Zodiakos: Capricorn

Tomorrow, Saturday (which in Magickal Traditions, is the Day of Saturn, which rules Capricorn), December 21, 2013, at approximately 12:11PM, the Sun enters Capricorn, the Sign of Wealth and Wisdom, as well as the Sign of the Father (human and Divine).

Now, some of you might think that I would not discuss the crappy stuff about Capricorn.  Oh, yeah?

I have often said that I AM not a saint, nor do I wish to be one.  If I AM going to dish out the crappy characteristics of other Sun-Signs, then I shall certainly do it about my own.

Let me begin with something I have been telling clients for years.  It has been my experience that of the twelve Signs of the Western Zodiac (from Aries to Pisces), the four that are masters of complicating their lives.  They are: Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio (the Polar Opposite of Taurus) and Capricorn (the Polar Opposite of Cancer).  For more on those Sun-Signs, SEE the following “Zodiakos:” posts for: “Taurus,” “Cancer, “Scorpio.”  This, of course, is the “Zodiakos: Capricorn” post.

Of course, I have also stated that, since that is the case, these aforementioned Signs also have the potential to become masters of creating and manifesting simplicity and effortlessness in all areas of their lives.

Now, please keep in Mind these are my Astrological Analyses based on what I have read, what I have learned, and what Spirit reveals to me.  I do not profess to be a psychologist or therapist, although many of my clients have told me that they would rather spend money on Readings with me than with a therapist.

Although I do have clients that see a therapist, and me, but I digress.

Then, of course, there is what I have called the “Capricorn Curse.”  It goes something like, “smart in business, stupid in life.”  Many a Capricorn has made great business decisions, but sometimes at great personal cost.  And yes, I have done this, too, although one does not need to be a Capricorn to do this.

And then, the one that every time I have told a client, he or she has completely agreed with me: Capricorns are one of the most difficult Sun-Signs with which to live.

And now, for the good stuff about Capricorn.

Now, when I have also said that Capricorns make the difficult living worthwhile, they reluctantly agree with me.  They cannot deny that the Capricorns with which they live, make the challenges bearable.  Of course, there are many ways we Capricorns do that.

First, Capricorn is short for “capricornus,” which is the Latin word for “goat.”  Have you ever heard of Horny Goat Weed?  There is a reason why the weed is named after the goat, although there are two other “horned” Signs (Aries and Taurus).  Indeed, Capricorns shall be extending invitations long after other Signs have retired to their rocking chairs.

Of course, Capricorn has often been depicted as a goat with the tail of a fish, symbolizing “rising from great depths to achieve great heights.”

Second, Capricorn is both the most evolved Cardinal Sign (Cardinal Signs are the born leaders of the Zodiac; they are Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn), and the most evolved Earth Sign, which means we are often teaching others to be the epitome of grace under pressure, as well as how to make the most of their finances.

Also, some Capricorns have unwillingly attended the infamous “school of hard knocks” regarding finances, relationships, etc., so people may come to we Capricorns for advice in those areas of life.

Indeed, I have lost count of how many clients have come to me for relationship advice, and not just romantically, but about friends, family members, even about their neighbors.

Another great quality is that Capricorns rarely look their chronological age.  Now, I have the extra advantage of being a Witch and of Afro-Cuban descent, so I was not too surprised when meeting people who refused to believe that I AM 43 years-of-age (not to mention less than a month from my 44th Birthday).  And, truly, I look even younger, when both my face and head are clean-shaven.

Another great quality about Capricorns is that we are masters of persistence.  Even if we temporarily give up, something happens that brings up back to snuff.

For example, in November, 2011, I finally gave up on romance, sex and life.  In the past, I had been discouraged and disgusted with all three, sometimes individually, sometimes collectively, but had never truly given up on any or all of them.

Then, as many of you know, I had a Divinely Orchestrated stroke on Tuesday, August 28, 2012.  You can read more about that in the following posts, “My Healing Journey Updates…” “The Additional Details…” “More Details…” and “A lot on my Mind…”

Now, some more about Capricorn.  Capricorn is the tenth Sign of the Zodiac.  And here is a Sacred Side Bar for you: ten times ten is one hundred (10 x 10 = 100) and the $100 bill depicts Capricorn Benjamin Franklin (who was born on January 17, 1706, and I checked; it was a Thursday; a lot of great Capricorns were born on Thursdays, such as my fellow WordPress blogger and fellow Reiki Master, Ms. Holly Troy (http://holly-troy.com).

In Magickal Traditions, Saturday is the Day of Saturn, which rules Capricorn.  For many a Capricorn (including yours truly), Saturday is a “power day” for a Capricorn.  I have often had great sessions with clients and private students on Saturdays, and have had great days at home, too.

Traditional Capricorn colors are: navy blue, olive green, black and brown; traditional Capricorn Crystals are Black Onyx, and Garnet (especially for January Capricorns). Blue Topaz for the December Capricorns, but Energetically I tend to associate Blue Topaz with Water Signs as well as Sagittarians.

Capricorns, for the most part, benefit from being Self-Employed.  If your Sun-Sign is Capricorn, and you are working for another, I pose the following question: How long have you been sick and tired of making another person rich?

In conclusion, I would be interested in hearing your comments about Capricorns.

Thank you, one and all, for honoring who I AM and what I do.  May we continue to receive a Divine Abundance of Prosperity, Protection and Peace, now and always.CAPRICORN SUNSIGN


6 comments on “Zodiakos: Capricorn

  1. This fellow Capricorn has been told, at least for the last 6 years, that I am the best roommate ever. However, that doesn’t seem to be coming from lovers – at least not until we’ve broken up and they’ve moved in with someone else. (In the last decade, I’ve heard a few, “What was I thinking? I didn’t realize how great you were until you were gone . . . ” Honestly, I’d like a man realize how great I am while he’s got me!)

    I wonder why that is, Robert. I am pretty easy-going – perhaps it’s that I expect easy-going in return? I’m also clean, but not a clean freak. Things can get messy, but not for long. I do admit, my bathroom sink is cluttered, and I realize I keep out what I use most frequently because I am near-sighted. I can’t really see without aid, so I leave things out where I can easily find them without looking in drawers, etc.

    Ah well. I’ll have to remember that Ben FRanklin is not only a Capricorn but Born on a Thursday. (I wonder if he is also a Capricorn with a Sagittarius rising?)

    Mucho love my fellow Capricorn!!

    • Holly, for the last few weeks, my sleep cycle has been a bit skewed. However, given that I AM currently replying to this comment at approximately 5:30AM, EST, I can honestly say that this is the first time I AM happy about it.

      After reading your first paragraph, my first thought was “This is something Holly could put on her New Moon wish list,” but then I thought, maybe there is something that Holly needs to clear up and it has taken a long time and she is still in the process of doing so.

      I must confess, I had no idea you are near-sighted. For the last two years, when I wake up in the morning, there are only two people that I think of as unhealthy and unwell. To the point that, when people that I have known for years, express a pain, especially because of a medical condition, I AM genuinely surprised. And some of these people are ones I have known for years.

      There is a poem entitled “Monday’s Child.” It is actually a nursery rhyme, and Thursday’s Child “has far to go.” Perhaps you need to go a little farther regarding physically manifesting a lover who KNOWS you are a Living Goddess while he is with you.

      Interestingly enough, I have a close friend and long-time client (who was also an employer) with Sun in Taurus, Rising Cancer, Moon-Sign Capricorn and she always taught me to put something back in its place after I finished using it. It always works for me.

      And, now you have me curious to see if Benjamin Franklin had Sagittarius Rising.

      You may also wish to reread “The Goddess’ Guide to Love,” by Margie Lapanja; I have often recommended it to the participants of my “Divine Love Healing Events” and have referred to it as “required reading for the human race.” Well, for those who want to have successful, Loving, Healing and succulent romantic relationships, anyway.

      You can find low-priced, copies by visiting half.com, as the book has been out-of-print for years.

      Finally, I AM Divinely Guided to recommend working with Archangels Barakiel and Anael. Barakiel Is the Archangels of Capricorn and His Name means “Lightning of God,” Archangel Anael’s Name means “the shine (as in brilliance) of God,” and Is the Archangel of Romantic Love.

      As always, you honor me greatly, and I AM most thankful.

      • Oh Robert! My sleep cycle is all over the place, too. I think it must have been at least 2am when I was reading your post.

        Indeed, I wrote this recently:

        “I love being in love. Relationships are my biggest challenge. Sometimes leaving things open-ended makes me uncomfortable, but, imagining spending my life with a person for the rest of time also makes me uncomfortable. I need to feel free while at the same time feeling loved and respected. When I say free, I don’t mean seeing a whole bunch of men at the same time, I mean free to express myself, be creative, enjoy my friends, have fun. I’m pretty free.

        (Yes, someday I’d like a home that I share — where we garden and cook and have adventures together, but that isn’t my reality at the moment, which means I’m probably not quite ready for that reality. I also need a lot of space. It’s a process . . . )” http://holly-troy.com/2013/12/27/born-on-a-thursday-41-everything-changes-and-thats-ok/

        I do put things away in my bathroom, they are in their place, just on the counter. My current lover thinks it’s messy – and I told him, “They are like that for a reason.” He is Pisces Sun, Taurus Moon, and I suspect SAg or Scorpio Rising. Taurus is very neat.

        I will work with the Angels you suggest. VEry exciting. I’ve been talking to the Angels a lot recently, especially my Guardian Angel. At least I remember to thank him every night. (He has a very male energy). Oh, and now I;m saying, “Good morning!” 🙂

        I will also look up the book. My friend Sydney, who I hope you will meet someday, gave me “Calling in the One” for my birthday. It is written by Marianne Woodward.

        Much Love Robert!! Thank you for the extensive reply!! and Happy Coming Soon Birthday.


        • Clearly, all the Witches and Lightworkers are experiencing sleep cycles “all over the place!” Ha, Ha!!

          Thank you for the excerpt from your recent blog post. Truly, between the Holidays, clients, Classes, blogging, and friends and reading books, I have not been reading blogs, as much.

          A few years ago, I participated in an Angelic Healing Meditation for Anchoring Abundance. The facilitator asked everyone what their definition of Abundance is, and I recall replying “Having it all.” Perhaps you need to ask the Love Goddesses to help you have it all, romantically, as well.

          Yes, Taurus is very neat. Sun, Rising, or Moon.

          My Sense is that there may be some issues that you may need to dissolve, over time, and others that may be faster in dissolving.

          Thank you for honoring who I AM what I do, and for the lovely Birthday Wishes.

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