Why do you feel guilty?

Years ago, when I was in therapy, I remember telling my therapist that guilt is such an unnecessary emotion.

So many of us feel guilty for reasons that, in my not-at-all-humble opinion are nonsense, silly, and truly capable of limiting us in so many ways, both professionally and personally.

Years ago, I had a friend who is an addict.  Nice guy, big heart, sweetheart of a guy and an addict.  I remember the first time I went to his home, I remembered thinking, “How come I never came here before?”

Well, when I began to lose count of how many beers he would drink in a day, I realized why Spirit had not led me to go to his home before, but I digress.

To this day, I do not feel guilty for removing him from my life.  I have had too many addicts in my life, and I simply cannot have addicts who are not in recovery in my life.

These last several years, I have met people, usually professional Lightworkers, that feel guilty for everything from telling another how angry he or she feels, to eating a pastry.

First of all, those of you that have had conversations with me (either in-person or via telephone) know that I AM very precise and exacting regarding the phrases “should” and “should not.”

For example, let us say that I say, “I should eat more fruits and vegetables.”  And then I continue to eat a small amount of fruits and vegetables, or none at all.  That implies I AM a bad person because I AM not eating more fruits and vegetables.

Conversely, let us say that I say, “I should eat less sweets.”  And then I continue eating just as many sweets, if not more.  That implies I AM a bad person because I did not eat less sweets.

“Shoulds” and “should nots” go hand in hand with guilt.

I have a very clear and guiding Presence in my life.  They Are the Goddesses, Gods and all other Celestial Beings that Are Sacred to me.  As well as my clients, my students and my friends.

If something (or someone) no longer serves my needs, brings me down, depresses me, causes me to feel emotions that truly do not empower and exalt me, then that thing, situation or person MUST go.

For some people this may be difficult.  I must confess, I cannot understand that.

Babies simply do not survive without love.  Adults are more sophisticated in killing themselves slowly with situations that do not serve us.  I think the babies have it right on this time.

Why do we insist on killing ourselves slowly by tolerating and accepting situations that harm us, physically, emotionally, Spiritually, sexually, financially?

If someone dishonors you, beats you, makes fun of you, desecrates you, in any way, shape or form, etc., then you need to tell that person that he or she needs to GET THE FUCK OUT OF YOUR LIFE!

The same with situations that disempower you, depress you and bring you down.  Why put up with situations that cause you to feel pain and more pain and ever more pain?

And yes, this is easy for me to say.  I have a history of being a people-pleaser and as much as I love helping people, I also know that I AM a person, too, and need to help myself, as well.

I have been very fortunate in my life.  I have not been in a relationship, romantic or otherwise, with a physically or emotionally abusive person.  I simply cannot abide by the thought of being on a talk show panel and saying some incredibly, disgustingly stupid comment like, “Oh, I know he loves me ’cause he beats me.”

Hell.  No.  I would be on the talk show saying, “Well, I know I killed his dirty ass, because he thought he could get away with beating on mine!”

Now more than ever, I need to be very careful of who I have in my life, and who and why.  For so many of my fellow professional Lightworkers, the number of people who are coming to us is increasing exponentially.

And, for those of you who are not necessarily professional Lightworkers, but who are on a High Spiritual Path, much shall be asked and required of you.  You no longer have the luxury of indulging in nonsense.  The constant Divine Guidance you are receiving to eliminate from your life the people, situations and things that no longer serve your needs shall become more urgent over the next few days, weeks, months and years.

But please do not take my word for it.  See and Hear what you know to be Divine Truth.

So, for those of you who shall remove a person, situation, or thing that no longer serves your needs, I whole-heartedly invite you to surrender and release  your guilt in the matter.  The guilt is not serving any one, much less you.  It is actually hurting you, disempowering you, defeating you.

Let it go, banish that guilt (guilt is most certainly NOT Goddess-Graced) back to the nothingness from whence it came.  And be happy.  And free, too.

Be happy that thing, situation or person is no longer in your life or your world.  There is too much pain in the world, or what I call drama/trauma/melodrama (or DTM, for short).  Why add to it?  Why not let it go of the guilt and be happy and free?

I remember several years ago, a woman contacted me for a Reading.  She had lost her job, was divorcing her husband, and was on the verge of being evicted from her home.  Did I feel guilty about not giving her a Reading?  Absolutely not!

Did I feel guilty about being afraid of coming to her home, or having her come to mine?  To paraphrase a character from one of Tyler Perry’s motion picture, “Hell to the mother-fucking NO!”

Nonetheless, when she told me that she was in counseling with her Priest, I was thrilled!  I immediately told her that would the best course of action for her (and, all these years later, I do not doubt the rightness of that statement).

Now, if you did something that really caused harm to another, then make amends.  But REALLY make amends.  In other words, apologize to that person and if that person tells you to go fuck yourself, then you need to be OK with that.

There are people to whom I have made amends these last several years, and they have told me to go fuck myself.  Making amends means I do not maintain an attachment that they like me, love me, and welcome me back into their lives.  It means that I do what I can to set them and me free from the hurt and what caused it and then go about being a better person and making sure that I do not intentionally harm another.

It really is easy to be kind to others and to refrain from causing harm to others.  In fact, it is too simple for complicated Minds.

Before I close, I wish to acknowledge my newest blog follower, “browntarot.”  And to think that I was thinking about creating some Tarot-themed posts.  If I was giving a Reading right now, I would say, “This is what is called a Sign.”

I welcome you, “browntarot.” to “This Is Who I AM.”  May you receive Divine Love, Divine Light, Divine Prosperity and Divine Peace from following my blog.

And for those of you that are already following and reading “This Is Who I AM,” may you be Divinely Protected from all those that wish to cause us even ever-so-slight harm, and want us to feel unnecessarily, nonsensical, or guilty.

Once again, I express my gratitude and praise to Bing.com for the great images that I have found there to grace my blog. Also, this is what guilt does to you. It weighs you down, and causes you pain. Do you really need to feel guilty? Do you need to imprison yourself?

6 comments on “Why do you feel guilty?

  1. Hello Robert! *waves* Thank you for the shoutout! Love the blog, love this post! I too am a people pleaser and when I set boundaries or when I focus on my own needs I almost ALWAYS feel so dang guilty about it. Lol. Thank you for your wise words!

    • My pleasure, Rebecca.

      Now more than ever, I feel so Divinely Guided when I write. I may have commented on this, in passing, in some of my posts.

      There are times when I have no conscious idea what I AM going to write until I begin editing my post.

      Nonetheless, it was a pleasure to create this post. There are so many of us that truly need to surrender and release all this nonsensical guilt for simply taking excellent care of our complete Beings.

      I wish you a Divinely Graced day. Thank you for honoring who I AM and what I do.

  2. LOVE this!! Thanks, Robert.

    Thanks for the reminder. guilt is bullshit, but sometimes I do get stuck. Guilt is definitely a waste of time and energy – and actually, a really freakin’ self-absorbed, selfish trip. If you feel bad about something, do your best to stop the behaviour, make amends, and move the fuck on. My ex-husband felt guilty all the time (for example . . . he would tell me how guilty he felt about smoking in the apartment – but did that stop him? no. He would just tell me how guilty he would feel because he knew I didn’t like it – and because I had no empathy/sympathy for his guilt – I would say – if you’re so guilty and uncomfortable, take action and don’t smoke in the apartment – he would get angry AT ME. So what did I do? I left, and have never felt guilty about it.)

    This paragraph that you wrote is really powerful: “Babies simply do not survive without love. Adults are more sophisticated in killing themselves slowly with situations that do not serve us. I think the babies have it right on this time.”


    Namaste ~

    • Holly, thank you for such a wonderful compliment and comment, too.

      You know, I never pried, but I always felt that you were the one that divorced your husband. And my mother smokes cigarettes, and I waited YEARS to live in a smoke-free home. The only smoke in my apartment is incense, and I certainly DO NOT feel guilty about that!

      I must say, I felt Divinely Inspired when I wrote the particular paragraph you quoted. I really felt a Divine Vibration when I was writing it.

      I AM beyond honored by this comment and compliment, Holly. Thank you, as always, for everything.

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