“Thank You, Stephanie Dray!”

As many of you know, I have become quite enamored by the “Cleopatra’s Daughter” Series of novels, by Stephanie Dray.

So much so, that I have made YouTube videos about all the novels in the series.  Thus far, Lily of the Nile, (Copyright 2011, Berkeley Publishing Group, an Imprint of the Penguin Group, New York, New York); Song of the Nile (Copyright 2011, same publisher); and the first part of a two-part video about Daughters of the Nile (Copyright 2013, same publisher).

Some time, just before the Holidays, I received a friend request from Adam Dray, as in Stephanie Dray’s husband.  He sent me a message, to accompany his friend request.  Speaking of which, I must say, I do enjoy that.  And I must admit, I happen to like knowing why someone is sending me a friend request on Facebook.

And so, he introduced himself, and told me that he was Stephanie Dray’s husband, and that they both enjoyed my YouTube video reviewing Song of the Nile.  So much so, they shared it on Facebook.

Well, shortly after the beginning of January, 2016, I received a lovely care package from the Drays, with bookmarks, stickers, a key chain, and more.

You can see all the goodies in the following video:



Also, feel free to visit Ms. Dray’s Website:




Thank you, and good night.


And yes, there are more YouTube videos on the way.

One of my favorite images of this wonderful author named Stephanie Dray.
One of my favorite images of this wonderful author named Stephanie Dray.



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