Zodiakos: Virgo

According to Llewellyn’s 2013 Daily Planetary Guide, the Sun entered Virgo last night, Thursday, August 22, 2013, at 7:02PM.

What does this mean?  A lot.

For starters, if your Sun-Sign is Virgo, you begin your High Solar Cycle, when the Universe gives you an extra boost of Energy to make a lot of positive and powerful changes.

If your Sun-Sign is either Taurus or Capricorn (the other two Earth Signs) then you are receiving a boost of Energy to carry you forward until the Sun returns to your Sun-Sign.

If your Sun-Sign is Pisces, the Polar Opposite of Virgo, then you are in your Low Solar Cycle, and would benefit from a lot of down time, a vacation or just more rest, in general.

If your Sun-Sign is either Cancer or Scorpio, then you may find yourself having some difficulty getting certain projects off the ground, or certain emotions to a higher state.

And regardless of your Sun-Sign, you may find yourself being more introspective or creative or simply want to make changes in what and how much you eat and drink.

In the Sacred Tarot, the Sun-Sign Virgo is connected to Trump IX, The Hermit.  This Tarot Card is about Spiritual Wisdom from within.  Sacred Solitude, Meditation, Prayer, Introspection and journal writing are some of the traditional and Intuitive meanings for this Card.

Virgo (like Gemini; SEE my post, “Zodiakos: Gemini) is ruled by Mercury, which is the Planet of Creativity, the Intellect, Oral and Written Communication, Local Travel and National Travel.  All of these things may be highlighted for you now, especially if your Sun-Sign is Virgo.

Virgo is the Sign of the Healer, of the one of service to humanity, and also the Sign of Nutrition.  So when the Sun is in Virgo, people may become more focused on eating and drinking items that are more substantial, nutritionally speaking.  Recently, I was Divinely Guided to reduce my sodium intake and it is no coincidence that I received this Divine Guidance before the Sun entered Virgo.

An excellent book on Western Astrology (and one that I have recommended to many clients) is The Only Astrology Book You’ll Ever Need, by Joanna Martine Woolfolk.  This book has been revised at least twice, and it truly lives up to its title.

May Divine Healing be made manifest in us, both within and without and for those we love and adore.

And may was always be Divinely Protected from the devils we know and the devils we do not, both from near and from afar.Virgo


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