A New YouTube Video

Good evening, all.

I AM happy to report that I made a new YouTube video.

In it, I talk about my very second, as opposed to my very first Goddess Course, “Goddess to the Next Level,” as well as some personal reflections about today’s modern society.

In addition, I also talk about the importance of expressing Gratitude and Praise to one’s Celestial Mother.

You can watch the video by visiting:



Although I say this in the video, I also wish to thank all those individuals who sent me Healing Energy, lit candles for me, Prayed for me, and called upon their own Celestial Mothers, as well as various Goddesses of Healing.

Indeed, my bell’s palsy is much less pronounced, and my right little finger is almost completely healed.  So, to those of you who sent me Healing Energies, etc., thank you, thank you, and thank you.

And good night.newyoutubevideothumbnail


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