Living and Loving Learning Lenormand

From time to time, I mention that I AM an Initiated Companion of Grove Argentum, which is a Manhattan/NYC based Chapter of the International Fellowship of the Goddess Isis. Particularly, on my YouTube Channel, my Instagram page, as well as here, my professional, Metaphysically-oriented WordPress Blog, “This Is Who I AM.”

Early last year, in 2021, the Priestess of Grove Argentum, gave me my very first Lenormand Deck. I had a slight awareness of Lenormand, but did not know very much about it. When I read a little bit about it, I found it to be very complicated. How ironic, as some would argue that Tarot is much more complicated than Oracle Cards and Lenormand combined.

Actually, the Lenormand Card Reading system is quite simple. Also, the fact that I received a Lenormand Deck as a gift opened up something in me that I honestly did not know I had.

Since then, I have enjoyed learning the Lenormand system, as well as offering professional Lenormand Readings at the same time. In other words, I have been reading books, using various Lenormand decks for self-practice, working with a journal to record non-client Lenormand Readings, watching Lenormand themed videos on YouTube AND offering Lenormand Readings professionally.

For some, that may seem like that is too much, or too complicated, but it actually works out well for me, as well as for my clients. Also, the feedback I have received from clients has been wonderful.

For the record, the Lenormand Spread that has been working best for my clients and for me is the 3 x 3 spread, which is three rows of three cards each.

According to Jacqueline Leemov, the author of the Lenormand journal I AM currently using, the first row (Cards 1-2-3) represent thoughts, as in the client’s thoughts. The second row (Cards 4-5-6) represent the client’s present situation and the third row (Cards 7-8-9) represent additional or hidden information that could be of value to the client.

The first column (Cards 1-4-7) represent the client’s past (as in currently lifetime past), the second column (Cards 2-5-8) represent the client’s present life situations, and the third column (Cards 3-6-9) represent the client’s future, or as those of us who use Tarot would be inclined to say, possible outcome.

There are additional insights that Ms. Leemov offers, such as diagonals and the “diamond.” For more information about this Lenormand journal, you can visit:

Lenormand Spreads, by Steliana Pujolras

The Game of Destiny: Fortune Telling with Lenormand Cards, by Mario Dos Ventos

Learning Lenormand: Traditional Fortune Telling for Modern Life, by Marcus Katz & Tali Goodwin

The Petit Jeu Lenormand Finally Reveals its Mystery, by Steliana Pujolras

You can also watch the YouTube video that accompanies this blog post, by clicking on:

Incidentally, I have already recorded several videos featuring different Lenormand Decks on my YouTube Channel, and there are more to follow.

PHOTO CREDIT: From Mary K. Greer’s Blog

A huge thank you to all of you for honoring who I AM and what I do. May the Universe and the Spirits always provide you and yours with Hope, Love and Luck, Sweet Prosperity and Profound Healing.

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