Zodiakos: Scorpio

Today, Wednesday, October 23, 2013, at approximately 2:10AM (as in, two hours and ten minutes after Midnight, going from Tuesday, October 22, to Wednesday, October 23, 2013), EDT, the Sun entered Scorpio.  Scorpio is the Sign of Death, Rebirth, and Transformation.

Scorpio is ruled by Mars and co-ruled by Pluto (which, in Western Astrology, like the Sun and the Moon, is a Planet).  In the Chaldean Hebrew-Kabbalah System of Numerology, the Number Nine (9), the Number of Life and of Completion, is Astrologically Aligned with Aries, Mars, Scorpio and Pluto.

A Tuesday is a “power day” for a Scorpio.  In Magickal Traditions, Tuesday is the Day of Mars, which ruled Scorpio for so many centuries before the official discovery of Pluto.

For related info on Scorpio, SEE my post, “Selket” about the Ancient Egyptian Scorpion Goddess.

Now, I AM aware that a lot of people have a lot of issues about death and dying, but let me assure you that just because someone’s Sun-Sign is Scorpio, or has any other Planet in Scorpio, or that the Sun (as well as the North Node, Mercury, and Saturn, which are currently Transiting in Scorpio) DOES NOT guarantee that one shall die, especially between today and Wednesday, November 20, 2013 (the day before the Sun enters Sagittarius).

I have often referred to Aries as the Sign of “New Beginnings.”  (SEE my post, “Zodiakos: Aries”, for more info on this powerful, headstrong Sign), but one could say that Scorpio is the Sign of “old endings.”  Thing and people that MUST go from your life.

My experience of Scorpio is that, people born under this Sign are most comfortable with the Witch’s Three Great Mysteries: Birth, Life, Death.  It is no coincidence that Scorpio rules the genitalia and reproductive organs, and it is also no coincidence that Trump XIII, the Death Card of the Sacred Tarot, is Astrologically Aligned with Scorpio.

Also, according to Raven Kaldera’s MythAstrology, (Copyright 2004, Llewellyn Publications, Woodbury, Minnesota), the Deity that claimed Sun in Scorpio Is Shiva, also known as Siva (but both pronounced SHE-vuh), the Hindu Lord of the Dance, God of Creation and Destruction.  Also, the One who Shares the title “Remover of Obstacles” with Ganesha (also known as Ganesh and Ganeshpati; first one pronounced guh-NESH-uh, second one pronounced GAH-nesh-PAH-tee), and Kali (KAH-lee).

My intention for you reading this, is that you learn, grow and Prosper.  My Sense from the Divine Great Mystery Is that you look at Birth, Life and Death (regardless of whether or not you are a Witch, Pagan, Wiccan, etc.) from a new perspective.  That you surrender and release any lingering issues you have about Birth, Life and Death, or about your birth, your life and/or your death (when it happens, that is) that you may have been carrying for hours, days, weeks, months, years, if not your entire life.

There is a Web site called “Fuck My Life.”  I have visited it a few times and have laughed at some of what I have read.

However, how many of you feel as though your lives are fucked?  How many of you feel as though your lives are fucked up?

And how many of you walk into a room with the vibration of “My life is so fucked up?”  And then you wonder why your life is so fucked up.

Ladies and gentlemen, in my life there are people who have quite strongly thought “Well, it’s easy for him to say that.”  Yes, it is.

I have spent many years, many monies and many efforts, clearing away a lot of gunk.  A lot of mental programming and conditioning for poverty, heartache, dysfunctional relationships, danger and more.  And I AM still clearing it out and away from my life and my world.

I have spent time, Energy, money, and Mindfulness cleaning up my life in many ways, and continue to do so.

I no longer have the luxury of feeling sorry for myself.  Frankly, I have not had that luxury in a very, very long time.  There are many people who count on me to be grounded, surrounded, balanced and centered.  And I AM quite sure that there are people in your lives that can say the same.

If I AM going to spend an entire day in bed, it is NOT to feel sorry for myself.  It is to either fuck, lounge or read (or all three, depending on the day).

During the Sun’s Transit in Scorpio, I invite you to surrender and release anything or anyone that prevents you from creating, manifesting and maintaining Divine Transformation and Divine Restoration.  Anything you no longer want, need, like, use or wear; any relationship that no longer serves your needs; any relationship that has you question your core self, and what you want to accomplish in this lifetime.

Also, feel free to work with Selket, Shiva or any other Celestial Being connected with Scorpio (such as Oya, Hekate (also known as Hecate), or Archangel Azrael) to surrender and release all that no longer serves you, keep you down and out, so that you can be rise and soar to greatness.

Interestingly enough, there are four Symbols associated with Scorpio.  No other Sign in Western Astrology (to my knowledge) has that many.  There is the Scorpion; Scoripius (the Latin word for Scorpion) is the original name for the Sign of Scorpio; you have the Eagle, which is the Native American Tradition represents Spirit, as in “Great Spirit.”

You have the Phoenix, which the Ancient Egyptians referred to as Bennu, the Heart and Soul of Ra; and you have the Scarab, the Egyptian Symbol of Transformation.

I invite you to work with the Symbol  (or, Animal Medicines) that resonates with you most strongly.

For me, since my Primary Pantheon is the Ancient Egyptian Pantheon, it is primarily the Scarab.  Several years ago, a client who has been using my Psychic Services since October, 1997 gave me a 14 carat yellow gold bracelet, set with seven different semi-precious stones, hand-carved to resemble Scarabs; she gave this to me as an expression of gratitude for my Readings and my Wise Counsel.  I AM forever thankful for her honoring me in that manner, as well as the many other ways she honors who I AM and what I do.

When the Sun is in Scorpio, I wear a Sterling Silver Cartouche pendant, depicting Kheper-Ra, the Egyptian God of the Noon Day Sun, depicted as a Winged Scarab, Who Is carrying the Sun to the highest point in the sky.  In fact, I AM wearing it now, and have been doing so, since I woke up this morning.

Now, for those of you who are Sun-Sign Scorpios, Rising-Sign Scorpios or have any other Planets in Scorpio, or, for that matter were raised by one (as I was), I invite you to consider the following:


1.  How are you complicating your life?

2.  Where are you adding unholy madness and unnecessary chaos into your life, your relationships, your world?

3. To what or to whom are you holding on that is no longer serving your needs, and probably killing you, slowly but surely?

4. How do you feel about life?  In other words, how do you really feel about life?

5. How do you feel about your life?  In other words, how do you really feel about your life?

6. Who and what are you allowing to dominate you, manipulate you, directly or indirectly, that is preventing you from receiving Blessings, Gifts and Miracles (the answer might very well surprise you)?

7. What are the obstacles that you have had for years?

8. Why do you think you have had the same obstacles for years?


In the Zodiac Wheel, Scorpio is the Eighth Sign of the Zodiac, hence the eight questions.  I invite you to answer them, and if you feel it shall help you and others, feel free to answer the questions in a comment.

May the Sun’s Transit in Scorpio this year, bring you great Healing, great change in the midst of challenge and great Peace and Protection.

As always, thank you, one and all, for honoring who I AM and what I do.Scorpio-glyph


8 comments on “Zodiakos: Scorpio

    • You honor me greatly, and I AM most thankful.

      As I have Lovingly stated previously, whenever you reblog my posts, I have done very good work, indeed.

      Thank you, for everything, Holly.

  1. Love this!! I have Moon, Venus, Mars and Jupiter in Scorpio – 11th house. Consequently I am throwing a ritual event with one of my friends that is based around the right to exist and to be sexual on the New Moon! We will have a labyrinth and fire and slit to walk through – it is going to be the most fun going through a rebirth ever!! I wish you were in Flagstaff to be a part of it!

    I am Capricorn and my friend is PIsces. We are having a great time working together.


    • Thank you, Holly. Your comments on my blog posts are so wonderful.

      This Ritual sounds amazing and wonderful. And it feels most necessary. I AM currently rereading “The Goddess’ Guide to Love,” by Margie Lapanja, and completing rereading “The Prosperity Secrets of the Ages,” by Catheirne Ponder.

      Between “The Goddess’ Guide to Love,” and Chapter 15, “Sex is a Success Power,” in “The Prosperity Secrets of the Ages,” by Catherine Ponder, I AM Re-Minded of the Power in Sexual Energy (and, of course, the Sacral Chakra).

      When is this Ritual taking place, perhaps I can participate Energetically/remotely?

      Thank you, as always, for everything.

  2. I happen to have my Moon, Ascendent, Venys and Neptune in Scorpio although I am a December Capricorn. You know what? to boot Mercury is retrograde ’till November 10th. So the Scorpio themes of death and rebirth are quite prominent at this time. I like the space of being confronted by what isn’t working. I keep hearing..”Give yourself to transformation…” a line from a favorite poem by Rainer Maria Rilke. Mercury retrograde had added a number of mishaps that have been quite revealing of tge people and situations I need to release. No more bandages over my eyes, my OWN hands over my ears. Putting on my big girl panties to deal with reality. Thank you for this great blog post.

    • You are welcome, Illuminata, and thank you for the great comment and compliment, too.

      A client, who also studied the Sacred Tarot with me privately, was told by a Clairvoyant several years ago, that when Mercury Retrogrades, people show their truest colors.

      I discovered this, firsthand, for the first time two years and two months ago, and rediscovered this, also firsthand, last year, around this time. Also, some of my fellow professional Lightworkers are learning this, too.

      I had a private Tarot student who had FIVE Planets in Scorpio; her Sun-Sign is Libra, and if memory serves, she is a September Libra.

      The Energies of Scorpio and Capricorn are quite similar. And to assist you in any Scorpionic challenges you have at this time, you may wish to call upon Hekate, Inanna and Dionysos, at this time.

      I have a feeling that many of us shall be giving ourselves to Transformation, whether we wish to do so or not.

      Thank you, again, for honoring who I AM and what I do.

    • Oh, my Goddess! You have me literally laughing out loud with this one, James!

      I AM so thankful that I have Internet access from home again, so I can literally laugh out loud at home, instead of being scolded for doing so at my local library.

      And James, you are quite Scorpio Wise (and cunning) in your comment.

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