NaPoWriMo, Day 4, “Hecate,” by Wendy Rule

For many Practitioners of the Art and Craft of the Wise, (you know, the beings that look, sound, and often smell human), that are variously called Witches, Pagans, Magick Men, Wiccans, Shamans, etc., many of us have a strong connection to the Greek Goddess Hecate (also known as Hekate).

There is a beloved venerated vocalist named Wendy Rule.  Make no mistake: Wendy absolutely RULES!

I think it is cardinal sin against the Goddess in Her Myriad Forms, that I have to see Ms. Rule perform live, in concert.  By Hekate’s Will,that shall change, this year.

Aside from when this song comes on my Spotify shuffle of the “goddess chants”playlist by Margareta Nobell, Hekate’s Name has been mentioned around me several times in the last few weeks.

Although Auset Is the Ancient Egyptian Goddess Who gave Birth to my Soul, and Sekhmet, the Ancient Egyptian Goddess Who gave Birth to my Body, there are other Goddesses that have claimed me as Theirs.  And Hekate Is most certainly One of Them.

With that, I share with you the lyrics (short form) of Wendy Rule’s “Hecate.”


Gone are the leaves on the Hecate trees

Shed to the wind till her skeleton claws the sky

I am alone in a forest of memory

Dragging behind me the howl of winter





To learn more about the living Goddess of Song, Music, and Magick, known as Wendy Rule, I highly recommend you visit her Website:


Thank you, one and all, for honoring who I AM and what I do.

Good night, and good morrow.

From Wendy Rule's Website.
From Wendy Rule’s Website.

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