Laussel, Goddess of the Thirteen Moons

UPDATE (granted several years later, but I digress).  After watching a YouTube video, where one of the YouTube Channel content creators has as her surname Lausell, I did a quick search about the Venus of Laussel, and found a Wikipedia article.

Here is the link:


And if you can, please make a donation to Wikipedia (and yes, I already did).

In the meantime:

According to Nancy Blair’s Goddesses for Every Season (Copyright 1995, Element Books, Inc., Rockport, Massachusetts), the Goddess of the Seventh Week of Autumn Is Laussel, the Goddess of the Thirteen Moons.

In most images of Laussel, She Is holding a crescent horn, upon which are inscribed thirteen notches.  There are thirteen Full Moons in a Lunar Year.

Although this Goddess has similarities to the Willendorf Goddess (SEE my post, “Willendorf Goddess”), Who some have connected to both the Goddess and the Planet Venus, Laussel Is more connected to the Moon, and, by association, other Moon Goddesses.

Also, a statuette of the Willendorf Goddess was found near Krems in Austria in 1908.  Whereas a carving of the Laussel was made roughly 25, 2000 in a cave in the Dordogne region of France.

Those of you that have been enjoying this series of posts may recall that I rarely read the entry for that particular Seasonal Goddess prior to writing about Her.  I want Her Wisdom to flow through me without any filtering of any kind.

Also, because I know very little about this particular Goddess, I wanted to read a little bit about Her before creating this post.

Nonetheless, my Sense of Laussel Is that She Is here to Re-Mind you of the power of your emotions.

Recently I learned that CBS is planning on resurrecting (what is usually referred to as a “reboot” these days) of the television series Charmed.  Just as a Sacred Sidebar, I found it fascinating that I know two people who are huge fans of the show, and neither one of them knew of this.  Of course, they were very happy when I told them the news!

I recall the character of Leo (portrayed by Brian Krause), the Whitelighter for the Charmed Ones, always telling Prue, Piper, Phoebe, and Paige that their Powers lie in their emotions.

Actually, as a Witch, I AM well aware of the power of my emotions.  And, as someone who leads “Divine Prosperity Events,” I have often read it is important to visualize with feeling what one desires, as if one already has the manifestation of said desire in his or her life.

Regarding working with Laussel, I invite you to look up at the Moon and notice what you feel.  Then, if you are so inclined, make a wish while looking at the Moon.

Ideally, one would make a wish for something to increase during a Waxing Moon (and the Moon is currently Waxing), and one would make a wish for something to either decrease or dissolve during a Waning Moon.

I wish to share with all of you the Affirmation in Goddesses for Every Season from Laussel.  Since I have male blog followers and readers, I have adapted the Affirmation so that it is gender-neutral.

I AM a Cosmic Child of the Moon.  The Energy of my complete Being are Sacred.  A glow of Well-Being flows through me as I breathe and as I live.  I listen to my desires, for they are the Sacred Source of exciting changes in my complete Being, and in my life.

I invite all of you to acknowledge your Moon Power, now and always.

Before I close, I wish to apologize to my fellow Robert, also known as DeafGuy, the Cosmic Creator of, for I failed to properly acknowledge him as a new blog follower of “This Is Who I AM.”

For those of you who want to know more about a Paganism, especially from a personal perspective, visit his blog.

Also, I do not recall if I acknowledged Wise Womyn Productions (  Zoe Flowers is the Cosmic Creatrix of that blog, and I have especially become a fan of her “Wise Womyn Affirmations.”

Ladies and gentlemen, blog followers and blog readers, thank you for honoring who I AM and what I do.  I wish all of you a Divinely Prosperous and Love-drenched weekend.

And may we continue to be Divinely Protected from the devils in our midst, as well as the ones that are far from us, too.laussel


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