Four Especially Helpful Tarot Books…

I have been giving Readings using the Sacred Tarot for roughly two-and-a-half decades.

In that time, I have encountered many Tarot books.  Some are wonderful, some were not.

However, I was Divinely Guided to record and upload a YouTube video about four particular ones, but I wanted to write a little about them in this accompanying WordPress Blog post.  After all, I usually use “thetarotman” as a user name on various Websites, so it makes sense that I would write a blog post about the Tarot, every once in a while.

The four books are: The Tarot Bible, by Sarah Bartlett (Copyright 2006, Sterling Publishing Co., Inc., New York, New York); Power Tarot, by Trish MacGregor and Phyllis Vega (Copyright 1998, a Fireside Book, published by Simon & Schuster, Inc., New York, New York); The Way of Tarot: The Spiritual Teacher in the Cards, by Alejandro Jodorowsky and Marianne Costa (Copyrights 2004, 2009, Destiny Books, Rochester, Vermont); and, last but not least, 365 Tarot Spreads: Revealing the Magic in Each Day, by Sasha Graham (Copyright 2014, Llewellyn Worldwide, Woodbury, Minnesota).

Of the four aforementioned Tarot books, I have written an individual blog post for 365 Tarot Spreads.  You can read it by visiting

As for the others, I shall write a little bit about them, here and now.

Regarding The Tarot Bible, by Sarah Bartlett, I first discovered this book at Stick, Stone & Bone, in the Greenwich Village section of Manhattan, NYC, more than a year ago.  In other words, prior to their physical relocation, bringing one of the last remaining Metaphysical stores in Manhattan closer to Hudson Street.

I recall enjoying both the physical and Energetic/Psychic feel of the book, and carried it in my left hand until I was ready to make my purchases before leaving the store.

From a visual perspective, the book is lavishly illustrated.  There are many Tarot Cards from many different Tarot Decks in the book.  Interestingly enough, many of the Tarot Decks are published by Lo Scarabeo, headquartered in Torino, Italy.  Llewellyn Worldwide has been the exclusive American and Canadian Distributor for Lo Scarabeo Decks for several years.

From “Tarot Basics” to “The Tarot Directory,” along with a Glossary, Index, exercises and spreads, The Tarot Bible can certainly help the beginner, intermediate, advanced, or master level Tarotist.

Regarding Power Tarot, by Trish MacGregor and Phyllis Vega, the book begins with a “List of Spreads.”  This list ranges from one-Card Spreads to a twenty-four Card “Double Horoscope” Spread.  Not surprisingly, the Chapter featuring the Spreads is the longest Chapter in the book, but Chapter 2, “How Tarot Works” is certainly an ideal Chapter to reread.

Each Tarot Card is given its due, and for each Card, there is a summary of interpretations, as well as what it means: “In a Reading,” “Work (as in employment and career),” “Romance,” “Finances,” “Health (be it physical or emotional),” “Spiritual,” and, finally, “Empowerment.”

Although I rarely use Spreads when I conduct Readings for paying clients, there are occasions when I do so, and when those occasions arise, both The Tarot Bible and Power Tarot have helped me select some great Spreads.

As for The Way of Tarot, by Alejandro Jodorowsky and Marianne Costa (Copyrights 2004, 2009, Destiny Books, Rochester, Vermont), this is definitely an advanced level book on the Tarot.  This is not a book that one can breeze through.  Although, if you happen to be someone who has been studying, practicing and teaching Tarot for more than fifty years, then maybe you can breeze through it, but certainly this book shall give a greater, deeper insight into the Sacred Mysteries of Tarot.

I had the honor and pleasure of receiving it as a gift from my personal Psychic Advisor, Roger Pratt, and have only spent a short amount of time with it.  Again, my Intuitive Sense regarding this book is that I AM to savor it, learn from it, study it thoroughly.

Feel free to share some of your favorite Tarot books in the comments section, as well as the ones that did not help you, the ones that, were you stranded on a desert island, you would have to have it with you, and ones that you are considering buying.

To watch the YouTube video I recorded and uploaded regarding these four books, you can visit:

Thank you for honoring who I AM and what I do.  And may Isis Fortuna, Goddess of the Sacred Tarot, move your Intuition to the next level.tarotsun



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