Tarot Tag 8 (or, hashtag tarot tag 8, for short)

First, welcome to my very first Tarot Tag, also known as #tarottag8.

As many of you have noticed lately, I have been happily and frequently acknowledging “Two Spirit” who is not only one of my YouTube Channel subscribers, but I also have the honor and pleasure of being one of his YouTube Channel subscribers, as well.

Two Spirit has referred to himself as a “Tarot enthusiast” and I must say, I love that phrase!

His YouTube Channel features videos in which he engages in Sacred Play of various Tarot Tags and Tarot Challenges, and two of them led to me engaging in a Tarot Tag, as well as a Tarot Challenge.

For those posts, you can visit:






Of course, I invite you to visit Two Spirit’s YouTube Channel, which is truly wonderful:




As such, between Two Spirit, Arwen Lynch and Angelo Nasios, I was Divinely Guided, and Divinely Inspired to create my own Tarot Tag, called “Tarot Tag 8” or #tarottag8.

The Number 8 was a rather obvious choice for me.  In many Numerological Systems, the Number 8 represents Wealth and Wisdom.  In addition, in the Chaldean Hebrew Kabbalah System of Numerology, the Number 8 is Astrologically Aligned with both Capricorn, and its ruling Planet Saturn.

Not to mention the fact that my Birthday is January 8, and if you add up all the digits of my Birthdate, you get 26, which Numerologically reduces to 8.

I invite you to participate in #tarottag8.

However, please know that if you choose not to participate, I shall be forced to spend my rent money on therapy, and I shall become homeless.  Yes, I was kidding.

Seriously, for those of you who shall not participate, I invite you to answer at least one question of the eight, in your comment on this post.

And now, here is #tarottag8:


  1. How old were you when you first began using the Tarot?
  2. What kind of themes/color schemes do you most love and prefer in Tarot Decks?
  3. How many Tarot Decks do you have (either exact number or approximate number, including Tarot kits)?
  4. Do you do Daily Draws?
  5. What about other Divination Systems?  Do you use them with the Tarot, or by themselves?
  6. Memory (as in memorized meanings) or Intuition (as in Intuitive Insights)?
  7. Where are you with the Tarot right now?  In other words, do you feel you are a novice, beginner, intermediate, advanced, or mastery level?
  8. What is your next step with the Tarot?  Are you thinking about creating a Tarot Deck?  Or working with a new Tarot Deck?  Or a new Tarot practice?  Or something else?


All of my responses to these questions can be found in the video I created to start the ball rolling on #tarottag8

Here is the link to my #tarottag8 video:






And here is the original version of my very first Tarot Tag, #tarottag8:





Once again, I AM most thankful to Arwen Lynch and Angelo Nasios for their Tarot Tags and Tarot Challenges, and for all they do in and for the wondrous world of Tarot.

And, of course, I AM most thankful for Two Spirit and his wonderful Tarot enthusiasm.

I invite you to visit and subscribe to their respective YouTube Channels:








Finally, thank you, one and all, for honoring who I AM and what I do.

Thanks to using an image search, with Yahoo, as opposed to Google, I discovered this is available to purchase on CafePress:

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