1. My full name is Robert Alvarez.

2. I AM a Psychic, a Witch, an Intuitive Card Reader, a Metaphysical Teacher and an Energy Healing Practitioner.

3. I AM a Gay man.

4. I live with three cats.

5. I love reading Metaphysical books, as well as science fiction.

6. I do not eat nearly enough cheesecake!

7. My personal Goddess Is Auset, more commonly known as Isis, the Egyptian Goddess of Magick, Witchcraft and Psychic Powers.

8.  My Divine Father Is Pan, the Lord of All, as well as the Greek God of Wild Fields and Wilder Lust.

9. My Sun-Sign is Capricorn, but I AM a typical Rising Sign Leo with Moon-Sign Aquarius.

10. Sleep is under-rated!

11. Like many Latinos, music is oxygen to me; I must listen to music as often as possible.

12. I AM single, by choice and circumstance.  Depending on what happens in, say, the next three months, that may or may not change.

13. I AM neither a good witch nor a bad witch. I AM an Ethical Witch.

46 comments on “About

  1. Hello Robert, I actually met you a few years ago in New Hope, with my “psychic sister” Rebecca Brown. Rebecca was living in California at the time and she invited you to be on her radio blog show. Anyways, I moved to NYC last year and I am revamping my tarot business. I was hoping you may have some recommendations for me on how I can network with like minded people in the city. Either other readers, practitioners or potential Querents. If I remember correctly, you were at the time living in NYC.

    PS. I couldn’t figure out how to send you a private message.

    • Oh, my Goddess! I think about you often, and about the short Reading you gave me after I gave you a Reading. Please feel free to Email me directly at thetarotman@excite.com, and I shall give you some ideas that I have and see if they resonate with you or work with you. Wow! This is such a wonderful surprise!! Thank you.

    • In that case, I shall look for it.

      Thanks for the recommendation. I hardly ever watch motion pictures, but when I do, I want something that is worthwhile to watch. These certainly sound worthwhile.

  2. Absolutely and I’ve put that book on my reading list. I don’t make resolutions either but I guess I just wanted to sound ‘normal’ and like ‘everyone else’. A resolution is hardly a “solution.. again”. Seems more inkeeping with what we aspire to be, and truly are, to as you say let nature direct us to what we may and may not keep in our lives.

    • Now why would you want to sound “normal” or like “everyone else?”

      Maybe you need to go to sleep, too, and then when you wake up and realize you were simply too tired, and now that you are fully refreshed, you are more than happy to be your own wonderful, kooky, Self-Expressed individual who is far from normal

        • The ravioli works for me. However, I forgot the definition of the word “Zeitgeist,” but I have a feeling it would work for me, too.

          Thank you for becoming my newest blog follower.

          And if I did not have an early appointment, I would write a longer reply. Nonetheless, thank you for honoring who I AM and what I do, and have a beautiful day.

    • I AM glad you are enjoying your stay in the Marin County area of California. There are many places in California that I AM long overdue to visit.

      Indeed, I look forward to no longer being one of the few Gay Men on the Planet that have yet to visit San Francisco!

        • Actually, I do not make resolutions.

          The prefix “re” means “again.” And there are things that people do that they resolve to refrain from doing again in the New Year, that they keep doing again.

          If anything, I make “dissolutions.” As in, I list what I want to dissolve from my life, and then let Nature take Her course.

          However, I recently began rereading “Open Your Mind to Prosperity,” by Catherine Ponder, who is, indeed, alive. And shall probably create an Elimination List, a Manifestation List, and a Gratitude List for 2015.

    • It certainly is.

      In fact, approximately one hour ago, I was thinking about how much I would enjoy a day, during which I would lounge in bed, most of the day, and simply get up only to go to the bathroom or cook my meals.

      And yes, I AM rarely awake this early.

    • You are welcome.

      I must say, I AM surprised that I had not acknowledged this sooner.

      Actually, no, I just remembered that there are times that I need to allow myself to receive Gratitude, instead of sending it back.

  3. I am a Taurus. Not sure where that falls. I think its an earth sign, right? Seems Yemaya is too! Ha! JK! I will continue to pray and have faith that these two request will be answered. My relationship started under unusual circumstances. All I hope for is to get a chance to really have a true relationship with this man. We never had that. Hopefully, he is the one I grow with. But we deserve that chance. After all he waited for me for 2 years. As for the cancer at the moment it hasn’t turned into a fatal kind but it can if I don’t take care of it soon. I have to have a surgery that its not good. So I hope for a miracle cure but if I can’t have that maybe just not to have the surgery and not have whatever treatment I get affect me having more babies. Hopefully with my prince. 🙂 Btw we are neighbors. I am Puerto Rican and although I live in NY I am very close to my roots.

    • According to Raven Kaldera’s “MythAstrology,” the Astrological Placement that Yemaya claimed as Hers is Moon in Pisces. However, there is a book entitled “Gods and Goddesses of the Zodiac: A Coloring Book,” by Anne Marie Garrison and Yemaya was on the page for Cancer.

      Incidentally, I have been telling clients for years that the Energies and qualities of Taurus and Cancer (as well as Scorpio and Capricorn) are quite similar. In fact, I have a long-time client and friend whose Sun-Sign is Taurus, Rising Sign Cancer and Moon-Sign Capricorn (which is the Polar Opposite of Cancer).

      I know both Yemaya and Oshun, as well as Babalu-Aye (commonly Syncretized with Saint Lazarus) as Orishas of Healing. As someone who is both a Witch and a Reiki Master, I highly recommend any one call on any Celestial Being–Goddess, God, Archangel, Saint, etc.–for any kind of healing, especially physical.

      Be it cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, recovery after a heart attack, and more.

      May Yemaya completely Heal and Restore you and your life. Ashe!

      • I am so glad you mention the similarities between Capricorn and Scorpio, I so agree with you. I am a Capricorn with my moon, ascendent and Venus in Scorpio. I can relate very well to many of the descrition of people with Scorpio sun shine and we get along very well. I identify with Yemaya quite a bit but a little of Oshun, I was told on one of my ultra sexy days. I am very patient but very vengeful when angered (it takes A LOT to get to this point). I am learning so much from your blog and responses to others.

        Continue your good work.

        Peace and light

        • Illuminata, thank you for a lovely comment.

          Personally, I discovered these similarities simply from observing and interacting with Sun-Sign Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio and Capricorn people. Incidentally, I AM a January 8 Capricorn and my late maternal grandmother who raised me was an October 25 Scorpio.

          The one thing I have found in common with all these Sun-Signs is that we are quite good at complicating our lives, but I have always believed that we also have the power to create simplicity and effortlessness in all areas of our lives, too.

          No mean feat, especially for us Cappies!

          Your compliment was a beautiful addition to a relaxing and restorative day.

  4. I just hope she doesn’t want to hear that my request will not happen. Sigh… My stomache is in a knot. Btw my friend is Gay!! It’s funny I haven’t seen him in years and the first we spoke he asked if I was okay. He knew I wasn’t. As for Yemaya yes I have been lots of research on her. It’s crazy because she so much like me! Or rather I am so much like her. Down to our favorite color and slow to reach but with a bad temper. I love children. I have three and want more. I am sucker for people. Pretty much bend over backwards for even those I don’t know. As for my faith in her I sometimes get this happy feel and butterflies. It comes at odd times. I wonder if that’s her giving me a sign. Sigh.., I am hopeful that she will my prayers. I truly have faith in her and I was so happy to read that I so much like!! She is definitely my goddess. After first hearing of hearing of her years ago I know am drawn to her. It’s nuts! It’s like she knew I needed her. It makes me almost cry. Yes I am so sappy… Okay I hope I am annoying you by replying so many times. I also think it was fate for me to find your site. Here is to prayer she answer my prayer. It’s one of the two thinks I want the most. I am diagnosed with cancer and I don’t have someone that stuck by me through think and thin and suddenly and abruptly left. It almost unnatural for it to happen. Anyway, I can’t guarantee I won’t email again. Ha! But I’ll not too bombard you with questions. Thank you! Thank you so much for replying. It’s seems this is my only outlet. My friends would never understand and think I am nuts. Okay thank you again. I don’t know but I almost feel like I should you! Ha! Sending lots of ciber hugs!!

    • Btw i hope i am not annoying you is what I meant. My iPhone has a mind of its own. Sorry for the typos. I swear I am not literate. Ha!

    • I certainly do not think you are nuts. Frankly, I AM a bit nutty, too! Ha, Ha!!

      I also know Yemaya to be a Healing Goddess, so you can certainly call upon Her to heal you completely. It is interesting you have cancer, as Cancer is the Sun-Sign I most associate with Her.

      And given the similarities you have with Yemaya, She certainly sounds like your Celestial Mother (or, as Rowan Galahadria would say, “Soul’s Creatrix”).

  5. Hi
    I am new at this so forgive me if I ask silly questions. Over the last few years I have gone through so many things that I can’t begin to list. Although the past few months my struggles have gotten pretty ugly. Throughout all of this I remembered this santera I met a while ago who told me my goddess was Yemaya. Recently, I felt like maybe I should ask for her assistance. Since I am new to this and I don’t plan at the moment to change my religion (catholic) I do feel a connection with yemaya. I hope it’s not in my head. Given my lack of knowledge I began to look her up on the Internet. In doing so I came across your blog which I really enjoy reading. My favorite is your story about ochun and how you promised $50 and she kept reminding you. I am not sure if you answer questions but I am struggling with my faith in Yemaya. At times I feel this happiness and positive energy go through me and I feel like she is answering my prayers. I have notice two so far. There are a few others 2 being pretty serious. A friend offered to do a tarot card reading. I am afraid that doing this is going against my faith in Yemaya. Should I just have faith in her that she will help me and not do the reading. Or should I let my friend do the reading. I don’t want yemaya to feel I am questioning her. Any advice you can give I would greatly appreciate. Also, is it possible for me to remain catholic but still believe in Yemaya?
    Thank you!

    • Good morning, Simply Me. Thank you for your comment and questions.

      First, I learned years ago that the only stupid (or silly) questions, are the ones that are not asked.

      Second, I recall reading something years ago that said that ninety per cent of the people of Brazil are Catholic, but one hundred per cent of them practice Candomble, which has many similarities to the religion referred to as Santeria in Cuba, Puerto Rico and the United States.

      Third, as I have told clients for years, having a Reading is a very personal thing. It is up to the client to determine if and when it is appropriate for him or her to have a Reading.

      I do not Sense that Yemaya would be displeased with you having a Reading. If a Reading gives you greater Clarity and Illumination and you feel completely comfortable with the Reader, then so be it. Besides, if the Reader is female, Yemaya would certainly approve.

      Of course, if the Reader is male, that is not necessarily opposing Yemaya. Yemaya Is the Afro-Caribbean Defender and Protectress of Women and their Children. She would certainly prefer a female Reader, but would not necessarily have an issue with a male one, if he had your very best interests at heart.

      Finally, as I have told clients, students and friends for years and years, it is imperative that one follow his or her own Divine Guidance and Intuition. There is no question in my Mind that you are doing just that. You certainly have Faith in Yemaya, and She Is truly guiding you.

      P. S. The Full Moon of Thursday, September 17, 2013 is a Full Moon in Pisces. According to Raven Kaldera’s “MythAstrology,” Yemaya claimed that Astrological Placement (Moon in Pisces). And She Is a Full Moon Goddess.

      Also, in the African Tradition, Yemaya’s Sacred Day of the Week is Thursday. That would be a great night to give Her Gratitude and Praise.

      • Thank you so much for replying. I really appreciate your insight. I am really nervous to have this reading. The one doing the reading is a friend that I trust which is why it makes even more nervous. I know he will be honest and blunt with me. I am praying to Yemaya for some dear to back in life and I am worried it may not show in the cards. I do have faith in yemaya. She has already answered 2 prayers. I truly truly… hope she is going to be so kind and give me that third request. Do you think that even if it shows in the cards that it won’t happen means yemaya won’t be able to give me that 3rd request? That is, is there a possibility that my destiny will change? Sigh…

        • It was my pleasure to reply to your comment, and to give you some additional information about how to connect with Yemaya.

          As for the Reading, again, you need to feel comfortable with it. Being nervous may prevent you from receiving the information you need.

          Also, it may very well be Yemaya’s Will that you have this Reading. When we are nervous, fearful, stressed out, etc., it prevents us from receiving Divine Guidance clearly and accurately.

          To paraphrase a fellow professional Lightworker, why would Yemaya take you all this way and then leave you in a ditch to fend for yourself? That is NOT my experience of Yemaya.

          Your friend sounds a lot like me, regarding my style of conducting Readings. I AM honest and quite blunt when necesary (even using cuss words, too). My clients that follow my blog know this all too well. Is he a Gay Man, too?

          I AM unsure how to answer your last question. I do not think that having this Reading shall change your Destiny for the worse. Again, it may be Yemaya’s Will that you have the Reading.

      • Btw I will use that information about Thursday being her day and praise her. Especially because she helped me with those other two request. I also know her day is on Saturday the 7th. I plan on getting her a gift. Although I am really confused what she likes because different websites have different information. Again, for all your help. I greatly appreciate it. You have no idea.

        • Oh, you do your homework! I love that!!

          Generally speaking, in Magickal Traditions, Monday is the Day of the Moon, and since Yemaya Is a Moon Goddess (specifically, a Full Moon Goddess), it is an appropriate Day of the Week to honor Her. I have also read, depending on the Tradition, that Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays are Sacred Days of the Week for Her, as well.

          And yes, Yemaya’s Sacred Number Is Seven (7), and a Monday, Wednesday, Thursday or Saturday the Seventh would be especially Sacred to Her.

          When it comes to giving a Deity a Gift, simple always works best. Nonetheless, here are some good things to keep in Mind.

          Yemaya’s Sacred Colors are Blue and White; Her Sacred Number Is Seven; and She Is a Goddess of the Ocean’s Waters. Some of Her Sacred Foods include, but are not limited to: Coconut, Watermelon and Molasses.

          Ultimately, any gift you give Her from your Heart shall be most appreciated. Oh, and places like Pier One, Marshalls, etc., usually have blue and white candles with Sea Shells embedded in them. That would certainly make Her happy.

          But again, no stress. In other words, keep it simple and keep your complete Being light. And you can always ask Her what She wants you to give Her. She shall answer you.

  6. I am so very happy to have run into your blog. I am also a Cap. Latina and agree with you 100% regarding music and sleep. Still trying to figure out how to “follow” your blog Robert is my all time favorite name as my belived uncle was named Roberto. Wishing you much success, sex, love and money.

    Blessed be

    • Wow! What a great comment and Blessing, not to mention screen name! Thank you so much.

      Depending on which Web browser you use, you shall either see a tab that reads “Follow” with a plus sign, either on the upper left part of your screen, or the lower right part of your screen.

      With Microsoft Internet Explorer and Google Chrome, the “Follow” tab is on the lower right part of the screen; with Mozilla Firefox it is in the upper left part of the screen.

      When you click that, you shall either be prompted to submit your Email address or shall be added, via Gravatar. If you have any other questions, please let me know.

      By the way, what kind of Latina? I AM Cuban.

      Thank you, Illuminata, and have a great day.

  7. Blessed be! I’d like to speak with you about a potential connection we could make, and I couldn’t find your email address on this site. Please email me ❤

  8. I have to admit that I am not someone with any significant amount of faith when it comes to divine beings, however, I’m looking forward to having a chance at reading through your site. There seem to be some wonderful, more obscure, mythological links here and I must say, it looks as if I’m in for a fascinating read.

    • Thank you for a lovely comment. I have no doubt you shall find out about many Goddesses and Angels (and a few Gods) by checking out my blog.

      Actually, I was completing a new blog post (sometimes I will write two or three a day) and I read your comment. I AM also in the practice of acknowledging new blog followers, so your comment was Divinely Timed.

      May you receive a Divine Abundance of Divine Inspiration from following my blog. May you be Divinely Protected from all falsehoods and may wonderful new roads be opened up to you.

      • Thank you very much, I don’t think I have been given such a lovely welcome before, so in response I will wish you all the best with your blog. I’m sure I will have cause to speak to you again once I have read through some more of your work. 🙂

        • My pleasure. When I began blogging, I felt that my blog followers needed to be acknowledged. It gives me the chance to be creative when they are Email followers, but when they have either a WordPress blog or a Gravatar, then I can use their screen name.

          It makes me happy and makes the followers happy, too.

          Thank you for the Blessed Wishes and yes, contact me when you are ready. Have a wonderful weekend.

  9. You are an amazing person and I feel truly blessed to have crossed paths with you. Also…I love it when a Witch calls himself/herself a Witch…not the many other terms that miss the real meaning. I love your honesty. Blessings to you

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