safe to say that, although some of you that are not necessarily well-versed in Metaphysical Studies, some of you have an awareness that there is an Astrological Sign called Leo.

And I know for a fact that some of you are Leos.

So, what gives?

Now, for the record, in spite of being a typical Rising Sign Leo, I rarely, if ever speak (or write) in the heat of anger.  So many of you Leos allow yourself to speak in anger, and then you fuck yourselves over.  And I have the voicemail messages and Emails and Facebook messages to prove it.

Now, for those of you who are new to “This Is Who I AM,” I do not hold you responsible.  For that matter, for those of you who have been following and reading my blog since Tuesday, March 20, 2012, I do not hold you responsible, either.

But this proves, once again, that when one says nothing, writes nothing, does nothing, then nothing happens.

I would have been so very beyond thankful to the person who would have brought this to my attention, that I would have offered that individual a free Reading as an expression of Gratitude.  Oh, well, sorry you missed out on that.

In the meantime, Leo, the Sign of the Lion, the Lioness, the Sun God, the Sun Goddess, the Creator, the Creatrix, Sign of Sex, and Children (which are usually created via sex).  The Drama Queen (and, at times, King), the Artist, the Golden One is the Sign in which the Sun (which rules Leo) is Transiting.  Indeed, there are many Archetypes associated with Leo.

One of my favorite Leo characteristics is creativity.  And many Leos are drawn to the Arts.  I recall Doreen Virtue saying in her “Goddesses & Angels” workshop in Manhattan, NYC in June, 2006 that artists are naturally Clairvoyant.

So, if you are a Sun-Sign Leo, or have any Planets in Leo, for that matter, you are probably creative, and more than likely, Clairvoyant, too.  And if you are Clairvoyant you are probably also creative, too.

Now, some of you may not know yourselves as creative.  I used to think that, too.

Via the “Embodying Your Archetypes” workshop from Raymond Rigolioso and “Gay Men of Wisdom,” I have come to remember that sometimes we become something by stepping into a role, a consciousness, a part.  Or, by simply acknowledging a possibility for ourselves that we may not have considered previously.

I truly believe everyone is creative, and there are some that are more creative in certain areas than others.

Is everyone Clairvoyant or Psychic?  Personally, no, I do not believe that.  Some professional Lightworkers believe and know this, but I AM not one of them.

Anyway, if you wish to radiate your Sun-Sign, or Rising-Sign, or any other Sign Leo Energy to its highest and strongest (and most Loving and positive), I highly recommend Citrine Quartz, also known as Citrine.  This has been one of my favorite Crystals for many years.

Citrine Quartz improves one’s mood, making one more positive and sunny in outlook.  It is an excellent Crystal for magnetizing Money and Prosperity (which can also improve the mood of many), it cleanses and strengthens the Solar Plexus Chakra, which is connected to being empowered and in control of one’s life. and more.

It is a Crystal that tends to benefit more from charging with Sunlight, as opposed to Moonlight.  In fact, three hours of direct Sunlight shall super charge your Citrine Quartz.

Citrine Quartz can also aid in enhancing Creativity and Clairvoyance (separately and collectively).  And, if you tend to showcase the negative Leo characteristics–overly dramatic, overly demanding, trying to take over everything and everyone around you, energy sucking–then RUN to your nearest Crystal store and purchase a piece of Citrine Quartz.

And if you cannot get to one, ask someone who loves and adores you to do so for you.

I think it is safe to say that we all have our negative moments.  But not many people remove themselves from others when we have those moments.  I mean really, how many of you have met people who think they own you, that DEMAND they speak to you when they call you, regardless of your life, your day, your responsibilities and expect you to simply submit to their desires in that moment?

I recall a former friend was upset about something and when she called me; I was working on a blog post; but I promised myself that I would call her back as soon as I published the blog post.

Well, then she left me a message in which she stated that she was going to keep calling back every minute, every hour, every day, every week, every month until I called her back.  I remembered thinking, “Who the fuck does this cunt think she is?”  And then I thought, “Fuck this bitch!  We shall see who the real Queen Bitch is.”

Well, that was the end of that friendship.  Yes, that person is a Sun-Sign Leo.  And an August Leo, and it is because of her and one other August Leo that I began to think of all August Leos as being on my shit list.  Ironic, since I meet more of them and actually enjoy their company more than the July Leos, but I digress.

Now for those of you that are wondering if August Leos are still on my shit list, no, they are not.  In fact, about one month ago, I reconnected with a lovely friend who is also a big, juicy man.  When he told me that he is an August Leo, I was a bit taken aback, but with all the hot, wet and tasty sex, I was like, “OK, August Leos are officially off my shit list.”

And yet, in spite of the previous paragraph, I shall briefly tell you about Cybele.  She Is an Anatolian/Turkish Goddess.  She fell in love with her grandson, Attis, and well, He became so consumed by the ecstasy of Her Love that He castrated Himself.

Now, I know that some people believe that all Gay Men want to be women, but let me assure you, I AM NOT one of them.  In fact, I AM one of many Gay Men that love their penis and testicles.  I certainly love mine; their length, their thickness, and most importantly of all, their location.

So, I have an arrangement with Cybele; I leave Her alone and She leaves me alone.  So far, so good.

However, another Goddess with connections to the Sun-Sign Leo Is Ishtar, the Assyro-Babylonian Goddess of Love, War and Death.  Now Her I work with and often.

So, to all of you that are Sun-Sign Leos, Rising-Sign Leos, or have no Placements In Leo but wish to embody those characteristics, I highly recommend working with Citrine Quartz and Ishtar.  And Sekhmet.

Because sometimes we simply need to open our mouths and roar and let our bitch flags fly!

Thank you, one and all, for honoring who I AM and what I do.

Cybele, a Venerated Vision of Her by THE Sandra M. Stanton.

And may we continue to be Divinely Protected from the devils we know and the ones we do not, regardless of their Sun-Signs.


4 comments on “Zodiakos: Leo

  1. Interesting interchange and a wise response from the Tarotman.

    Thank you,Tarotman, for bidding farewell so graciously to someone who seems to not mean you well.

    • Thank you, Ms. Spelvin, for your kind and most wise words.

      I must admit, when I first read your Gravatar screen name, I thought, “Did I cause an argument between a brother and sister?” But then I did a Google search and discovered that “George Spelvin” is a pseudonym used in the theatre.

      It looks like “George Spelvin” is involved in the theatre. My Sense is you are not, though.

      Thank you, again, for the lovely and kind words and most wise words. Have a great day and week.

  2. “Who the fuck does this cunt think she is?” … “Fuck this bitch!” I’ve known you long enough to be saddened by this. It shows a deep and enduring bitterness; a willingness to hold a grudge; a freedom to use unacceptable language (for a gay man to use the word “cunt” lands securely in hypocrisy); and – all things being equal – strong bigotry. I used to think you were above the fray. How enlightened can one be when their thoughts are so dark.

    • Good morning, George.

      Although I was not sure if I should approve this comment; I decided to do so.

      First, I must confess that your name neither looks nor sounds familiar to me.

      Second, I think so many people have this most erroneous idea that all Lightworkers–professional and otherwise–are always happy, light-hearted, and floating on clouds playing with bunnies and rainbows. Oh, how incorrect that is.

      It was neither my intention nor my desire to offend anyone in my post. However, I have long-since accepted that, at some point, in some place, someone shall be upset about something about me: what I say, what I do not say, what I look like, what I do not look like, what I read, what I do not read, what I do, what I do not do, etc.

      Bigotry? Well, that confirms that you do not know me. Anyone that truly knows me knows that I AM the last person who would be bigoted.

      My blog is not for everyone, and there shall be some posts that share more about my personal life than others. I have been advised to refrain from writing about personal feelings in my blog, and although I wholly appreciate the advice (as well as the client/friend who gave it to me), I know that there are feelings and experiences that I have that help others.

      And so, regardless of anything or anyone, I need to do what I can to help others overcome the challenges they have had or are still having.

      I AM not everyone cup of tea, and that is truly and completely OK.

      I wish you well, Mr. Spelvin, and truly wish you all the best. May the Divine Great Mystery heal your complete Being, and bring you great Prosperity, Protection and Peace.

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