The July, 2016, “Black Mirror Salon,” at Catland

PLEASE NOTE: I began creating this post on the night of Thursday, July 14, 2016.  One can expect updates between now, the date of its publication, and probably up until the night before Catland’s upcoming “Black Mirror Salon,” which is Friday, July 29, 2016.



Ladies and gentlemen, it is my honor and pleasure to announce that Catland is having a “Black Mirror Salon” on Saturday, July 30, 2016, 1-6PM.

As you may recall, it seemed as though the “Black Mirror Salons” at Catland were no more.  However, they have returned, at least for now.

I have advised people not to assume that they shall last forever.  That they have returned, for however brief or long, is truly a Bountiful Blessing, Goddess-Graced Gift and Mystical Miracle.

In addition, given that there is a workshop beginning at 7PM at Catland, I cannot over-recommend that those of you who are coming to have a Reading with me, THE Jennifer Blue June, or any of my other fellow wonderful Diviners, that you arrive early!

Generally speaking, the “Black Mirror Salons” are for people who may not necessarily have an affinity with the Sacred Tarot.

Over the years, I have met people who either did not like the Tarot, did not fully understand it, did not fully trust it, or simply did not have a complete affinity with it.

For example, I have a semi-regular client who had her very first Reading with me at a Psychic Fair in Manhattan, roughly two years ago.  Shortly before I began her Reading, she told me that she does not like the Tarot.

Now, as much as I love the Tarot, I AM crystal clear that if a client is paying me to give him or her a Reading, he or she has the right to say that, if that is how he or she honestly feels.  Fortunately for me, I conduct Readings with other Divinatory Devices, and at the time, I had my copy of Doreen Virtue’s Daily Guidance from Your Angels Oracle Cards (Copyright 2006, Hay House, Inc., Carlsbad, California), with me, at the time.

She felt very comfortable with that Deck for her Reading, and, interestingly enough, it seems as though every time she has had a Reading with me, it is always during a time when I AM using one of Doreen Virtue’s Angel-themed Oracle Card Decks, that particular month.

During the Bushwick Arts Festival that Catland hosted, as well as in more recent “Black Mirror Salons,” I have been Divinely Guided to offer the following: Oracle Card Readings, Palm Readings, and Readings with the Animal-Speak Runes, created by (the late and great) Ted Andrews, illustrated by Ann Beeching (Copyright 2009, DragonHawk Publishing, Jackson, Tennessee).

I conducted an impromptu Reading using the Animal-Speak Runes for the YouTube video I created for the “Black Mirror Salon” that took place at Catland on Sunday, February 21, 2016, 1-8PM (SEE: )





In the meantime, as I have done so during prior “Black Mirror Salons” as well as at “Oracle of Dreams” Salons, as well, I AM offering a Divinely Discounted rate of $20 for fifteen minute Readings, and $40 for half-hour Readings.

Of course, for those of you who wish to have a private Reading with me at Catland, you can either contact me directly, or you can contact the store directly to schedule your private Reading with me in the store.

Since becoming one of Catland’s newest in-store Diviners, I have been Divinely Guided to offer my Readings there at the same fees that Catland offers, which is $60 for a half-an-hour, and $80 for a one-hour Reading.

Of course,for those of you who wish to have an even more private Reading, you can contact me directly, either by Emailing me at or calling my cell phone at 917-771-4863 and scheduling your Reading with me directly.

If you live in the NYC area, I AM more than happy to travel to you, and if coming to you or coming to me (as I live not too far from the Midtown Manhattan area of NYC), I can always obtain a space rental at such places as Ripley-Grier Studios (PLEASE NOTE: the space rental fee shall be added to the Reading).

For private Readings with me directly, either in-person, via telephone, or Email, my fees are $90 for half-an-hour, $100 for forty-five minutes, and $110 for one-hour.  These have been my fees since Sunday, January 1, 2012, and shall remain as such, unless and until I AM Divinely Guided to increase them.  You may wish to schedule your private Reading with me before that happens.

Incidentally, although I have Skype, thus far, no one has scheduled a Reading with me, via Skype.  It is ironic, as I currently have a super fast Internet connection, and a wonderful Dell Studio XPS laptop computer with a built-in webcam that can handle the increased technical requirements for such an activity, but I digress.

However, if anyone wishes to “break the ice,” as it were, I would be honored to have you as my very first Skype Reading client.

In the meantime, here are some additional Weblinks for you to check out.  First, the Facebook Event page for this “Black Mirror Salon”


Also, you can visit the entry on Catland’s own Website, with additional information about tional information about the “Black Mirror Salon” taking place on Saturday, July 30, 2016, you can visit:



Furthermore, there are two YouTube videos that accompany this particular WordPress Blog post.

Here is the first one:





And here is the second one:





Before I close, I wish to acknowledge my newest “This Is Who I AM” followers.  They are: “Peter Ranger (who is yet another published author–and a profoundly Spiritual one at that–following this WordPress Blog; yay, me!)” and “thecattyblog,” who honors all of us who love the feline creature with photographs of cats and kittens.

Thank you, both, for honoring who I AM and what I do.  May both of you receive great Love, Light, Life, Prosperity, Protection, and Peace from following “This Is Who I AM.”

And for those of you already following “This Is Who I AM” or reading without following, may the Goddess continue to Bless you with Happiness, Wholeness, and Healing; Success, Sacredness, and Sublime Sensations.

I look forward to your comments on this blog post.

This Illumined Image of Goddess-Graced Gorgeousness was created by one of Catland's co-owners, the Marvelous and Multi-talented Melissa.
This Illumined Image of Goddess-Graced Gorgeousness was created by one of Catland’s co-owners, the Marvelous and Multi-talented Melissa.





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