Rainbow Serpent

As per Nancy Blair’s Goddesses for Every Season (Copyright 1995, Element Books, Inc., Rockport, Massachusetts), the Goddess for the Sixth Week of Winter Is (the) Rainbow Serpent.

She Is an Australian Aboriginal Goddess.  However, when I first read the title “Rainbow Serpent,” I thought of a God.  In the Vodou Pantheon, the Lwa Damballah Is the Serpent with His Tail in His Mouth, Who lives deep inside the Earth, and, as such, knows all the hidden riches.

When He mates with His Divine Consort, Aida Wedo (Who, like Nu Kua, the Chinese Goddess of Divine Order), created humanity from the mud of the Eart), the Lwa of the Sky (or, if you prefer, Sky Goddess of Vodou), Damballah becomes the Rainbow Serpent.

It is interesting how dissimilar Pantheons have so many similarities.  It is no coincidence that the Ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Hebrews all have a flood story.  Every Pantheon has a Love Goddess, a War God, a Moon Goddess, a Sun God.

Earlier today, I had another fantastic Resonance Repatterning Session, and I was Re-Minded that the Chinese word Shen means “Spirit,” and, interestingly enough, Shen is also the Kimetic, or Ancient Egyptian word for “Eternity.”  Coincidence?  Yeah, right!

What I keep hearing from Spirit (or, from Goddess, if you will) is to look at the Rainbow Serpent.  Serpents or snakes live on the ground, on the Earth.  Rainbows live in the Sky.

Although the Sun is no longer in Capricorn (often represented as a Sea-Goat), I feel that the “Goddess Guidance” of the week is to look at rising from the depths to achieve great heights.

Last year, Goddess gave me many opportunities to look at situations, people, etc., from different perspectives.  Perhaps you can work with Rainbow Serpent by remembering to rise higher, do more, achieve more.

Ask Rainbow Serpent Goddess to tell you Her Secrets, and ask Her to help you become unstuck.  In my Psychic Practice, I have never been able to successfully help someone become unstuck.  I do not know why, nor do I question it.  But if I had to give you an answer, it is because some people go back to being stuck.

How many people do you know that have a problem, a persistent problem, begin to make progress to dissolve that problem, and then that problem comes back, and usually stronger than ever?  How many of you ARE that person?

As per Spirit (or, Goddess, if you will), 2014 is “The Year of Powerful, Transformative Change.”  Are you truly willing to surrender and release all the lingering gunk, sadness, despair, “drama-trauma-melodrama (or, DTM, for short), and FINALLY be happy and free?

I AM happier and more at Peace with all of Life than I have been in years, and I refuse to allow anyone’s bullshit to get in the way of that.  New doors are opening up for me, and new opportunities are being presented to me every single day.

Here is the Affirmation that one can found in the Rainbow Serpent section of Goddesses for Every Season.  Use it to call upon Rainbow Serpent Goddess to help you.


I open to my complete healing.  I AM given the information I need to know.  I surrender and release to the Universe what no longer serves my needs.


Thank you, Rainbow Serpent Goddess, for coming to me to infuse Your Healing Energies in this post.

Thank you, one and all, for honoring who I AM and what I do.  And if you do, indeed, call upon Rainbow Serpent Goddess to help you rise higher, I would love to know how She helped you.istockphoto_5167158-rainbow-serpent-wanambi


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