Well, here we are.  Tuesday, December 31, 2013, approximately 6:37PM, EST.

Are you happy with what you accomplished this year?  Do you feel you accomplished anything of value this year?

Are you being too hard on yourself regarding your accomplishments this year?

Personally, I have never been one for “New Year’s Resolutions.”  The prefix “re” means “again.”  And most of the people who make resolutions, usually “redo” or “renew” their commitment (sometimes unconsciously) to the things, habits and patterns that they “resolve” to never do again.

The thing that I cannot help but notice is that tomorrow, Thursday, January 1, 2014, is also a New Moon.  Now, given that there are usually 365 days a year (the next Leap Year is 2016, when we shall have 366 days that year), we have an amazing opportunity to set intentions for the New Year on the New Moon.

From what I have read, the last time there was a New Moon on January 1 was nineteen (19) years ago.

Does this mean you must set new intentions on Thursday, January 1, 2014?  No.  You are more than welcome to wait another nineteen years, if you like.

However, I, Robert Alvarez, the Psychic (and Moon Magick) Witch, Sacred Son of Auset and Pan, shall make the most of tomorrow’s New Moon Energy.

By the way, for those of you that are unfamiliar with Magick, Witchcraft and Ritual, I have personally never heard the term “super moon” used by Magickal folk.  Granted, I AM primarily a Solitary Witch, but I AM also an Initiated Companion of Grove Argentum, a Manhattan-based Chapter of both the Druid Clan of Dana and the International Fellowship of Isis.

I have also engaged (as well as led and co-led) Rituals with the NY Gay Men’s Pagan Magick Circle, as well as participated in Rituals with the LGBT Pagan Circle.  I have never heard the term “super moon” from any one of them.  And I have yet to hear the term “super moon” in their presence.

This leads me to something that I would love to see fully surrendered and released in the new calendar year of 2014, “The Year of Powerful, Transformative Change.”  These last few years, Spirit has given me “titles” for each of the calendar years, and a moment ago, I asked Spirit what 2014 is the called.  Spirit said, “Call it what you like.”  And so, as per the Divine Great Mystery, 2014 is “The Year of Powerful, Transformative Change.”


Good morning, ladies and gentlemen, blog followers and blog readers.  Welcome to 2014, “The Year of Powerful, Transformative Change.”  Welcome also to the New Moon in Capricorn, Sign of Wealth and Wisdom, the human father and the Divine Father, too.

Technically, this is a two-part post, as I began it on Tuesday, December 31, 2013 (the date of the DarkMoon in Capricorn), and completing it today, Wednesday, January 1, 2014, the date of the New Moon in Capricorn.

A little while ago, I was checking my Email and I had received an Email from Hay House which summarized what I want to say in this blog post.  The subject line read: “Make a Life Change, Not a List of Resolutions.”

With that, I wish to ask all of you: What changes do you wish to make in your life?

What changes do you want to make with your body?  About your body?

What changes do you want to make in your finances?  Or about your finances?

What changes do you want to make in your Mind?  Or in your Mind?

What changes do you want to make in your relationships?  Or about your relationships?

NOTICE I did not ask what you do not want?  A few months ago, I was Re-Minded how simple the “Law of Attraction” is; it is, too simple for complicated Minds.

When you focus on what you do not want, then you get what you do not want.  When you keep focusing on what you do not want, then you get even more of what you do not want.

If you keep doing what you keep doing, then you keep getting what you have been getting.

Do you have to change?  No.  Do you want to change?  Now that is the important question.

I invite all of you to submit a comment about the wonderful changes you are going to make in your lives this year, 2014, “The Year of Powerful, Transformative Change.”

There is a wonderful Affirmation that I have been using for years, and when I keep using it, my life is wonderful in all the ways that are important to me.  It goes, “I ONLY ATTRACT LOVING, SPIRITUAL AND PROSPEROUS PEOPLE INTO MY LIFE THAT SHOWER ME WITH MONEY, GIFTS, LOVE, HONOR AND JOY.”  It is a great Affirmation, one that I have recommended on numerous occasions to clients, students and friends.

And it ALWAYS works for me!

Before I close, I wish to acknowledge my newest blog follower: “Ms. Kesling, Global Martial Law Administrator.”  May you receive Divine Love, Divine Light, Divine Prosperity and Divine Peace from following “This Is Who I AM.”

And for those of you already following and reading my blog, may all of us continue to receive the Divine Love, Divine, Divine Light; Divine Prosperity, Divine Protection, Divine Peace; Divine Honor, Divine Wholeness, Divine Healing, that we so richly desire and deserve.

And may the Divine Great Mystery continue to Re-Mind us about the people who do not love us, honor us, until we finally tell them to get the FUCK out of our lives.  PERMANENTLY!year2013year2014


2 comments on “2013/2014…

    • Thank you.

      May the Divine Great Mystery Lovingly and Lavishly Bless you and yours with Divine Radiance, Divine Prosperity and Divine Peace, now and always, for this New Year and for always.

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