Four Magickal Cozy Mystery Series, Part V…

UPDATE: THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 1, 2018: When I first published this post, I completely forgot to insert a link to the accompanying YouTube video.  Second, for almost a year now, Murder, She Sent, has discontinued the econo-crate, but she still has the crate.



Between my life, my professional schedule, and being unable to find most of the Magickal and Witchy-themed Cozy Mysteries that I want to include in this ongoing series of WordPress Blog posts, with accompanying YouTube videos, I have needed to make some slight modifications.

As a result, from time to time (and believe me, I want to make these times as infrequent as possible), I shall go with some of my other loves, such as bookstores, animals, etc.

Without any further ado, we have the first novel in this post:



The first novel in the “Black Cat Bookshop Series,” by Ali Brandon.



Ms. Ali Brandon, who is also known as Diane A. S. Stuckart, is the author of Double Booked for Death, the first novel in the “Black Cat Bookshop” Series of Cozy Mysteries (A Berkley Prime Crime Book, Copyright 2011, Berkley Publishing Group, Penguin Group, New York, New York).

And yes, this is not only for we bookstore lovers, but us black cat lovers, as well.

In order of publication, the novels in this Cozy Mystery Series are:



  1. Double Booked for Death
  2. A Novel Way to Die
  3. Words with Fiends
  4. Literally Murder
  5. Plot Boiler
  6. Twice Told Tail (published November, 2016)



I love that the lead character, Darla Pettistone, left Texas, and move the Borough of Brooklyn, in New York City.

Many of you know how much I love Brooklyn!

Based on visiting her Website, I see no other novels in this Cozy Mystery Series, but also from having visited her Website, I can also see that Ms. Brandon/Ms. Stuckart is quite a busy woman.

Feel free to visit her Website by clicking on:


Next, we have:



The first novel in the “Booktown Series,” by Lorna Barrett.



Ms. Lorna Barrett is also known as Ms. L. L. Bartlett and also known as Ms. Lorraine Bartlett.  As Lorna Barrett, she is the author of the “Booktown Mysteries.”

The first one in the “Booktown Mystery” Series is entitled Murder Is Binding (A Berkley Prime Crime Mystery, Copyright 2008, Berkley Publishing Group, Penguin Group, New York, New York).

This series of book-themed Cozy Mysteries is set in Stoneham, New Hampshire.  I know very little about that particular state, but I have a feeling I shall soon begin fantasizing about visiting, once I begin reading this Cozy Mystery Series.

There are currently eleven novels (yes, eleven!) in the series, and they are:



  1. Murder Is Binding
  2. Bookmarked for Death
  3. Bookplate Special
  4. Chapter & Hearse
  5. Sentenced to Death
  6. Murder on the Half Shelf
  7. Not the Killing Type
  8. Book Clubbed
  9. A Fatal Chapter
  10. Title Wave
  11. A Just Clause (published on Tuesday, June 13, 2017)



As I have said in virtually every one of the YouTube videos that accompanies these blog post, “I LOVE THESE PUNS!!”

You can visit Ms. Barrett’s Website by clicking on:

Feel free to check out the “My Alter Egos” tab on the Website to see the novels written under her other pen names.

Next, we have:



The first novel in the “Witch’s Cat” Cozy Mystery Series, by Delia James.



A Familiar Tail, by Delia James.  This is the first novel in the “A Witch’s Cat” Mystery Series (An Obsidian Mystery, published by New American Library, an imprint of Penguin Random house, LLC, Copyright 2016).

I had the honor and pleasure of finding this novel, as well as the second in the series, By Familiar Means (or, perhaps, it would be more accurate to say they found me!), in the Barnes & Noble Booksellers store, located at number 555 5th Avenue, near the corner of East 46th Street in the Midtown East second of Manhattan, NYC.

And here we have another Cozy Mystery Series set in New Hampshire; Portsmouth, to be precise.  You watch: I shall visit New Hampshire in 2018!

Incidentally, although there is no Stoneham in New Hampshire (the setting of the “Booktown Mysteries” by Ms. Lorna Barrett), there is a Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Perhaps when I visit I shall meet the inspiration behind Annabelle Britton, the lead character of the “Witch’s Cat Mystery” Series.

In addition to finding A Familiar Tail, by Delia James, first in the “A Witch’s Cat” Cozy Mystery Series, I also found, the next one in the same Series:



The second novel in the “Witch’s Cat” Cozy Mystery Series, by Delia James.



And yes, that was too good an opportunity to pass up.

As someone who loves going to physical bookstores, I know this can be a rare occurrence.  I always look at t his as a fated opportunity; the Goddess saying, “Here are the two of them; go read.”

Here is the copyright information for By Familiar Means: (A Berkley Prime Crime novel, published by Berkley, an imprint of Penguin Random House, LLC, Copyright September, 2016).

I promise you, I shall reveal no spoilers.  I shall simply state that in A Familiar Tail, the first novel in this Series, we were advised that “Something Witchy this way comes…”  Whereas in By Familiar Means, second in the same Cozy Mystery Series, we are alerted to “Magic, Meows…and Murder!”

Incidentally, the third novel in the “A Witch’s Cat” Cozy Mystery Series, Familiar Motives, is set to be released on Tuesday, October 3, 2017 (exactly two days from this writing!).  And, since a lot of people already know what the cover looks like, I wanted to make sure you saw it, too.



The third novel in the “A Witch’s Cat” Mystery Series, by Delia James, to be released on Tuesday, October 3, 2017.



To learn more about Ms. James, feel free to visit her Website by clicking on:

And last, but certainly not least, we have:



The first novel in the “Pet Boutique Mystery Series,” by Annie Knox.



Now, this book was an interesting find.

Although I enjoy my local library, sometimes, I find myself in other parts of the area in which I live.  In other words, other municipalities, and I find the public libraries in said municipalities have books that I had never heard of, previously, or that I had been unable to find in my own local public library.

This is why I have additional library cards to avail myself of those books.

Well, I was in one of those libraries, one day, and went to borrow this book, Paws for Murder, the first novel in the “Pet Boutique Mystery” Series, by Annie Knox, and when I was at the librarian’s counter, this particular librarian asked me where I found this book, and I told her.

This novel is set in Merryville, Minnesota, and I found said novel in a public library in North Bergen, New Jersey!

She then told me that it was a donation and I AM more than welcome to keep it!

Can you imagine that?  I love the fact that I manifested a Money Miracle, especially when Money Miracles were the furthest thing from my mind!

You can learn more about Annie Knox by visiting her Website:


And now, for the surprise!

It just so happens that one of my Instagram followers is “Murder, She Sent.”  She recently launched her brand new Cozy Mystery Subscription Box, and I have the honor and pleasure of receiving the October, 2017 box (the very second one), and in exchange, I shall happily mention and promote the box on social media.

So, you can certainly expect to see the goodies in this box not too long into October, 2017, and yes, there shall be a blog post to accompany it, as well as a YouTube video.  And I shall certainly mention this on my Tumblr page, my Twitter account, my Google Plus page, and, of course, my Instagram account, as well.

If I think of any other social media platforms I use, then I shall mention it there, too.

In the meantime, if you happen to love Cozy Mysteries as much as I do, then feel free to check out “Murder She Sent.”  Yes, she named it in honor of her favorite television show, Murder, She Wrote, which starred DBE (Dame Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire) Angela Lansbury.

Incidentally, there are two options regarding a “Murder, She Sent” subscription: a crate, and an econo box.

For more information, you can visit the following Websites:


If you decide to avail yourself of the “Murder, She Sent” Cozy Mystery subscription box service (either crate or econo-box), let her know that you found out about her service from Robert Alvarez, the Psychic Witch.

Finally, here is the video that accompanies this blog post:





Thank you, one and all, for honoring who I AM and what I do.  May the Universe Bless all of you with some Cozy Cosmic Energy!

Another great image I found using Google Images.

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