NaBloPoMo, Day 11: Divine Protection

Recently, I visited my favorite Metaphysical store in Manhattan, Stick, Stone & Bone.

I had not been there in a long time, and I had the opportunity to meet an employee, who has been working there for two years, and I must confess, at first I found it odd, that she and I had not met each other, previously.

However, as I know all too well, Goddess has Her Own Sense of Timing.

I mentioned that I needed to bring flyers, and also mentioned my upcoming Psychic Self-Defense Class.

She asked me a very good and intelligent question: “What is one small thing that someone can do to create Psychic Self-Protection in his or her world?”

One of the simplest and most powerful methods that I have learned for Psychic Self-Defense and Spiritual Protection is to visualize a brilliant, blinding white light surrounding you.

This is a Metaphysical Method that I have been recommending to clients, students and friends for more than twenty years.  In fact, I have been recommending it for so long, I do not even recall from where I learned this method.

Nonetheless, it works, and sometimes it is startling at how well (and how fast) it works.

And, if you happen to have difficulty visualizing, then I would recommend looking at a white piece of paper (for example, an extra bright white piece of copy paper), and looking at it with your physical eyes, until you can see it when you close your physical eyes.

Thank you, one and all, for honoring who I AM and what I do.  May Divine Protection always be ours.brilliant white light



2 comments on “NaBloPoMo, Day 11: Divine Protection

  1. Absolutely, I do this every day, to start my day and I visualize it around each of my family members, funny last night, I connected this light, white light to the Divine energy of the Angels and it felt good.

    • Indeed, I have always felt that there is Angelic Energy connected to various Psychic Self-Defense Methods.

      There is another one that I taught the participants of my recent Psychic Self-Defense Class which I had learned from reading “Healing with the Angels (the book),” by Doreen Virtue.

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