More “Updates” and a Snow Angel Day!

Those of us who live in the NYC area encountered a great deal of snowfall on both late night, Monday, March 13, and Tuesday, March 14, 2017.

As I have stated previously, most recently in the YouTube video to accompany my most recent post:



that when it comes to snowfall, I do not believe it, until I see it.

Those of you who truly know me, know that is the reverse of how I live my life.

For example, I have seen a handful of Angels in my life (Angelic Beings of pure Energy, as opposed to Angels in Tarot Cards, Oracle Cards, or the ubiquitous snow angels), but I have known to the marrow of my bones they exist, and have known this, officially since January, 2004.

But do I ever need to see Angels to know They exist?  Not for a second.

However, if someone is going to claim that it is going to snow, in say, the NYC area, then I shall believe it to be true, only after I see the actual snowfall.

And yes, followers and readers, I do believe it is snowing in the NYC area.

Well, this snowfall (which, was not as much as was predicted, but I digress) gave me the opportunity to make snow angels on the ground.

My Sense is that I shall not have the opportunity to do this in a few weeks.  Granted, I would not be surprised if it shall snow on the First Day of Spring, this year, as it did last year, in the NYC area, but if it does, it shall not be like last night and today.

Anyway, here you shall find the photographs of my “snow angel day!”



Snow Angel making in progress!
The Snow Angel making continues!
Yes, I feel good. Cold, but good!
The finished product!



I hope and pray that all of you have made the most of your day, regardless of the weather.

Of course, it also gave me the opportunity to make another video for my YouTube Channel.  You can view it by clicking on:





What do you normally do when inclement weather hits your area?  Let me know in the comments.

Enjoy your day!

I LOVE snow angels!

2 comments on “More “Updates” and a Snow Angel Day!

    • Oh, my Goddess! Yes, I did! It had been too long since I had made any Snow Angels, and I loved it! I was a bit chilled, but I felt invigorated! Being in Nature (sort of), and doing something that felt wonderful, and made that beautiful, little boy inside my Soul feel so alive and adored!

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