Zodiakos: Pisces

Today, Tuesday, February 18, 2014, at approximately 1PM, Eastern Standard Time, the Sun shall enter the Sign of Pisces, Sign of Receptivity, Intuition and Compassion.

A few moments ago, I was reading about the Sun in Pisces Astrological Placement in MythAstrology: Exploring Planets & Pantheons, by Raven Kaldera (Copyright 2004, Llewellyn Publications, Woodbury, Minnesota) and what he wrote was beyond poetic and profound.

However, the only thing that I shall quote from that passage is this: “He is the essence of Pisces, because the Piscean nature cannot be divorced from the concept of sacrifice.”

The “He” Mr. Kaldera was referring to was specifically Dumuzi (also known as Dumuzid the Shepherd), the Sumerian God of the Land, and the Divine Consort of Inanna, the Sumerian Goddess of Love, War, and Death (SEE https://thetarotman.wordpress.com/2013/11/14/inanna/ for more about Her).

Dumuzi also has connections to Tammuz, Ausar/Osiris, Dionysos/Dionysus and others.  The Sacrificed God.

One can also see Esoteric connections to these Deities in Trump XII, The Hanged Man Card of the Sacred Tarot.  Which, not surprisingly, is Astrologically Aligned with the Element of Water.

Personally, I have met a rather equal number of “good” and “not-so-good” Pisceans in my life.  The one thing I have found with Pisceans is that if they wish to fully express their positive, empowering, and Prosperous Energies, ongoingly and strongly, it behooves them to avoid all manner of addiction.

As I mentioned in my “Zodiakos: Sagittarius” post, I have met many Sun-Sign Sagittarians that are either in recovery from some kind of addiction, or need to be in recovery.  And Astrologically, that has to do with the Powers and Energies of Jupiter, the Planet.

It is no coincidence that up until the official discovery of Neptune, the current Astrological Ruler of Pisces, this Sign was ruled by Jupiter.

Many Pisceans are outstanding Manifestors and Magnetizers.  When I was younger, I recall my brother (a March Pisces) saying that he was going to go out and get a job.  I looked at him and thought, “Yeah, right!”  Less than one hour later, that man came back, with a job!

Now, as many a Sun-Sign Capricorn, I had lived my life,  like this: “I must suffer to get what I want.”  Thank Goddess I AM so over that bullshit!

However, at the time, I truly believed that the only way I could get a job was to suffer, to endure, and to experience hardship.  Again, thank Goddess that my Prosperity Consciousness is much clearer, more illumined and much stronger now, but I digress.

I have met many Sun-Sign Pisces people who simply have a thought of a desire or need, and then they manifest it.  The sister of one of my dearest friends is a Sun-Sign Pisces; it has been a few years since I last saw the sister, but I believe she is a February Pisces.  Nonetheless, we once had a conversation and she told me that she has always been able to manifest all the food that she and her family needed, no matter what.

And yet, I feel the need to say to Sun-Sign Pisceans, as well as anyone with any Planet in Pisces (by the way, my Mars-Sign is Pisces) that it is important to guard against addiction.

Any one can be addicted to anything: alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, eating compulsively, sex, pain (physical, emotional and/or spiritual), dysfunctional relationships, drama (or, what I call drama-trauma-melodrama, or DTM, for short), etc.

Regardless of your Sun-Sign, the Sun’s Transit in Pisces shall affect us, to a greater or lesser degree.  Do not believe me?  No worries.  Pay attention to what happens in your life between today, Tuesday, February 18, and Wednesday, March 19, 2014.

Then, read about the traditional characteristics of Pisces and see how they may have been a part of your life during the aforementioned time period.

For those of you who do not wish to be inappropriately influenced, you may wish to stop reading now.  I promise you, I shall not take it personally.

While the Sun is in Pisces, you may feel more creative, more emotional, more emotionally overwhelmed, you may find yourself more inclined to drink alcohol, or you may become too submerged in negative emotions (yours or another’s).

Nonetheless, I wish to Re-Mind all of you that Pisces is the last Sign of the Zodiac.  In other words, if there is anything that you want to finally and fully surrender and release, let go and let Goddess (or, let God, if you prefer), banish and dissolve, the Sun’s Transit in Pisces is a great time to do that.

And given that Pisces is the most evolved Water Sign (as well as the most evolved Mutable Sign), I highly recommend that you work with the Element of Water.  Whatever you wish to banish, dissolve, surrender and release, write it on a piece of paper, burn up said piece of paper, then dispose of the ashes in a living body of water, flowing away from you (or, flush them down the toilet if you cannot easily or quickly get to a flowing living body of water).

And then, allow yourself to experience Freedom and Peace.

Before I close, I wish to acknowledge my newest blog follower, Flossie Benton Rogers.  She is a professional, published author who writes novels in one of my favorite Genres, Paranormal.

Personally, whenever my fellow WordPress Blogger, THE Holly Troy-Sacred Folly (http://holly-troy.com) reblogs one of my blog posts, or when yet another published author become a follower of “This Is Who I AM,” then I know I AM doing something really right.

In addition, I also wish to thank all of you who commented, pingbacked, reblogged, Tweeted, Retweeted, Shared, etc., all of the posts in the “Zodiakos” series of posts.  I have enjoyed creating them.

To you, Flossie Benton Rogers, and to all my other blog followers and readers, may you experience Divine Joy, Divine Riches and Divine Success in all of your endeavors.

Thank you, one and all, for honoring who I AM and what I do.  And remember: surrender and release, diminish and dissolve, banish and “Bless” out of your life.PISCES GLYPH?????????????????????????????????????


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