NaBloPoMo, Day 3: Mindfulness…

Ladies and gentlemen, blog followers and blog readers, I need to let you know something.

About twenty minutes ago, I learned that someone on my Facebook friend list had an animal companion die.  And I was going to express my condolences, but I became shocked when I saw that twenty-seven (twenty-eight) by the time I logged off had clicked “Like” regarding the announcement.


That is not Mindfulness, that is bullshit, utter bullshit.

I love being positive, I love empowering other people to do their best, be their best, have the best, but every time I see CRAP like this, I become very angry.

Every once in a while, I crack the following joke, “I had a stroke, not a lobotomy.”

I truly believe there is a mindlessness with regards to Facebook, and alas, other social media networks, but also alas, it is not limited to social media networks.

So, going back to my training and development, let me remember that I no longer have the luxury of being angry.  Then again, I used to be a very angry person, and my life was in constant suffering, as a result.

How can you be more Mindful?

First, pay attention to what you say, what you do, what you write.  If you live in the Northeast area of the United States of America, and you post that it is cold in December, that is not exactly a news bulletin that

Second, regarding what you are going to say, what you are going to do, what you are going to write, ask yourself the following:


1. Is it going to help me?

2. Is it going to help someone else?


If the answer to either question is “no,” then perhaps you need to say, do and/or write something else.

I also keep seeing Brighid, the Irish Goddess of Divine Healing, Divine Inspiration and Divine Prosperity in my Mind.  If you are open to doing so, call upon Her to guide your Mind, your words, your actions, etc.

One can also call upon Oya, the Afro-Caribbean Goddess of the Sacred Storms, the Cemetery, and the Winds of Change.  For many centuries, women (and men) have called upon Her to find the right words to say.

And, of course, Archangel Gabriel, the Divine Messenger and Divine Communicator of the Archangels.

Before I close, I wish to acknowledge my newest blog follower, “Felicity,” who is also following my other WordPress blog, “This Gay Man’s Life…”  I love it when people follow both of my blogs!  It makes me very happy!!  May you receive Divine Inspiration, Divine Healing and Divine Prosperity from following “This Is Who I AM.”

For those of you already following or reading “This Is Who I AM,” thank you for honoring who I AM and what I do.  May we continue to live in with complete Mindfulness, Divine Love, Divine Light and Divine Life.mindfulness



11 comments on “NaBloPoMo, Day 3: Mindfulness…

  1. And I have discovered that the gentleman who inspired this blog post now has thirty-five likes. Yes, thirty-five people clicked “Like” when learning that his cat died.

  2. Insanity. It takes, what, 5 seconds more to type, “My condolences” rahter than hit “like”…and that would help him SO much more. Likes are bs; just means “I read it”, not that I cared about what I read or about you, just that I did.

    I dislike FB intently.

    • Pip, I cannot thank you enough for your comment.

      Frankly, this is not the first time I have had this conversation. And yes, it was on Facebook that I did just that.

      One person, who is not only a friend but has availed himself of my Psychic Services actually told me that he clicked “Like” as a way of expressing condolences, and I could hear his voice so clearly in my Mind; he truly believed that he was helping the situation, “Sorry your sister died, and yes, that is why I clicked ‘Like.'”

      Personally, I have a client who I hold in high esteem and she requested I keep my Facebook page active. I like her, and earlier this year she treated me to dinner for my Birthday at one of those four dollar sign restaurants; she is good people, so I keep my Facebook page active.

      Oh, but if the day ever comes that I do not like her anymore, I AM deactivating my Facebook page faster than The Flash! Ha!

      By the way, I like that you referred to it as “insanity.” I think you are right.

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