Bird-Headed Shaman

Good afternoon, all, and a Blessed Monday and Day of the Moon (one of the most Ancient and Infinite Symbols of Goddess) to all of you!  A Blessed New Moon in Sagittarius (Sign of Expansion and Mysticism) to all of you, too!!

Turning back to Goddesses for Every Season, by Nancy Blair (Copyright 1995, Element Books, Inc., Rockport, Massachusetts), the Goddess for the Eleventh Week of Autumn Is the Bird-Headed Shaman.

The entry begins thusly:


Female healers were the first shamans.  The earliest healing arts included ritual, artmaking, plant wisdom, and ceremony.  Shamans ventured into the realms of the Great Mother, invoking the Mother of All Things, the Dark Mother, Grandmother Growth, or the Death Goddess for guidance.


I have often referred to birds as both Messengers from Heaven and messages from Heaven.  I invite all of you to pay attention to your Healing Powers this week.  Be open and receptive to what I call “Divine Love Healing Energies.”  Be open and receptive to learning or re-learning what you can about your Body, your Mind, your complete Being.

I AM no doctor, nor am I a therapist.  However, I also to invite you to ask your complete Being questions about your Body, your Mind, your life.  Is that medication really necessary?  Is that pastry really going to benefit you?  Do you really need to eat gluten-free foods?

Last year, I was in a hospital after having experienced a Divinely Orchestrated stroke.  I became much more vocal about what is truly necessary, medically since that time.  I have often counseled clients to get second, even third opinions about medical procedures and medications.

I invite all of you to be aware of which birds come to you: in your geographical area, in your Dreamtime Sojourns, in your books, social media networks, literature, motion pictures, etc.

Look to your Inner Wisdom.

I close this entry by sharing the Affirmation for this Goddess:


“I am One with the powers of Creation that reside within.  I take full responsibility for healing me.  Loving myself is a miracle cure.”


Yes, it is.

Thank you, one and all, for honoring who I AM and what I do.

Before you heal another, heal yourself.  Before you take care of another, take care of you.  For some of you, may feel, you may feel that you must take care of another first.

However, if you are of have been chronically ill, or have been holding a dis-ease for weeks or months or years, then perhaps you need to do for you first.

Thank you,, for another great image for my WordPress blog posts. For you, dear followers and readers, I invite you to create your own Rituals: of Healing, of Prosperity, of Empowerment.

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