An “Oracle of Dreams” Thank You Video

Truly, I AM honored to be a part of Catland Books in the Bushwick section of Brooklyn, NYC.

This past Sunday’s “Oracle of Dreams” was fun and went very well.  For its return, it was a great day.  Granted, others many have different definitions of “great,” but for me, it was a truly beautiful day.

I AM most thankful to Brian and Melissa, the two new co-owners of Catland, the clients who have been using my Psychic Services that had Readings with me that day, the clients who I had never met before who had Readings with me that day, as well, and the wonderful Diviners who read the Sacred Tarot who were there that day, as well.

And with that, here is another YouTube video expressing my Goddess-Graced Gratitude, along with some other tidbits of info.

And here is the video link:



Thank you for honoring who I AM and what I do.  Good night.oracleofdreamsatcatlandevery1stsunday


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