NaBloPoMo, Day 10: A Healing Love Meditation

On Friday, October 3, 2014, 7-10PM, I led my first “Divine Love Healing Event” in more than two years.

During said Event, I led a beautiful and powerful Guided Meditation, and it is one that I especially enjoyed.

Earlier today, while I was at a local Metaphysical store purchasing items for the Psychic Self-Defense Class I AM leading tomorrow night, I was telling the owner about the Divine Guidance that I have received regarding leading “Divine Love Healing Events.”

From the time that it was called “The Prosperity and Abundance Event on Love,” more than thirteen years ago, that I AM to only lead a now-called “Divine Love Healing Event,” my Divine Guidance on leading this Event has remained unchanged: only on Fridays, while the Sun is in Taurus or Libra.

For those of us familiar with the Planetary Energies, we know that Friday is the Day of Venus, the Planet that rules both Taurus and Libra.

Of all the group Metaphysical Classes that I lead, this is the only one that has this Cosmic Caveat, no other has any kind of “Sacred Contract.”

I do not know why, and I certainly do not need Goddess to explain Herself about Her Divine Direction.  I simply need to follow it, and I do so happily.

You can watch the video of the Guided Meditation by visiting

In the meantime, I would like to Re-Mind you of my previously uploaded video, during a “Divine Prosperity Event,” during which I consulted the Sacred Tarot for all the participants, as well as led a Guided Meditation to transform the participants into Living Money Magnets.  The link for that one is:

Before I close, I wish to acknowledge my newest blog followers.  There are a few, so please bear with me.  They are: Marc-André, “holley4734,” “therapyjourney,” and “dpapa187.”  Thank you, all, for honoring who I AM and what I do.  May you receive Divine Joy, Divine Riches, and Divine Success from following “This Is Who I AM.”

And for those of you who already follow or read “This Is Who I AM,” thank you, again, for honoring who I AM and what I do.  May we continue to receive Divine Protection, Divine Prosperity, and Divine Peace along this Sacred Sojourn.healinglove


One comment on “NaBloPoMo, Day 10: A Healing Love Meditation

  1. I almost forgot to mention that there were many Spirits that spoke through me during this Guided Meditation, certainly Oshun, the Afro-Caribbean Goddess of Love, Sweetness, Honey, Money, and Dancing was One of Them!

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