“Black Mirror Salon,” February, 2016…

In exactly two days, on Sunday, February 21, 2016, 1-8PM (possibly 1-9PM), I have the honor and pleasure of returning to Catland (also known as Catland Books) to give Palm Readings, Oracle Card Readings, and Readings using the Animal-Speak Runes, created by (the late and great) Ted Andrews, and illustrated by (the current and great) Ann Beeching at their “Black Mirror Salon.”

Both the “Black Mirror Salons” and the “Oracle of Dreams” are wonderful opportunities to have a Divinely Discounted Reading, with me and several other wonder-filled Diviners.  It is also an alternative to those who many not necessarily feel an affinity with the Tarot, as there are usually Bone Casters, Viking Rune Readers (as in, Futhark), Crystal Casters, those who Channel from on High, etc.

And, of course, at the “Black Mirror Salons,” I conduct Palm Readings, Oracle Card Readings (such as my recently reviewed “Angel Prayers Oracle Cards,” by Kyle Gray, illustrated by Jason Mccreadie).

The “Black Mirror Salons” offer a $7 entry fee, per person, which includes unlimited wine!  And, of course, your entry fee, also gives you the opportunity to have a Divinely Discounted Reading.

For more information, you can visit Catland’s Website:






You can also visit the Facebook Event page created for this particular “Black Mirror Salon:”






And, for those of you who cannot come to the “Black Mirror Salon” in two days, on Sunday, February 21, 2016, 1-8PM (the Night before the Full Moon in Virgo), then perhaps you would consider making a Cosmically-Charged Contribution to help Catland be even better than it already is:






And, finally, you can watch the YouTube video I created about this particular “Black Mirror Salon,” which also features some of the Decks available for Oracle Card Readings, by visiting:





I cannot think of anything else offhand, but if any of you have any questions, leave it in the comments section.  Thank you, and Happy Friday!BLACKMIRRORSALONTHIRDSUNDAYSOFEVERYMONTH


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