As per Nancy Blair’s Goddesses for Every Season, (Copyright 1995, Element Books, Inc., Rockport, Massachusetts), the Goddess for the Second Week of Winter Is Sophia.

In the Gnostic Tradition, Sophia Is the Creatrix Goddess; Her Name means “Wisdom” in Greek.  As such, She Is a Goddess of Wisdom, as well as a Creatrix Goddess.

According to the Goddess-Graced Guidebook of Doreen Virtue’s Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards (Copyright 2004, Hay House, Inc., Carlsbad, California), Sige (pronounced SIG or SEEJ) Is the Gnostic Goddess of the Silence, and the Mother of Sophia.  Indeed, how many times have you engaged in Sacred Silence or Sacred Solitude; looked deep within your Soul Center, communed with your Inner Guidance (or, your Inner Goddess, if you prefer), comes Wisdom, Art, Music, Manifestation.

Every time I think of Winter, I hear the phrase “Winter is the Season of Silence.”  When the Earth goes deep within and re-centers and re-orients Herself; from that Sacred Silence, we are also re-centered and re-oriented.  Incidentally, in the Kimetic or Ancient Egyptian Tradition, Geb [usually pronounced GEEB] Is the Egyptian God of the Earth).

Although I AM listening to Syleena Johnson’s album Chapter V: Underrated (Released 2011; thank you, Spotify), I know that when there is no music, no talking, and just thought and introspection, Wisdom is born.

Where shall your Wisdom take you?  Where shall Divine Wisdom take you?  Where shall experiential Wisdom take you?

I very quickly read the Affirmation from Sophia.  And I disagree with it, with all due respect to this Goddess.

Personally, I AM NOT of fan of saying, thinking or writing “I don’t know.”  Several years ago, I participated in a course with Landmark Education Corporation, and the Course Leader instructed a participant to refrain from saying “I don’t know.”  He stated that when one says (as well as thinks or writes), “I don’t know,” then he or she stops Self-Inquiry.  I agreed with this Course Leader, and I still do.

My closest friends know that I loathe using that phrase.  I think that using that phrase leads me to think that I appear weak.  And I still have still have a bit of machismo left so that I would not want to do that.

Nonetheless, I AM crystal clear that I can express anything to a Goddess, any Goddess, even “I don’t know.”  And so can you.

Thank you, one and all, for honoring who I AM and what I do.  May the Divine Great Mystery, and the Great and Glorious Goddess, whatever Her Name, shower us with Holy Holiday Blessings, as well as Divine Protection and Divine Peace from all those that claim to be one thing and are actually not.

A Venerated Vision of Sophia by THE Hrana Janto.  In "The Goddess Oracle," which she illustrated, created by Amy Sophia Marashinsky, the Card is appropriately subtitled "Wisdom."
A Venerated Vision of Sophia by THE Hrana Janto. In “The Goddess Oracle,” which she illustrated, created by Amy Sophia Marashinsky, the Card is appropriately subtitled “Wisdom.”

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