Bast, Egyptian Cat Goddess of the Moon

Good afternoon everyone, and a Happy Monday and a Blessed Day of the Moon to all of you!

Coming back to Goddesses for Every Season, by Nancy Blair (Copyright 1995, Element Books, Inc., Rockport, Massachusetts), the Goddess of the Tenth Week of Autumn Is Bast, also known as Bastet or Maa Bast, the Egyptian “Mother of all Cats.”

As someone who has had cats for most of his life, and whose Primary Pantheon is the Kimetic, or Ancient Egyptian Pantheon, I have had a close relationship with Bastet (as I feel Divinely Guided to call Her) for many years now.  She Is the first (and usually) only Goddess I think to call upon regarding a cat, especially the Healing of a cat.

It is appropriate for Ms. Blair to refer to Bastet, or Bast as a Moon Goddess; those of us who live or have lived with cats know all too well how Nocturnal they are.  Of course, some cats are Diurnal, and there are times when our cats are especially active during the day.

I do not recall where or when I read this, but I remember reading that Bastet’s Right Eye Is the Sun, and Her Left Eye Is the Moon.

I was taught that the left side of the body is the Goddess side, the maternal side, the receiving side.  The right side of the body is the God side (as in Masculine Divine), the paternal side, the giving side.

Although there are Sun Goddesses and Moon Gods, there are more Goddesses connected to the Moon and Gods to the Sun, hence the appropriateness that Bastet’s Left Eye is the Moon and Her Right Eye the Sun.

Based on what I have read in Doreen Virtue’s books, as well as in her Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards, (Copyright 2004, Hay House, Inc., Carlsbad, California), Bastet Is an ideal Goddess to call upon Her to be more independent.

I know Bastet to be the Egyptian Cat-Headed Goddess of Music, Drama and Dance.  And because She Is also a Goddess of Joy and Pleasure (of many kinds, not just sensual or sexual), She has many similarities to Oshun, the Afro-Caribbean Goddess of Love, Beauty, Sensual Pleasures, Rivers, Joy, Money and Waterfalls (SEE my posts, “Oshun” and “Oshun, Part II.”).

Personally, and Psychically, I feel that nighttime is an ideal time to call upon Bastet.  And according to Raven Kaldera’s MythAstrology, (Copyright 2004, Llewellyn Publications, Inc., Woodbury, Minnesota), the Astrological Placement that Bastet claimed as Hers is Moon in Leo.

As a result, when the Moon is Transiting in the Sign of Leo, it is an Astrologically (or, rather, MythAstrologically) Auspicious time to call upon Bastet.  Interestingly enough the Moon was in Leo from this past Friday, November 22, 6:56PM, EST to yesterday, Sunday, November 24, 2013.

The Moon officially entered Virgo at 7:11AM today, Monday, November 24, 2013.

Of course, you can call upon Bastet, or any Celestial Being (Goddess, God, Angel, Faerie, Ascended Master, Saiint, etc.) at any time of the night or day.

But ultimately, Bastet Is an ideal Goddess to call upon when we want to have more play in our lives, or as Margie Lapanja would write, “Sacred Play.”  Interestingly enough, the next to the last paragraph of the Acknowledgements section of Goddesses for Every Season reads:


“To Max and Luna, my favorite feline familiars, whose three seasons, eat, sleep and play, I hope someday to fully embrace.”


So, for those of you who wish to embody the three Seasons of Cat: Eat, Sleep, Play; I whole-heartedly invite you to call upon Bastet to Bountifully Bless your life and your world (and your cats, if you live with one or more).

Almost three years later, I have found out that the artist who created this venerated vision of the Ancient Egyptian “Mother of all Cats,” is Ms. Rowena Morrill.

Thank you, one and all, for honoring who I AM and what I do.  And may Bastet, “Mother of all Cats” Prosper, Protect and instill Peace within us and without us.


8 comments on “Bast, Egyptian Cat Goddess of the Moon

    • My pleasure. I wrote it more than a year ago. I was Divinely Guided to use Nancy Blair’s “Goddesses for Every Season,” and write a post about every Goddess featured, in that book.

      This year, I was going to write a post for each of the corresponds Gods, or Divine Masculine Deities that correspond to the Goddesses, but with my schedule, that went way on the backburner. Perhaps next year…

    • Thank you for the info, staticsan. I did a Google Search on Ms. Morrill, and I went to her page, and saw a thumbnail of a painting, depicting a woman in what I would call “Priestess Garb.” And when I looked at that image, and then, in my Mind’s Eye, looked at the image of Bast I found for this post, I could see the similarities.

      Then, I did another search, and found that it was, indeed, her painting of the Ancient Egyptian “Mother of all Cats,” and that it was first painted in 1944. Which I found amazing, as this post was written three years ago, this coming November, 2016.

      I cannot thank you enough for taking the time to comment. And very happy I can now add a credit to the post.

  1. Can you please tell me how you call bast. I have a cat i would like to understand her better. Text me at 330 259 5444. Thanks Roseanna Ash

    • Good morning, Roseanna Ash. Usually, when I call upon Bast, I refer to Her as Bastet, and also use one of Her more well-known Titles, “Mother of all Cats.”

      So, something like this, for example, “Bastet, Ancient Egyptian Mother of all Cats, I call upon You, here and now, to help me understand my cat better. Give me clear and evident signs on how I can be closer and more connected to my feline companion so that this beautiful cat and I can be closer, more connected, and happier in our lives together.”

      I hope that helps. Thank you, Roseanna Ash for the question.

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