Like many Latinos, music to me is like oxygen–without it I die.  In my music collection I have albums, twelve-inch singles, cassettes, CDs and I have also begun listening to music, via the Internet (thank you, Spotify!).On this page, I share with you, in no particular order, some of my favorite singers and groups in my music collection:


1. Chante Moore: I first discovered Chante Moore more than twenty years ago from a friend with whom I attended a business school.  Her debut album, Precious immediately sold me on her, as well as her follow-up album, A Love Supreme (which, all these years later, remains my favorite of her albums).  She is a Living Goddess of Song. and remains one of my all-time favorite Contemporary R & B vocalists.

2. Journey: One of the most beloved rock groups in years.  One of the all-time favorite vocalists of the 20th Century (Steve Perry).  Some of the biggest Number 1 hits of all time.  In other words, enough said.  I only have one of their “Greatest Hits” CDs, but that is enough for me.

3. Sarah McLachlan: I AM not necessarily a fan of what some would call “Alternative” music.  However, I have found that, if someone introduces me to an Alternative artist, chances are I AM going to like him or her.  Such was the case with Ms. McLachlan.  She is a Sun-Sign Aquarius (January 28) and I was introduced to her by another Sun-Sign Aquarius (January 31).  The fact that my Moon-Sign is Aquarius did not hurt.  Her vocals are beyond beautiful and haunting, as are the lyrics of her songs.  And she lives up to the Visionary Energy of Aquarius, for Sarah McLachlan is the founder of the Lilith Fair, a festival that celebrates the Divine Diversity of women vocalists, musicians and songwriters.  I have several of her albums, but my personal favorite remains Surfacing.

4. Stone Temple Pilots: Those closest to me would find it hard to believe that I actually enjoy the music of STP.  I have their first three albums, and cannot deny that Scott Weiland is great to listen to (and, at least during their debut album, Core, yummy to look at!).  I never go to the same place in my Psyche twice when I listen to STP, which is why they remain one of my favorite groups.  I only have their first two albums.

5. Gloria Estefan: My fellow Cuban, my fellow Earth Sign (she is a Virgo born September 1), my fellow lover of music of the past (big honor and props on all the covers on her album Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me) and my fellow lover of dancing.  I have been a fan of hers since “Conga” was first released, and that song remains popular and VERY well-loved to this day (the album Primitive Love, on which “Conga” can be found, was first released in 1985).  As a singer, as a mother, as a Cuban and as a woman, Ms. Estefan is very appropriately named.  Currently, I have her two “Greatest Hits” albums, as well as Cuts Both Ways.

6. Justin Timberlake: Like a lot of Gay Men (especially those with African blood running through their Caribbean veins, such as yours truly) there are many women in their music collections.  However, Mr. Timberlake is an exception in mine.  Sure, in spite of being blond and smooth-chested, I find him to be gorgeous, but he is a man of many talents.  He can act, sing and dance, not to mention produce and write.  Not to mention the fact that not everyone has a television special with THE Reverend Al Green as a guest star.  The man’s got pipes and presence, charm and confidence and I have a feeling that his Star shall continue to rise.  Alas, no, I do not currently have any of his albums or N’Sync albums, either, but I do LOVE him featured with Ciara’s “Love and Sex and Magic.”


This is a just a small sample of some of my favorite music groups and singers.  More to list in the future.  Thank you.

Chante Moore

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