Changing Woman

As per Nancy Blair’s Goddesses for Every Season, (Copyright 1995, Element Books, Inc., Rockport, Massachusetts), the Goddess of the Twelfth Week of Autumn Is Changing Woman.

Changing Woman Is a Native American (specifically, Navajo) Goddess of Change; of overcoming the challenges that precede changes.

It is no coincidence that the word “change” can be found within the word “challenge.”  What are the challenges in your life right now?  Are you focusing on labeling them “good” or “bad?’  Are you stuck in calling these challenges “good” or “bad?”

As someone who has been using the Sacred Tarot for more than two decades now, I have always enjoyed the analogy of the Sacred Tarot compared to fire.  In other words, Fire is neither good nor bad; fire can be used to heat homes and to cook food, and some people have used fire to destroy property and people.

The Sacred Tarot is the same; it is neither good nor bad; like fire, it simply is, and its use is determined by the person using the Sacred Tarot.  Some people use the Tarot to help others improve their lives and understand their lives better, and that is a good thing.  And there are some who use the Sacred Tarot to manipulate others and keep them bound to them and that is so very beyond far and away from being a good thing.

Challenges are changes that we are making (or that the Divine Great Mystery is insisting we make) for our Soul Growth.

Look at your life right now: is there an issue or a challenge that you are dealing with right now, that you have been dealing with for weeks?  Months?  Years?  Longer than years?

Why is that?  Why do you think you have been dealing with the same issue for such a long time?

Are you resisting the changes the changes–positive, empowering, Prosperous–changes that you wish to manifest in your life and in your world?  Do you feel you do not deserve these kinds of changes?  Do you feel that it only happens to other people?

I invite you to call upon Changing Woman, ask Her to help you Shape Shift from what you have always been, to what you have always been destined to be.  From what you have always had, to what you have always desired.  From where you think you belong, to where your Soul knows you belong.

To connect with Changing Woman, musically, I highly recommend listening to “Changing Woman” on Celeste Alayne’s Portrait of the Goddess (Copyright 2001, Karuna, LLC, no location listed, other than California).

Personally, I found my copy of this CD by visiting, but you can find the track on YouTube.  Just enter “changing woman celeste alayne” in the search bar when you do, minus the quotation marks.

Although, I first looked for Celeste Alayne on Spotify.  If you do not already have Spotify, oh, my Goddess, there is so much more music you could be listening to, right now if you did, but I digress.  None of Celeste Alayne’s songs on her Portrait of the Goddess album can be found there, but I did find an album entitled Cacioppo: Laws of the Pipe, by Curt Cacioppo.  The songs that specifically name Changing Woman can be a Ritual in itself to honor and work with the Powers and the Energies of Changing Woman.

Lastly, here is the Affirmation for the Changing Woman section in Goddesses for Every Season.


I no longer justify self-care through illness.  I commit my whole being to well-being.  I take care of me and everything else falls into perfect harmony.


The word “illness” could also be substituted with “poverty,” “lack,” “loneliness,” etc.

A Vision of Changing Woman by THE Hrana Janto. In “The Goddess Oracle,” by Amy Sophia Marashinsky, which Ms. Janto illustrated, this Card is appropriately subtitled “Cycles.”

Thank you, one and all, for honoring who I AM and what I do.


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