What are you questioning?

How many times do many of us go through our lives questioning: what we know, what we do, who we are?

How many times do we keep thinking, feeling, seemingly knowing that we are on the wrong track?

How many times do we doubt and question the good things we do, the great people we are, the good things we bring to the party?

Why do we do this?  Why do we doubt?  Why do we question what we know in our Heart of Hearts (or, as I would say, to the marrow of our bones) to be true?

Guess what?  I do not know the answers to those questions.

What I do know is that I know some people who are truly, WITHOUT QUESTION, fucking awesome, and it bothers me that they have no idea, or that they often forget that.  Is it a fact?  For me it is: THEY ARE FUCKING AWESOME.

Sometimes, we allow hurts from the past and emotional, or perhaps, Spiritual exhaustion to get in the way of what we know deep inside to be true.

Sometimes judgements and judgemental attitudes can get in the way, too.

Now more than ever, there is a phrase that has become a constant part of my life: Divine Orchestration.

I truly believe in the Goddess, and that She Is Supreme.  Although I AM more open, and now actively work with Male Deities, I always go to Goddess first.  She Is my Center.  And She helps me return to being grounded, balanced, and surrounded with Love and Light, and balanced.

More than any other Goddess, my First Goddess Is Auset, the Ancient Egyptian Goddess more commonly known as Isis.  I love Her and Her many Titles.

My personal favorites are “Lady of Words of Power,” “Mistress of Magick,” and “Queen of Healers.”

Sometimes the Divine Orchestration that consumes us, or that we resist following is one that may confuse us, frustrate us, even exhaust us.

Nonetheless, I invite you to have even more Faith than you think is possible.  Have even more Faith than you think is even possible for you, more Faith than you think or even know you may have or do have in the Divine Great Mystery (by whatever Name you call Her or Him) that there is a Divine Plan to your life, for your life, in your life, and that this Divine Plan is already unfolding for you.

There is no doubt in my Psychic Mind that this is a Time of Transition.  Autumn is here; I personally, have been feeling the Pre Mercury Retrograde Storm (in spite of the fact that the next and last Mercury Retrograde Transit of 2013 is not until mid to late October), and there are things happening locally, nationally and internationally that are making some of us doubt even the good things and people in our lives, including us.

Nonetheless, take a moment, and ask yourselves some very basic yet very important questions:


1. Who am I?

2. What am I doing?

3. What do I really want?

4. Am I healing or hurting?

5. What am I going to do?


In many Numerological Systems, the Number Five (5) Is the Number of Oral and Written Communication, Documentation, Local Travel, National Travel and the Intellect.  In the Chaldean Hebrew-Kabbalah System of Numerology, the Number Five (5) Is Astrologically linked to the Sun-Signs Gemini and Virgo and the Planet Mercury.

PLEASE NOTE: The aforementioned Numerological System is the one that works best for me.  Time and again, I find it to be the most accurate, the most Mystical, the most Spiritually Uplifting.  If there are other Numerological Systems that work better for you, then please use them.

Sometimes we try to understand other people, but forget to remember to understand ourselves.  What is it about yourselves that you do not understand?

What is it about you–and only you–that is unclear to you?

Instead of doing what you can to understand another, spend a little more time understanding you: what motivates you, why you say what you say, why you do what you do.

This is not a judgement: This is, if anything, something that I AM Divinely Guided to write and convey.  This post, has nothing to do with me.  Frankly, I wanted to watch some Internet porn, but the Goddess had other ideas.

The next time you say something, write something, take a moment and think: why am I saying this?  why am I writing this?  what do I hope to accomplish?

Am I going to do this, too?  I do not believe Goddess Is giving me a choice in the  matter.

Thank you, one and all, for honoring who I AM and what I do.  And take a moment to honor yourselves for who you are and what you do, too.questionmarkblackandwhite


5 comments on “What are you questioning?

  1. You have no idea how much doubt I’ve been having with things for the past two weeks. Since yesterday, I finally said screw this. I’m going to have faith and know all will work out. I have been feeling better. Sometimes, doubt can lead a person to a renewed faith.

    • Allow me to reintroduce myself. I AM Robert Alvarez, the Psychic Witch!

      Seriously, I had no plans to write this post, but Goddess had other ideas. And you make an excellent point. Doubt can lead to renewed Faith. Thank you, Shell.

  2. Wow, Robert! I love this!! I have been asking similar questions over the entire summer, every morning. PArt of my meditation. Who am I? What do I want for my life? What do I want for my life today?

    Must repost . . .


    • Holly, thank you so much.

      Truth be told, I was surprised by this post. In other words, I had no plans on writing another post before today (Monday, September 30, 2013), but Goddess had other plans for me!

      And thank you for reposting and reblogging. Whenever you repost or reblog one of my posts, I know I have done very good work, indeed.

      As always, you honor me greatly. And, as always, I AM most thankful.

    • Holly, thank you so much.

      As I mentioned in this post, I had no plans to write and publish a post, but Goddess had other plans!

      Also, I know that when you repost or reblog one of my posts, I have done very good work, indeed.

      As always, you honor me greatly. And as always, I AM most thankful.

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