Free Battered Texas Woman’s Prisoners’ Prayer

On Saturday, August 25, 2012, I transcribed a Forgiveness Formula from Catherine Ponder.

That post:


is one that has been viewed, at least once daily, since the date of its publication.

It is also one of the posts on “This Is Who I AM” that has received some of the highest number of comments, as well.

I honestly do not recall how long it has been since I was led to transcribe another Prayer, but I encountered this one, a few weeks ago, while going through my copy of We’Moon 2017: Gaia Rhythms for Womyn.

It struck a chord deep within me, and felt Divinely Guided to transcribe it and share it with all of you here.

And here we go:


Free Battered Texas Woman’s Prisoners’ Prayer

     When I was in prison, I cast a circle every morning, calling upon the four directions and the Goddess.  When I saw the stars, I would pray:

Star light, Star bright, First Star I see tonight,

Protect my body, health, career, and reputation.

Help me salvage that which has been damaged,

Grant me Freedom, Justice, Abundance, Love, Happiness,

And a world free of the patriarchy and its violence.

Protect ALL the battered women, their kids, and pets,

And grant them the same.  So mote it be.

     I still pray every day, even though I have been home for more than a year.  I lay on my back on my grassy backyard yesterday at 4 a. m. to watch a meteor shower for an hour in the darkness as I made wishes–binding each spell.  I correspond with female prisoners, speak to their family members on the phone, publish, and guest lecture.  I have met with legislative staff to stop arrests of battered women like me who lawfully defended ourselves–and to exonerate those who are still incarcerated.  I am like Hecate; I now show others the way with my lamp, primarily by showing them that they have lamps too.

Copyright Dr. Cathy Marston 2015


Although I AM neither a woman-born-woman, or a female-to-male Transgender person, I can fully appreciate the Divine Abundance of Sacred, Goddess-Graced Wisdom I find in every copy of the We’Moon Calendar.

Personally, I prefer to buy my copies in person. If memory serves, I purchased this one at Namaste Bookshop, a Metaphysical store in Greenwich Village.

And a previous copy I purchased at Philly AIDS Thrift at Giovanni’s Room in the Gayborhood, in Center City, Philadelphia.

Of course, you could always go direct and visit:

I look forward to hearing from you, about how this Prayer moved you, let me know in the comments.  Also, if you purchase and use the We’Moon Calendar, let me know how long, let me know that in the comments, as well.

Thank you, one and all, for honoring who I AM and what I do, and may the Goddess Bless the stardust that you are.

The cover of the current issue of the “We’Moon” Calendar. The painting is entitled “Cosmic Whispers,” Emily Kell, 2014.



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