According to Goddesses for Every Season, by Nancy Blair (Copyright 1995, Element Books, Inc., Rockport, Massachusetts), the Goddess for the Fifth Week of Autumn Is Selket (also known as Selkhet, Serqet, Serket, and Selcis).  She Is the Egyptian Scorpion Goddess, often depicted with a Scorpion on Her Head, as well as a scorpion with the head of a woman.

I must admit, I do not believe I have ever worked with Selket before.  As a result, I read a little about Her earlier today.  I consulted one of the best Goddess books ever written (in my not-at-all humble opinion): The New Book of Goddesses & Heroines, by (the late and great) Patricia Monaghan (Copyright 2000, Llewellyn Worldwide, Inc., Woodbury, Minnesota).  According to the book, Selket Is a Goddess that assists others after they Transition.  In other words, help them with their journey from death to the afterlife.

Also, Selket Is a Guardian of the dead.  Which Re-Minds me of the Afro-Caribbean Oya, Who in the Lukumi Tradition (commonly known as Santeria in Cuba, Puerto Rico and the United States) Is the Governess of the Cemetery (and the Marketplace).  And Whose Name I saw on a license plate earlier today, as well.

In Western Astrology, the Sign of Scorpio is the Sign of Transformation.  Now that Mercury is officially Retrograding in Scorpio as of today, Monday, October 21, 2013, 6:29AM, EDT; and the Sun enters Scorpio in two days (on the East Coast of the United States, anyway), the Energies of Transformation are definitely in the air.

So many people have so many issues about death, but things end: relationships, positions of employment, friendships, lives.  And more.

In addition, in the Sacred Tarot, Trump XIII, is the Death Card, and it is Astrologically Aligned with the Sun-Sign Scorpio.  Scorpio rules the genitalia and the reproductive organs.

For a Witch, the three greatest Mysteries are Birth, Life and Death.  All are connected to the genitalia and the reproductive organs, and indirectly, the Energies of Transformation.

I felt Selket whispering to me today.  It was an especially breezy day in my area (and it is no coincidence that Oya governs the Winds, too).  I felt Her telling me that the time has come to shed the old.

There is such a thing as Autumn Cleaning.  I invite you to engage in removing from your life, home and world the things and relationships that no longer serve your needs.  Surrender and release them.

And yes, it is easy for me to say this (or, write this, as the case actually is).  I have had so many crappy things happen in my life, and so many wonderful things happen, as well.  Right now, there is so much Love and Light; Prosperity, Protection and Peace; Wholeness and Healing, in my life.

Why?  Because, now more than ever, I refuse to allow negative, disempowering people attached to financial lack, cruelty, deception, and a host of other evils to take away or even diminish my Light, my Love, my Joy, my Power.

If you truly want greatness in your life, then why are you allowing people who are petty, unkind, cruel and selfish to get in the way of your Blessings, Gifts and Miracles?

If you know that deep in your Heart of Hearts, you are a good person, then why waste your priceless time, Energy and money on people who do not want you?  If someone does not want you, then find people who do.  If there are people who do not care for you, then stop calling them, stop Emailing them, stop texting them, stop messaging them.


Seriously, there are people who do not care for me, do not care about me.  Am I wasting my time on them?  Hell, mutha-fuckin’ no!!

Do you know why?  Because I do not have that luxury.  I AM a professional Lightworker, and I have clients, students and friends who count on me to be grounded, surrounded, centered and balanced.  Who count on me to help them navigate through their lives and their worlds.

I also do not have the luxury to be upset about who is not in my life.  In fact, roughly half-an-hour ago, I was thinking about one of my closest friends and how he is going to do something for me, that a former lover did not.

I began to feel angry when I remembered that this former lover–who not only ended his relationship with me four years ago, but also moved to a different state in January (my Birthday month)–and I IMMEDIATELY stopped that shit.

Someone who honors who I AM and what I do is doing something wonderful for me because he honors who I AM and what I do.  He loves my Energy and thinks I AM great.  And I began to feel angry because a former lover, who has not been in my life for FOUR YEARS did not keep his promise to do the same.

That was my reality check and my wake-up call!  So what if my former lover never kept that promise?  Someone wonderful is giving me this wonderful gift.  and I AM most thankful.

For those of you who have a lot of plans, goals and dreams; for those of you who wish to be happy and healthy; for those of you who are either professional Lightworkers or wish to become professional Lightworkers, you no longer have the luxury of wasting your time, Energy and resources on gunk, crap, negativity, etc.

Now more than ever, Selket, and other Celestial Beings Are Re-Minding us of our Divine Birthright and Spiritual Heritage.  We have the right to have lives that are Divinely Abundant with Love and Light; Protection, Prosperity and Peace; Wholeness and Healing.

Now, we need to ask ourselves, what are we willing to surrender and release to manifest these desires and dreams?

Are we willing to surrender and release attachments to financial hardship and poverty consciousness?

Are we willing to surrender and release people who hurt us, criticize us, insult us, dishonor us?

Are we willing to surrender and release things that we no longer want, like, use, wear?

Are we willing to make the changes that the Divine Great Mystery Lovingly and ongoingly gives us?

Are we willing to do what it takes to be happy, as opposed to being right?

Are we willing to be open and receptive to all the Blessings, Gifts and Miracles the Universe wants to give us?

I AM.  Are you?

This week, I invite you to welcome Transformation in all its forms.  And, I invite you to welcome Selket into your home, your life, your world, your complete Being.  Allow yourself and every area of your world to be transformed and healed.

Thank you for honoring who I AM and what I do.  Good night.220px-Serket.svg


4 comments on “Selket

  1. Very timely and powerful message. I have been releasing a lot og negativity from my life but it is crazy how one’s own thinking can be the most difficult, how often the mind turns to the negative experience despite the good things in our presence. I am open to transformation, for my life to continue to unfold and blossom.

    • Illuminata, this was one of those posts that the Goddess (and specifically, Selket, Oya and, of course, Auset/Isis) Directed. There were things that I wrote that I had no plans to write.

      If you have read any of my previous Seasonal Goddesses posts, very few of them morph into channeled messages from that particular Goddess.

      However, with the veils between the physical and Astral Realms so thin, right now, “Goddess and Goddesses” had Their Say.

      There is no doubt in your Mind that you can call upon the Divine Great Mystery, by whatever Name you call Her or Him, to give you Clarity and Illumination. In fact, I was spending time with a close friend, who is also a professional Lightworker today, and I told her about a close friend and client, who is a born-again Christian, who, years ago, shared with me that her constant Prayer to God is for Clarity and Illumination.

      I invite you to ongoingly Pray for that, as well, so that you can surrender and release all that and all those that hold you back from being great and magnificent in every way.

      • Thank you for this amazing blog. I have been following you for a few months but this is a particularly timely treat… Your feedback is deeply appreciated.

        Blessed be

        • Illuminata, it was my pleasure.

          I AM happy you are receiving Clarity, Illumination and Divine Inspiration from “This Is Who I AM.”

          I have a feeling that there are other near future posts that shall take on a life of their own. My channeling abilities have certainly become stronger in the last thirteen months, so it should be quite interesting.

          Thank you so much for honoring who I AM and what I do.

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