These are some of the places that are Sacred to me; most I have yet to visit, and some I visit quite often.

Here we go…


1. Manhattan, New York City–What can I say?  The restaurants, the people, the Energy, the shops, the attitude, the everything.  Although New York City has five Boroughs (Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx and Staten Island are the other four), this is the one where I spend the most amount of time, and this is the one that keeps me quite happy;

2. Paris, France–Truly, it is a cardinal sin that I have yet to visit this amazing place.  I always promised myself that I would not be a tourist when I go.  I know that I AM going to a cafe on the Left Bank, as well as going to a local market for some fresh produce.  Of course, I may indulge in traveling to the top of the Eiffel Tower, but what would really make me happy is some time on Les Champs Elysees;

3. Center City, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania–I have been to this place several times.  Actually, I had been Divinely Guided to go for a while, and when I finally followed said Divine Guidance I felt as though I had come home.  I love the “walking tours” I give myself when I AM there, and the place has become a Ritual for me.  When I go, I must always go to the Penn Museum, Giovanni’s Room and Harry’s Occult Shop.  After that, wherever my feet lead me.  Although I truly enjoy where I live, I have often thought of living in this part of the globe, too;

4. Rome, Italy–Enough said;

5. Washington, D. C.–The very first time I went to this country’s capital, I did so to give Readings at a Gay club (in the VIP Lounge, no less; talk about Divine Prosperity!).  Because of my schedule, and because I often book up very quickly on Sundays, I rarely had the opportunity to walk around in the area.  Nonetheless, I loved looking at the buildings, the sidewalks, the lampposts, and everything else.  And yes, I do need to be a tourist the next time I come to DC;

6. London, England–Once upon a time, I was a closet Anglophile.  Not any more!  I AM quite enamored of both television programs and motion pictures made “across the pond,” and have come to enjoy the variety of English “accents,” too.  Plus, I do not think I have ever seen bad acting from an Englishman or Englishwoman.  Between the history, the Monarchy (not to mention London’s West End and, of course, Harrod’s), I simply must go;

7. Egypt–I have had a love affair with Ancient Egypt since I was a little boy; I still do.  It does not matter if it is Cairo, Alexandria, Abu Simbel.  So long as there are Pyramids, bazaars and sand I shall be happy.  Of course, I shall probably live in white when I visit, and I shall want a guide so that I can steer clear of the scorpions (I AM OK with Scorpios, but those other creatures gotta go!);

8. New Hope, Pennsylvania–Other than Philadelphia’s Center City Section, this is another part of “The Keystone State” that is very special to me.  It is a small town, but what a town!  Great Energy, great people, great shops, great restaurants, great cafes and great variety.  I can travel one block and find Hindu Indian merchandise, dresses and coats, and books.  The tourism center is staffed with professional, friendly people and their bathrooms are well-stocked and clean.  Gypsy Heaven IS the “Witch Shop of New Hope,” and Mystik One has lovely gift items (some are rather Metaphysical, too).  As for where to eat, you have plenty of choices, from bed and breakfast restaurants open to the public to cafes.  Oh, and if you really want to give your sweet tooth a sweet treat, three words: The Last Temptation;

9. Oshogbo, Nigeria–One of my favorite Goddesses Is Oshun.  She Is the Yoruban/Nigerian/Afro-Caribbean Goddess of Love, Beauty and Sensual Pleasures.  In the Yoruban Cosmology, all the Deities (collectively called orishas) have a place in Nature.  For Oshun, these are rivers and waterfalls.  Her River, the Oshun River, is located in Oshogbo.  I have no idea what the river looks like of feels like, but it has often been my desire and dream to bathe in it;

10. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil–My favorite Metaphysical store in Manhattan is Stick, Stone & Bone.  And I AM always amazed at how Crystals from Brazil have a different Energy than others (well, at least for me).  Between the clarity of the waters, the people, the Energy and that GORGEOUS statue of Jesus the Christ, I truly need to go there.  And, if I decide to be spontaneous, for a change, perhaps I shall go to Carnaval;

11. New Orleans, Louisiana–Now that theLwaof Vodou have become Sacred to me (especially Ezili Danto and Damballah), I need to pay my respects to Mamzelle Marie LeVeau.  This place has called to me for years.  I truly need to go there and reconnect;

12. Niagara Falls, Canada–I only went once, as part of a competition, but I enjoyed it.  I loved seeing the multi-colored money, and I really enjoyed the spray of the Water.  Because it was a school function, sightseeing was not necessarily in order, but it is a place to which I would like to return;

13. The Moon–I can dream, can’t I?


3 comments on “PLACES

    • Thank you, Naomi.

      Glad you are enjoying my WordPress blog.

      It never ceases to amaze me you come back into my life when Mercury Retrogrades or during the Pre-Mercury Retrograde Storm (which I have been feeling for more than four weeks).

    • Thank you, Naomi. It was lovely reconnecting with you yesterday.

      And no surprise that it happened during a Pre-Mercury Retrograde Storm (the last time we reconnecting Mercury was already Retrograding!).

      Be well, and have a wondrous weekend.

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