From the age of four, books have fascinated, comforted, intrigued and delighted me.  They still do.  Although I received an Amazon Kindle Touch from two very dear friends/students/clients as a Birthday gift, and have discovered some great blogs over the years, I desire and need to be able to touch what I AM reading.  The binding, the pages, the print.

With that, I present to you, dear blog readers of “This Is Who I AM” with thirteen of my favorite books.  Please note that they are in no particular order, and this is only a partial list.

Here we go…


1. The Goddess’ Guide to Love, by Margie Lapanja.  I have often recommended this book to the participants of my “Divine Love Healing Events,” as well as those of my “Prosperity and Abundance Events on Love.”  The book features various Goddesses, colors, essential oils and Energies that can bring Divine Love, Divine Romance, Sacred Sexual Energy and Heavenly Fulfillment.  I especially love the fact that the book was written by a heterosexual woman, the foreward by a heterosexual man, and the afterword by a Lesbian.  The book has given me more emotional healing than many years of therapy.  It is truly a book for anyone who wants to associate Love with Joy, Peace, Freedom.

2. The Rebel Witch, by Jack Lovejoy.  I first read this book when I was eight years-of-age.  Talk about Divine Destiny.  Little did I realize, at the time, that I would grow up to be a Practitioner of the Art and Craft of the Wise, with a strong, defiant streak!

3. The Prosperity Secrets of the Ages, by Catherine Ponder.  I often–Lovingly and happily–describe myself as a Happily Recovered Catholic.  I have many books about Magick, Witchcraft and Ritual.  And yet, I often read and reread books that can be easily categorized as Practical Christianity.  Why would I do that?  Because the Practical Christianity books written by Dr. Catherine Ponder WORK!  They work in my life to bring Money, Prosperity, Peace, Love, Light, Clarity, Success, Healing and Divine Energy.  I have read all but one of her books at least twice, and am currently reading this book for the third time.  This one really works for me and has worked for countless others, as well.

4. The Dark Half, by Stephen King.  I have read this novel twice, and it is already on my “To Re-Read” list.  The book always surprises me, and it is most thought-provoking.  And no, I do not read any Stephen King novel at night (unless, of course, I want to stay awake all night).

5. The Only Astrology Book You’ll Ever Need, by Joanna Martine Woolfolk.  As United Press International stated, “Truly lives up to its title.”  Enough said.

6. Heal Your Body, by Louise L. Hay.  Whenever I have an ache or pain, I immediately go to my bag and whip out this book.  I have always believed that anything that happens in the Body begins first in the Mind.  I have learned so much about myself and about my Mind through this book.  And I AM more physically and emotionally healthy because of it.  Now, I know that some people do not place any faith in Affirmations, Prayers, et al in healing, but consider this: Louise L. Hay is currently in her mid-eighties, continues to write books, appear at speaking engagements, owns one of the most beloved publishing houses of Self-Improvement and Self-Development works and has been living vaginal cancer free for more than twenty years.  Can I nominate her for President of the United States?

7. Sex and the Psychic Witch, by Annette Blair.  Really?  How could I not purchase a book featuring my preferred title as part of its title?  I must confess, although I love Paranormals (a cross between Romance and Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror), I rarely go for the comedic ones.  However, I happily made an exception to this one.  It is funny, bright, engaging and I ongoingly force myself to savor it, because I could easily devour it in three days.

8. Tarot Fantastic, edited by Martin H. Greenberg and Lawrence Schimel.  I have read this collection of short stories several times.  Each story features the Tarot and how it plays an integral part in the characters’ lives.  My personal favorite: “Symbols Are a Percussion Instrument,” by Tanya Huff.  If you read it, then it may become your favorite, too.

9. Wild Witches Don’t Get the Blues, by Ffiona Morgan.  From the moment I first saw this book, it drew me.  It was written for women (or wommin, womon, et al), by women/wommin/womon, but it can be used by anyone who calls herself or himself a Witch, a Pagan, a Wiccan, a Ritualist.  Now, for the record, and with all due respect to Ms. Morgan, I do not like its current, newer title.  I refuse to learn it.  I like this one better.  Much better.  I AM especially fond of the the chapters on Moon Magick, the Goddesses invoked during the Sabbats (the Holy Days of the Wicca, for the “muggles” out there) and Color Magick.

10. Daily Guidance from Your Angels, by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D.  I have always loved a book that can be used as a Divine Oracle.  A great way to use a book such as this is to ground and center your Energies, then ask a question (it could be even be “What do I need to know right now?”).  Then, with eyes closed, open the book and read what is in front of you.  This book has so many wonderful insights about The Angelic Realms, as well as specific Angels, such as Raphael, Divine Healer of the Archangels.  In addition, the book has so many beautiful, powerful, healing and Sacred words that are excellent Re-Minders of the Divine Birthright and Sacred Heritage of all.

11. Anything written by James Patterson.  This man’s books just suck me right in!  I recently borrowed Private: #1 Subject, by Mr. Patterson and Maxine Paetro from my local library.  I did this on Sunday, March 25, and completed reading it on Monday, March 26, 2012.  Yes, as in the day-before-yesterday.  All of his books have that effect on me.  And, in case you are wondering if there is a female author that has that effect on me…

12. Anything written by J. D. Robb.  Now, anybody who has ever read a J. D. Robb “In Death” novel featuring Lieutenant Eve Dallas knows that Ms. Robb’s real name is Nora Roberts.  I have read several of Ms. Roberts’s novels and have enjoyed them.  But when she writes as J. D. Robb, time stops until I complete reading that novel.  I have yet to read the thirty-plus novels in the series, but that is only because I insist on reading other novels, as well as eating and sleeping.

13. Maiden, Mother, Crone, by D. J. Conway.  One of my favorite Wiccan authors, who happens to be a Taurus (one of my favorite Signs of the Zodiac).  Illustrated by Lisa Hunt (one of my favorite artists; I have all her Tarot Decks, as well as her own Goddess book, Celestial Goddesses).  One of my favorite topics (Goddesses) and the book was published by Llewellyn Worldwide (one of my favorite publishing houses).  Although this is not my number one favorite Goddess book, is it most certainly in my top five.


I hope you enjoyed reading about some of my favorite books.  I shall share more in the future, and feel free to do the same.  I AM always more than happy to spend money on a book.


What do you think?

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