As per Goddesses for Every Season, by Nancy Blair (Copyright 1995, Element Books, Inc., Rockport, Massachusetts), the Goddess of the Fifth Week of Winter Is Lilith.

Lilith Is one of the foremost “women’s Goddesses.”  And, She has always been quite a controversial Goddess.

I usually tell the story of Lilith “Queens of Comedy” style, so some of you might be a bit offended; unless of course you are a fan of my fellow Jersey girl, Sommore.

You see, Lilith was Adam’s first wife.  Adam had a dominant side.  He tried to tell Lilith what to do, and She was NOT havin’ it.

One day, Adam told Lilith that it was time for them to mate.  She was like, “Oh, all right, if I give him some of my good pussy, maybe he will leave me alone for a while.”  Well, Adam decided to inform Lilith that because she was the woman, and he was the man, that she had to lay underneath him.

Lilith promptly Re-Minded Adam that she and he were created equally and at the same time.  And, she said that because they are equal, she is not required to be underneath him.

Well, Adam felt that he had to put Lilith in her place.  Literally, under him.  He promptly Re-Minded Lilith that because he is male, he is superior to her, and as such, she MUST lay underneath him when they mate.

So, Lilith thought, “Fuck this shit!”  And she left Eden and decided to cavort with beings that would honor her as the Goddess She Is.

Of course, since that time the Goddess Lilith has been demonized; interesting that a woman who is a Living Goddess, who defied a man, and said that she was created equal (see the Book of Genesis, 1:26), and yet, she is not a Goddess but a demon.  She spoke her Mind, and insisted on being free, and she was demonized.  Sound familiar?

Also, as I was Re-Minded after reading The Poet Prince, by Kathleen McGowan (Copyright 2011, Touchstone Publishing, an Imprint of Simon & Schuster, Austin, Texas), the third novel in the “Magdalene Line” series of novels, “Heresy begins with HER.”

Nonetheless, Lilith decided to become fully realized in Her Goddess Self.  And became a Living Source of Empowerment for women for centuries.

It is interesting to note that one of my favorite singers, Sarah MacLachlan, founded the Lilith Fair.  And Ms. MacLachlan is an Aquarius, the Sign of the Visionary.  Interestingly enough, the first Lilith Fair was on September 14, 1996, while the Sun was in Virgo, Sign of Healing.  As well as a Feminine Polarity Sign.

It is also interesting to note that both Mary Magdalene and Lilith Are reputed to have red hair.  And is it not interesting that in the times of the Puritans in the United States, redheads were automatically considered evil witches.  Again, sound familiar?

Regardless of your gender, here is the Affirmation to invoke Lilith’s Empowering Energies:


“I refuse to let the opinions of others determine my state of mind.  I am in charge of my thoughts and feelings.  I stop worrying.  I choose happiness first.  I open to the pleasures of my life.”


Ladies and gentlemen, blog followers and blog readers, thank you, one and all, for honoring who I AM and what I do.

I find it fascinating that this image is virtually identical to the Venerated Vision of Lilith, created by Nancy Blair and found in her book, “Goddesses for Every Season.” I found this on the “Luna Negra Spirituele Astrologie” Website

May Lilith Divinely Protect all of us from those that wish to limit or control us in any way that harms us.


4 comments on “Lilith

    • Thank you, Holly. I enjoyed writing this post, and it felt good to connect with Lilith on a deep level.

      Although I rarely work with Her, there was a moment when I could have swore I heard Her speaking to me.

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