No Hard-on for the Weather…

Exactly four weeks ago, on Tuesday, January 7, 2014, I wrote and published a post entitled “What Is Your Effin Fascination with the Effin Weather?!”  In essence, I ranted, quite emotionally, about how so many people around me have been complaining about the weather.

I recall “bigcofnyc” had a great comment.  At the time, he wrote that the reason why so many people were talking about the weather was because a record cold had been broken.  Alas, that was not the conversation that I had heard around me, both on Tuesday, January 7, nor have I heard anyone mention that very same fact, before or since.

And, the fact of the matter is that for those of us who live in a Mid-Atlantic State, snow during Winter is NOT a surprise.  We see it often, and some of us event see it in the Spring.

After a while, I realized why I simply cannot get upset about the weather.  Or, as I quipped in the title of this post, why I cannot “get it up” for this talk of the weather.

On Tuesday, August 28, 2012, I had a stroke.  Or, as I call it, a Divinely Orchestrated stroke.  and it helped me enormously.  Not only did it cleanse my complete Being from a great deal of gunk, but it also Re-Minded me of some simple, yet powerful practices.  And, it resurrected my desire to live my life completely.

I recall more than ten years ago, I had participated in a seminar.  During that particular seminar, the seminar leader asked all the participants to give their word that they would participate in every single session of the seminar.

Two of the participants were a woman and her husband.  The woman’s mother died.  The woman and her husband buried her mother, his mother-in-law, in the morning, and that same night they participated in that particular session of the seminar, because they gave their word they would do so.

I AM not perfect.  In fact, I  AM usually the first one to state that I AM far from perfect.  And let me assure you, ladies and gentlemen, blog followers and blog readers, I do NOT want to be a saint.

Nonetheless, I AM a firm believer in keeping my promises, saying what I mean, meaning what I say and honoring my word.  And it seems to me that very few people do that, these days.

In fact, I recall one day having a conversation with a dear friend, and I needed to make it crystal clear to him that him breaking his promises to me on a regular basis, was putting a strain on our friendship to the point that if he continued doing that, then he and I could no longer be friends.

Ultimately, what I feel I need to say is that so many people seem to allow gunk, petty bullshit, and negative people to get in the way of their Peace, Health and Plenty.

I AM crystal clear that it is a basic human need to be approved of, to feel as though one belongs, but at what cost?

I have amazing, Loving, Spiritual, Prosperous and wonderful people in my life.  And it is because of this that I simply can no longer make time for people who either wish to remain stuck in their lives, or that wish to remain connected to people who are far from Loving, Spiritual or Prosperous.

Does that mean I want people to change their ways for me?  Not at all.  What I want is for people to change for themselves.

However, as I often say in my “Divine Prosperity Events,” what I want don’t mean shit!  I want a lot of people to have great relationships, wonderful positions of employment, Prosperous lives and to fulfill their Divine Life Purposes.  So what?

Do YOU want to have great relationships, wonderful positions of employment, Prosperous lives and to fulfill YOUR Divine Life Purpose?  If so, that is great!  If not, I do not think you are a bad person, but the likelihood of you becoming my client, student and/or friend, is very slim.

Then again, if you wanted to remain stuck in your lives, then it is highly unlikely you would be following or reading “This Is Who I AM.”

But really?  What do you want?  And what are you willing to do to manifest it?  And, just as importantly, what or whom are you willing to surrender and release to manifest it?

It is quite possible, that you are holding to something or someone–a negative belief, a psychic vampire, a dysfunctional relationship, or a dead-end job–that has been successfully preventing you from experiencing the fulfillment of your desires and dreams.

I fully understand that some people want to hold on to that and those who are familiar, but at what cost?

This is temporary and transitory.
This is temporary and transitory.

What do you think?

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