1. Favorite sandwich: Ham and cheese on rye.

2. Favorite soda: Ginger ale.

3. Favorite wild animal: Black Panther.

4. Favorite Tarot Deck: Too many to choose just one.

5. Favorite Divination Deck: Again, too many to choose just one.

6. Favorite Email address: thetarotman@excite.com.

7. Favorite Italian dish: Fettucine Alfredo.

8. Favorite Cuban dish: Moros y Cristianos (also known as black beans and white rice).
9. Favorite Puerto Rican dish: Arroz con frijoles colorados (also known as dark red kidney beans and white rice).
10. Favorite Mexican dish: Quesadillas.
11. Favorite thing to do when in bed: SLEEP!
12. Favorite professional accomplishment: Being the first new salaried/hired employee (with my employer, at that time) of the New Millenium.
13. Favorite personal accomplishment: At the risk of sounding like a broken record, too many to choose just one.

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