“Affirmations for the Inner Child”

One of the things I wanted to do this year to fulfill the intention of taking my life to the next level, was to begin working with two different daily Affirmation books.

One of them is entitled Lavender Reflections: Affirmations for Lesbians & Gay Men, by Eleanor Ruth Wagner, photographs by Victor Arimondi (Copyright 1995, Alamo Square Press, San Francisco, California) (which, if you are so inclined, you may read by visiting http://thisgaymanslife.wordpress.com/2015/01/11/book-review-lavender-reflections/ ).

The other is entitled Affirmations for the Inner Child, by Rokelle Lerner (Copyright 1990, Health Communications, Inc., Deerfield Beach, Florida), which I shall review in this blog post.

Like Lavender Reflections, I have owned my copy of Affirmations for the Inner Child for several years.  I began working with both of them in 2014, “The Year of Powerful, Transformative Change,” but I kept forgetting to read each Affirmation for each day.

By the time April, 2014 rolled around, I was still in March in each book, so I decided that this year, 2015, “The Year of Taking it to the Next Level,” I would make sure to read each book’s daily entry each day.  So far, so good.

Although the book was written from the perspective of a recovering addict, any one who has deep childhood wounds shall benefit from this book.

For example, the subject listed for January 10 is “Patience,” and the opening Affirmation reads: “I radiate inner light in this season of darkness.”

Those of us who have, or have had issues with patience, shall benefit from working with this particular Affirmation.  Also, those of us who have had difficulty radiating our Inner Light would also benefit from working this particular Affirmation.

Some of the other topics include, but are certainly not limited to: abandonment, acceptance, discernment, love, order, personal history, physical needs, and Spirituality.

The book has certainly helped me deepen my connection with that beautiful little boy inside me, as well as to Re-Mind him of his greatness, his beauty, his strength, and his power to manifest Love, Joy, and Peace.

Although the current date is Monday, January 12, 2015, if you are feeling Divinely Guided to give yourself a copy of this book, and begin to establish (or, perhaps, re-establish) a nurturing, healing relationship with that beautiful child that lives deep within you, then please, follow and act on that Divine Guidance.

Thank you, one and all, for honoring who I AM and what I do.affirmationsfortheinnerchild


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