I must confess, I was reluctant to write this particular post.

I have been amazed by how many people on Facebook have complained about the snow and the cold.  PEOPLE THAT HAVE LIVED IN THE NEW YORK/NEW JERSEY AREA FOR YEARS!

Really?  This is not a news bulletin.

Usually, from November to March people who live in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and perhaps a few others in the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic States shall experience colder temperatures, and perhaps even snow.

One of the reasons I have been spending less than two hours on Facebook every week, and have done so for more than a month, is because I AM no longer interested in reading about yet another person in his or her 30s, 40s, 50s and older who lives in one of these aforementioned states complaining about the cold and snow.

Put a sock in it!  A dirty, smelly, CRUSTY sock!

Now, I AM really not supposed to write such a thing, given free speech and all, but for those of you that are open, please keep in Mind that every Season has its purpose, its meaning, and its lessons and messages, especially a Season that you may not like.

One of my personal favorite Goddess books is The Goddess’ Guide to Love: Timeless Secrets to Divine Romance, by Margie Lapanja (Copyright 1999, Conari Press, Berkeley, California).  In said book, one can find chapters on all the different Seasons, some of the many Goddesses that correspond to those Seasons, themes, colors, essences (be they in the form of herbs, essential oils, etc.), and Chakras that correspond to said Season.  As well as recipes (cooks and Kitchen Witches REJOICE!) and Rituals.

For example, the Goddesses Ms. Lapanja lists for Winter are Persephone, Brigid, (or, in Nancy Blair’s Goddesses for Every Season, Brigit), Sophia, Isis, Diana, June Februa, and Athena.  With the exception of Persephone, Juno Februa and Athena, I have written posts on all of these Goddesses for “This Is Who I AM.”

And the Chakras for Winter are the Root and the Third Eye Chakras (those of us participating in Holly Troy’s “Writing the Energetic Body” online course are currently working with the Third Eye Chakra).

For those of you who have successfully refraining from spending your free moments complaining about the cold and snow in your Northern part of the woods on Facebook, what have you learned from this passing Winter?

And what Blessings, Gifts, Miracles, Messages, Knowledge, Wisdom and Insight shall you take from Winter and bring into Spring?

Before I close, I wish to acknowledge my newest blog followers on “This Is Who I AM.”  They are “Spiritbath” and “hocuspocus13.”  Thank you, both, for honoring who I AM and what I do.  May following my “This Is Who I AM” blog bring you Divine Joy, Divine Grace and Divine Success.

And for those of you already following and reading “This Is Who I AM,” may you continue to receive the Blessings of Divine Protection, Divine Prosperity and Divine Peace.

Thank you for honoring who I AM and what I do, and may you move from the Seeds of Winter to the Roots of Spring with ease and Grace.seasons.jpg