According to Goddesses for Every Season, by Nancy Blair (Copyright 1995, Element Books, Inc., Rockport, Massachusetts), the Goddess for the Tenth Week of Winter Is the Eye Goddess.

As per Ms. Blair, in many ancient civilizations, the Eye Goddess symbolizes the Guiding Force of Mother Nature.  She Is Witness and Guidess, as in “the Goddess Who Guides.”

Of course, in other cultures, the Eye, such as the Eye of Ra, the Egyptian God of the Sun (and is also known as the Eye of Heru/Horus, the “Falcon of the Skies,” as well as the Sacred Son of Auset/Isis and Ausar/Osiris), is a Symbol of Protection.

The Eye Goddess asks us to open all of our eyes and keep them open.  Sometimes, when we have seen the same building, bus, car, furniture, over and over again, we stop seeing it, and we claim to know it.

Yes, sometimes we do know something, but sometimes something happens and we become aware anew.

What have you been seeing and yet not looking at it?  With whom do you spend time and do not look at as much as you once did?

The Eye Goddess also Re-Minds us to look at ourselves.  Look at what we have accomplished, and look at what else we wish to “see” in our lives.

As I stated earlier in this post, the Eye Goddess Is a Witness and a Guidess.  Where do you need to be Guided?  To what or to whom?

What stories have been long-buried or never-awakened?  Within you, your relationships, your world?

I invite you to “see” what you have not been seeing, about yourselves, and others, too.

Thank you, one and all, for honoring who I AM and what I do.

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