Three Hispanic Witches Driving in a Car, Part III…

Good afternoon, everyone, and a Happy Friday, and Day of Venus/Ishtar/Frya/Aphrodite/OSHUN to all of you!

Today, I complete this post about my trip to New Hope, Pennsylvania with the Divine Driver and the Cosmic “convert” to the Magick of New Hope.  Although I think at this point I could subtitle this particular post “Three Hispanic Witches Basking in New Hope.”

The Divine Driver, the Cosmic “convert” and I were in Mystikal Tymes ( soaking up the Magickal Vibrations, making purchases and enjoying our respective conversations with Eric.

When in public, and usually in private, I keep my cell phone on vibrate.  However, I knew that if I was going to receive the call from these ladies who wanted to have Readings with me, I needed to put my cell phone on the sound feature.  My cell phone has a great ringtone called “Fairy Fountain.”  And although my cell phone has other ringtones, given my love of the Sacred Fae, I usually keep it on that one.

No sooner did I pull a package of Mystikal Tymes Incense called “Divination,” my first client of the day called me.

Coincidence?  Yeah, right!

She said she and her Soul Sister were thinking of having Readings in one hour, and wanted to know where they could meet me.  I must confess, I had no idea at that moment, but I knew the place would come to me when she called again.

I pulled a few other packages and when the Divine Driver and Eric were having a conversation, I became intrigued by one of his essential oil blends.  It is called “Cashmere,” but he calls it “Gitana,” which is the Spanish word for “female Gypsy.”  Incidentally, the Spanish word for male Gypsy is “Gitano.”

And yes, I AM saving it for special occasions.

The Divine Driver found herself led to purchase another essential oil blend, one that honors the power of the Moon in all Her Phases.  Alas, I do not recall the name, but I do recall Eric telling the Divine Driver that it is his Moon Oil.

If you are Divinely Guided to purchase it, or inquire about it, please feel free to contact Eric directly at Mystikal Tymes.  And when I hear from the Divine Driver, she can tell me the name of it, and then I can update this blog post with the name of it.

Other than the “Cashmere” oil, I purchased incense.  Frankly, I had run low, so I have been stocking up on it the last few weeks.  Now I have a great supply of Incense.

After Mystikal Tymes, we went to Gypsy Heaven (  Gypsy Heaven is THE Witch Shop of New Hope, located at number 115 South Main Street, New Hope.

Now, there is a professional Psychic named Jojo, with whom I have worked in the past.  She is a fellow Witch, and when she visits New Hope she only goes to Gypsy Heaven.  She has assured me that all of Gypsy Heaven’s oils WORK!

A Witch stating that this oils from this Witch Shop WORK!  Oh, yes, that testimonial certainly works for me.

When we entered, it was wonderful.  Again, when I go to New Hope, I always go to Gypsy Heaven.  This is one place where I always go when I go to New Hope.

I immediately began browsing and then I noticed an addition to the store.

When I first went to Gypsy Heaven, during my first time in New Hope more than ten years ago, they had two sections, separated by a doorway.  In other words, on the left side there was a commercial space, you walk through a doorway inside the store and you are on the other side, in another commercial space.

One side had jewelry, books and Decks and the other had Candles, Incense and Herbs.  However, a few years ago, the other side was no longer used by Gypsy Heaven.  The doorway was closed off and another store used it.  If my memory serves me correct, that store sold antiques and collectibles.

So, it was Heart-warming and Heart-lightening to see Gypsy Heaven have a second area again.  I love seeing people and merchants Prosper.

When I walked to the other side, I immediately saw a statue of Selene, sitting on a Crescent Moon, and there was a clear glass sphere in front of her.  The statue is actually an elaborate fountain and incredibly gorgeous.  I have been spending time with Selene recently, so it gave me the opportunity to give Her Gratitude and Praise (and a silver coin, too).

After giving Selene Her Due, I spied a blue Beeswax Candle Gratitude Candle, rolled on the outside and the inside with Lavender buds for Gratitude.  That was definitely one of my main purchases.  Indeed, lately I have so many reasons to be most thankful.

The three of us made a few purchases, and then we went to the very conveniently located The Last Temptation, located above Gypsy Heaven, located at number 115 South Main Street, Space A, New Hope.

Now, every time I go to The Last Temptation I always have a Cafe Ole (you know, the expression associated with the bull fighters), but when I ordered it, the staff did not know what it was.  I quickly looked up at the menu and saw that it was not listed.  Cafe Au Lait was, but not Cafe Ole (then again, since I always order the same thing, I rarely look at the menu).

I was happy to tell them how one is made, especially since I have been enjoying this beverage for more than a decade.  I ordered a medium this time.  The lower half filled of the cup is filled with coffee (regular, not decaffeinated for this Cuban!), and the rest half-and-half.  I added two packets of “Sugar in the Raw” and some cinnamon, asked for Oshun’s Blessing, paid for my beverage and gave them a Love Offering (my preferred term for tip), then drank up!  YUM!!

Not long after that, my clients called me again, and this time I had a place we could meet.  The Last Temptation (well, this location, as there are others) has an upstairs area with tables and chairs.  I asked the staff, especially the sexy, short, bearded young man, if we could use it, and they were OK with that.

So, up these Light-filled ladies and I went, grabbed a table, and sat down to consult the Sacred Oracle.  Both Readings were between half-an-hour and forty-five minutes, and then I went to have another Cafe Ole.

I sent a text message to both the Divine Driver and Cosmic “convert” that the Readings were complete, and then we got together again to continue enjoying our New Hope.  Of course, earlier the Divine Driver expressed an interest in having a Reading with me, so that was next on the Angelically-Graced Agenda.

So, while I was giving these Soul Psychic Sisters their respective Readings, the Divine Driver and the Cosmic “convert” were walking around New Hope.  And they found a lovely lounge area in the vicinity of the Bucks County Playhouse.  That is where the Divine Driver’s Reading took place.

Before we left the area, I spied a playbill for the 2013 Season.  I looked at it later, as the three of us were in the mood for a light meal.

But before we had another meal, I wanted to take a closer look at a store called Mystik One.  Alas, it is no longer there, but I wanted to reconfirm that before we ate.  I was unsuccessful in finding a Web site for the store, but if I do, I shall happily update this post with the info.

So, we walked back, and I wanted to stop in to Farley’s Bookshop (  I AM a huge advocate for independent booksellers. I found a beautiful journal that has leaf illustrations by Camille Rousseau.

Then we headed over to Bitter Bob’s (  Now, I rarely eat at BBQ places, but I happen to like Bitter Bob’s.  I had a heart-healthy plate of Pita chips with homemade humus, a pear and gorgonzola cheese dip and BBQ-style Bruschetta.  It seemed so wrong, but it tasted so good.

Shortly before we completed our meal, we overheard another server tell the patrons at another table that the fireworks would be starting at 9PM.  This was exciting.  When we arrived, we saw a men loading fireworks on a barge.  Now we knew why.

Now, in the more than ten years that I have gone to New Hope, I have never seen fireworks there.  And living in a city, this bitch (yes, I call myself a “bitch” every now and again) had never seen fireworks too close.  Oh, my Goddess!  My doctors have told me to keep my blood pressure low, this was not the way to do that.

We finished our meal just in time, as the fireworks did not begin at exactly 9PM.  We left Bitter Bob’s about two minutes after they began and they were so close, I truly though they were going to land on me.  My apologies to the Divine Driver and Cosmic “convert” to the Magick of New Hope, but I thought I was a goner!

Obviously, that was not the case.

When I looked at the Bucks County Playhouse playbill, I discovered that last Friday, August 30, 2013 (exactly seven days ago), was the last night of the New Hope, Pennsylvania-Lambertville, New Jersey (located on the other side of the bridge) Fireworks, that had begun on Friday, May 24, 2013.  Coincidence?  Yeah, right!

Now, for those of you that “look to the numbers,” the playbill does not have numbered pages, but one could say it was on page 6 of the playbill.  Which, in the Chaldean-Hebrew Kabbalah System of Numerology, represents Love, Money and Creativity and is Astrologically linked to Taurus, Libra and Venus.  And Friday is the Day of Venus.  Again, coincidence?  Again, yeah, right!

Speaking of Money, for those of you who participate in my “Divine Prosperity Events,” here are the Money Miracles associated with this day.  First, I gave two half-hour and one forty-five minute Reading.  The Divine Driver saved the Cosmic “convert” and me money because she did the driving.  The Divine Driver treated both the Cosmic “convert” and me to our first meal of the day in New Hope, and the Cosmic “convert” treated me to two packs of incense.

Also, in all the ten-plus years (and counting) that I have been going to New Hope, I have always gone on a Sunday.  This was the first time I have gone to New Hope during the week.  Truly, this day was Divinely Guided, Divinely Ordained and Divinely Delightful.

And this concludes my three-part post about “Three Hispanic Witches Driving in a Car,” basking in the Magick of ourselves, our Sacred Goddesses and New Hope, Pennsylvania.

Before I close, I wish to acknowledge my newest blog follower, “thelosperspective.”  May you receive Divine Love, Divine Money and Divine Creativity from following “This Is Who I AM.”

And for those of you that are already following and reading “This Is Who I AM,” may you and I continue to receive Divine Love, Divine Light, Divine Prosperity and Divine Peace.

This is the bridge that takes one from Lambertville, New Jersey to New Hope, Pennsylvania. Truly, a Blessed Bridge.

And may we continue to be Divinely Protected from all those who wish to cause us harm.


4 comments on “Three Hispanic Witches Driving in a Car, Part III…

    • Me, too, Holly.

      As I have written in all three parts of this post and I think in my “Places” page on my blog, I first went to New Hope, Pennsylvania more than ten years ago. I have enjoyed every visit, every time.

      Also, going once a year simply has to stop. Because that simply is not good for my complete Being.

      I need to go back, at least once before the end of this year.

      Thanks for everything, Holly.

    • It is. New Hope, Pennsylvania has a Magickal Energy that I find Healing, Restorative and truly Beautiful.

      As I wrote in all three of these posts, the Cosmic “convert” is truly enchanted by New Hope, and I think virtually every person that I have brought there has become enamored by it.

      I have no idea where you live, but if you have an opportunity to go to New Hope, Pennsylvania, I cannot over-recommend you go.

      As I wrote in “Three Hispanic Witches Driving in a Car, Part III…” I can no longer allow more than a year to go by without returning to New Hope. From now on, I want to go at least three times a year.

      And I now declare to the Goddess that I shall manifest at least one multi-day visit each year, harming none and for Good Blessings to all involved and concerned.

      Thank you, Illuminata, for a lovely comment. And for honoring who I AM and what I do.

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